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5 Ways To Bring Pokemon Go! Back To Life

Updated on December 9, 2016

These Updates Need To Happen!

5 Updates That Will Change Pokemon Go gaming!
5 Updates That Will Change Pokemon Go gaming!

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What Happened?

It is hard to believe that not even a year ago people were wondering the streets with their phones in hand in hunt of elusive creatures known to the world as pokemon. Some are adorable while others are a bit meaner looking. Regardless it seemed everyone was playing Pokemon Go!

Flash forward to now and it seems the crowds have died down and the craze may have been a fizzle. I used to go to a nearby park and there were anywhere from 50 to 100 players walking about catching the crazy little monsters that make up the pokemon universe. Now if there are 10 there it is a rare occasion. I admit even I have kind of lost some desire to play. I do not think the game has run it's course, but that it needs some revamping. Before you are five simple updates that could breath a new life into Pokemon Go!

When will we see this?

Update 1- Trading

Imagine if you will you have been trying like hell to evolve that pokemon. Try as you might you just can not seem to gather enough candy to put that bad boy into it's next evolutionary phase. Your friend is having the same task with his Nidoran. You have tons of Nidoran candy but you really want to evolve that Ghastly. Turns out he is swamped with Ghastly candy. You trade him a Nidoran with candy and he swaps his Ghastly full of yummy goodness and now you have the evolution you need and they have their and all is well in the world.

Trading would add a fun and exciting new element to the game's now stale play basis. It would not only allow one to get candy and pokemon they are unable to obtain by other means but it will also increase the interactive aspect of the game which will greatly increase it's players. Trading has been teased for awhile now in the Pokemon Go universe but it seems every update keeps us guessing but then we just don't get our trade factor.

Battle Would Be Epic

Pokemon Go battles could be an amazing attribute to the game.
Pokemon Go battles could be an amazing attribute to the game.

Update 2- Player VS Player

Who does not remember hooking a link cable up to a game boy and trading pokemon with their friends or doing some friendly battle? It was one of the reasons the game boy games featuring the Pokemon franchise were so successful. Imagine walking in a park searching for a new pokemon and suddenly the guy by the tree challenges you through an in game message. He is team yellow and you are blue, this will not stand! Now you must duel to see who is the better trainer.

This would really pick the spirits up of players as the only battle features so far are the gyms and I won't lie and say sometimes that leaves me about as satisfied as a kick to the groin, granted some people may be into that sort of thing. Having the added ability to win rewards for successful battles would add even more appeal to the concept and no doubt bring players back into the fray who have left out of boredom.

The game is great and I myself love it but would really like to see some more competitive measures introduced to make the game more exciting.

Let's go a step further. Have an alert. Let's say you are devoted to Team Mystic, and why wouldn't you be, and you have set your rival as Valor. Every time you come into combat range with a member of team red the beep goes off and you now know a rival is nearby and you now have the option of issuing a challenge. It would really work to recruit new players but even more important bring back the ones who left.

Achievements need rewards

Badges are awesome! Would rather have extra balls and potions myself.
Badges are awesome! Would rather have extra balls and potions myself.

Update 3- Achievements Get Rewards

We all love that screen that says you just unlocked an achievement and caught 10 bug type pokemon. What we don't like is when we don't get a reward for that effort. The game would be so much better if these achievements came with some cool swag. Say you catch 10 fighting types maybe you could receive 5 pokeballs, a potion and something else cool. This would make the game more exciting. I know I am a sucker for unlocking achievements in games, I know many people share that trait.

Being able to get a reward for these task would make doing them seem a lot more worthwhile. Right now they seem more of an inconvenience to the game than a benefit. Rewards can start small. You catch 10 ghost pokemon you get a small reward. You catch 20 the reward goes up and so on and so fourth with the reward scale increasing as the difficulty of the task increases.

This could be an interesting way of getting players back interested in the game to say the least. The pokemon go players I know who walked away did so because the game started to get a little routine and predictable. That took a lot of the play ability away. Throw in these achievement awards and it will give a reason to the repetitiveness of catching Evee twelve times a day.

You win 5 gym battles that is worth some prize even if it is a small one but if you have captured 25 gyms and won hundreds of battles than you are deserving of a more reasonable prize.

Makes Sense

Update 4- More Variety

I live in Eastern Kentucky. It is a safe bet to say we see more weedles and zubats than we care to. It would be great if occasionally something cool staggered by like a Snorlax or anything rarer than an insect. The game has a great engine but it is so difficult for people not living in large cities to find rare pokemon. I would love seeing an increase in spawn rates of rare creatures in unlikely areas.

Don't get me wrong I love the ability to farm weedles and get mass experience from the evolution phase but I would rather grab a nice big Blastoise or something along those lines. I hate walking for three hours to hatch an egg and only encountering one of two different types of pokemon. It really makes the effort feel redundant.

I am not saying throw Charizard out at every intersection across the nation but it would be nice to see better spawns in smaller towns and cities. I think it would make players limited to these locations a lot more likely to develop an interest in the Pokemon Go gaming experience.

Update 5- More Pokestops and Gyms

Living in Eastern Kentucky it is safe to say we do not have a ton of pokestops. The nearest one to me is about 3 miles down the road. The nearest gym is over 30 minutes, and that is driving time! It would motivate players to have more access to stops and gyms so they can get the best and most out of the game.

I know one of the reasons I do not play as much is because I don't want to run out of supplies. If I had easier and more closer access to pokestops that would not be an issue for me. I also understand that this would mean less sales on the shop side of the game but with players being able to play more I promise a big increase in sales of storage and likewise items.

The game is one that needs to see an increase in demographic and player participation and by adding more access to the games two most interactive features, that being stops and gyms you will see an increase in players taking advantage of these attributes and therefore more players traversing the game.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! Five updates that could once again make Pokemon Go the gaming sensation it started out as. I think at least one or two of these ideas will hit the game within the next year but I am also afraid the delay on several of these features has greatly hurt the game and the amount of players it once had. Let's just hope we see the game spring right back. Happy gaming!


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 14 months ago from Singapore

      I fully agree with 1 and 4. 4 especially.

      3 is wonderful, though possibly hard to implement. Most game achievements are badges that don't award much. But perhaps it could go the MMO way, with some sort of cosmetic award.