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5 tips to Become a Pro Gamer

Updated on November 3, 2012

Watch Footage of Yourself Playing

When you watch yourself back on recordings, there are something which you realize that you didn’t at the time and you see some things from a different perspective, this can be a great learning tool. You are now able to see how other players perceive you, in FPS this may be observing your own movement patterns and how easy you are to hit.


Well im not going to go into too much detail about this one, its quite obvious, everybody knows that the more you do something, the better you get at it. We learn through repetition both mentally and physically and the body remembers patterns of movement and so the more times you do an action, the better the body gets at doing that action again and firing up the same muscle fibres and nerve impulses, this is something which is looked at within Sport a lot and there is no reason why this wouldn’t apply to online gaming.

Watch Footage From the Top Players

In Sport aspiring athletes are instructed to watch professionals play the Sport or even their own position / discipline. This can be seem as a model for success and a blueprint for what you need to do, if a player does something nice, pulls of a trick or has a certain strategy, you can acknowledge this and put it into practice yourself when you play.


If you go into any game blindly then you will be likely to loose, the best players have a strategy already, its all about anticipating what can happen and acknowledging when a certain strategy or plan works for you as an individual or a team. An individual may benefit from knowing the location and timings or health bonuses or reinforcement supplies etc. A team may perform much better if they have set areas/territories/positions or roles during a game and a pre determined strategy will give the team the advantage of knowing whats about to happen, an advantage over the opposition who will have no idea.

Play Stronger Opponents

Competition Is what drives us forward and makes us do better, the best times in Olympic sprinting have been run in finals, where the competition is at its highest, only when we are pushed up against the wall and made to perform at our very best just to keep up with the competition are we ever able to perform to our maximum by playing players which are perhaps better than you or the best there is in your discipline, then you will learn to play to that standard. Players of different abilities and experience will react in different ways and make different decisions, therefore the only way to know how to deal with a elite player is to become accustomed to the kind of decisions that they make.


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