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5 Weird Games That Might Make You Question Everything

Updated on September 16, 2018
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When it comes to unusual, interesting games, Sage is all over it. She believes in giving every game a chance, no matter the genre.

The Weird, The What is This, and The What?

The world is filled with video games, ranging from pixel style simple games, to high quality games with huge followings. We could go on all day about the wide array of games, but today we will cover some of the weirder games. These games will make you ask several questions, such as 'What was the creator thinking?', 'Is there even a story here?', and 'What did I just go through?'. These games are quite fun, can sometimes glitch out, and just be all around enjoyable. Now, on with the random weirdness!

I Am Bread

We are going to start out with a game many know, either from let's play videos or playing it themselves. A game that brings out an amazing amount of rage from the players, and makes you wonder why you are still playing this. Yep, that's right I'm talking about I Am Bread. You are probably looking at the title and thinking 'There is a game about being bread?'. Well, yes, you would be partially right. But there is more to it. You control a slice of bread, on its adventures to become a piece of toast. Yes, toast. Each level goes through different parts of a house, living room, bathroom, and even the garage. Sounds easy right? Why could such a simple game bring so much rage?

Well, there is a bit of a catch. To get from the starting point to the toaster, the player must move the bread by sticking to different surfaces. Use counters, walls, moving objects and more, but do not let the bread fall to the ground. This will cause you to lose the level. The game has updated since its release, adding new types of breads, bonus levels, and of course any bug fixes needed. If you are curious about this game, many Youtubers have played it. Watch and be amused by the intense rage of these gamers!

Goat Simulator

That title pretty much tells you what this game is. Goat Simulator is just that, you play as a goat and explore different cities and cause mayhem. Yes, goat mayhem. This is an open world, free-roam type game, with many different secrets to find, areas to explore, things to lick. There are a few different "goats" to unlock, the most popular being demon goat, created when you put five sacrifices on a pentagram in the woods and stand in the middle. The player will graced with demonic powers. Only this game can you get away with a sentence like that.

A MMO was released for players, with pretty much the same story. Control a goat, cause chaos, but now the player gets to choose a special goat, or microwave with legs cause why not, and explore a world looking similar to a Medieval Times. The player also a choice to accept different weird missions and explore more secret areas.

The Amazing Frog?

Keeping with the theme of weird, animal themed games, here is Amazing Frog. The best way to describe this game is like Goat Simulator, but with frogs. The player explores the town of Swindon, filled with weird areas, vehicles, pigs, trampolines, giant fans and much more. There are ways to escape the city walls, which will throw the player into a countryside looking area, yet again filled with secrets. Careful going into the water, sharks are lurking.

This game is multi-player, so grab three friends and derp around Swindon as frogs. Get into trouble, woosh into the sky, get stuck in the sewers, the possibilities are endless!

Baldi's Basics in Education

Ok, now we are starting to get weirder. An "educational"game, Baldi's Basics has one main goal; to collect all seven notebooks found around the school. To collect a notebook, the player must answer three questions correctly. However, once you get past the first two notebooks, the questions turn into what looks like glitchy writing. Answering any questions wrong will cause Baldi to begin the chase, the player knowing this by hearing a smacking noise. The more books you collect, the faster Baldi gets, and if he catches you, its game over.

There are other characters present, they can stall you in different ways, so try to avoid them. You hear the spanking sound getting faster? You better run, just don't let the hall monitor catch you.


I have no idea where to start with this game, aside from the fact that the name means corn. Talking corn with British accents, a seemingly abandoned farm, collectible rocks, this game is full of random weirdness. Nothing in this game really makes sense, all the way to the end. Wander the farm, find the lab area and put items together in fun puzzles. Eventually, the player gets to put together a teddy bear, named Vladdy, who has an attitude and Russian accent. Also, scarecrows are involved as well, cause why not.

Arguments through sticky notes, rocks, naps and dancing are mentioned all through the game. This is just a silly game with great graphics and is not meant to be taken seriously. Just sit back, and enjoy what this game offers, and dance!


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