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5 best game developers

Updated on March 2, 2013


Let me start off by saying this may be the hardest list I have ever created. There is a huge list of developers out there while I love many of them, i could only put in 5. Once I narrowed it down, the order that I wanted to put them in became a huge challenge. But I feel like I got it pretty much where I want it and I hope everyone enjoys the list


#5: Gamefreak

Gamefreak is the company that created Pokemon. They have made a few other games here and there such as Yoshi for the gameboy and Mario and Wario for the SNES. They may not have as many popular series as other companies but their many series has seen astounding success. Pokemon is the third best selling series of all time and it is the face of alot of kids childhoods. I'm no exception. Pokemon is one of my favorite series ever, and growing up I was always surrounded by everything pokemon. It's rare that a company can come up with a series so engrossing that it practically becomes a culture, but Gamefreak made it happen. Another thing I find cool about Gamefreak is that employees are often found in game which has helped cement them into my mind. However they are losing alot of steam as of recently. They are pumping out games but the quality has greatly decreased and they have dealt some very serious blows to their most poular series.


#4: Valve

Valve has had incredible success in the seventeen years it has been around. And rightfully so. Almost every series they create becomes and instant hit. You may have heard a few of them, Left 4Dad, Potal, Half Life, Team Fortress. I can recall spending hours upon hours playing every one of these games. Their games aren't especially conventional but thats what makes me so fond of them. They find success taking risks and being incredibly innovative. Team Fortress 2 is probably my favorite multiplayer game of all time and that is saying alot considering the competition. Valve is just incredible at making quality games over and over. I don't know how they do it. A lot of my favorite companies stumble now and again but Valve has been on a constant 17 year roll and I hope that roll continues for quite a while. The only thing keeping them from being higher on the list is their fear of the number three. Valve has so many great series that they cut off entirely too short. And its heart breaking to know what could be but probably wont.


#3: Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda game studios started with the development of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Since then they have developed all of the subsequent Ederscrolls games and all of the fallouts since Fallout 3. They helped create quite a following for two games that for a while were hidden gems. They both had a following to some extent but Morrowind and Fallout 3 really put them on the map. And the most astounding thing about Bethesda is that they just keep getting better. With every instalment of a series they make great changes that add alot to gameplay but don't subtract from it. If there is one thing I see far too frequently its that game seres often get slightly worse as time goes on. But Bethesda just keeps making their series' better and better while still keeping the core of the game in tact. I have had an amazing time with nearly all of their games and have logged countless hours into their amazingly immersive worlds. If you haven't played a Bethesda game then you are truely missing out


#2: Blizzard

There isn't alot I can say about Blizzard that they don't make evident themselves. But I guess I can just point out the obvious. Blizzard has made two of the best mmorpgs and probably the best mmorts. Their Warcraft series was an incredible rts and far ahead of its time. But not only was it a great game, the story was crafted like I have never seen before. Since World of Warcraft was created it has seen huge success and builds on the unfathomably well crafted universe that was built in the original Warcraft. The gameplay is astounding and the world is perfectly crafted. Though there are sometimes balance issues, it still holds up as the best mmo out there. Then there is Diablo. It is a great rpg but it is also rather simple. Not saying that it is easy but it certainly isn't as complex as some other games. Diablos story is also a work of art that is incredibly unique and enthralling. Starcraft follows much of what the other games have to offer, an incredible story and amazing gameplay. Only starcraft is an rts, and one of the best out their at that. Starcraft is truely one of the most tactical and complex rts' out there and though it has a steep learning curve it is also alot of fun. Blizzard does unfortunately falter at times (I'm looking at you Cataclysm) but it is hard to ignore three incredibly ground breaking series. Though Blizzard has been a huge pain to me in the past, I cant ignore their success


#1: Nintendo

I know that this was probably a pretty obvious number one, but come one, no one has had as much success as Nintendo in the gaming industry and that is just fact. They have made more memorable and fun series' than any company out there. I'm sure nearly anyone who reads this can just take a moment to think and come up with a Nintedo series that they absolutely love. Super mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, The legend of zelda, Animal crossing, Yoshi's island, Star Fox, Kirby. I could go on for quite a while about amazing Nintendo series, but everyone already knows. Nintendo has done an incredible amount for the gaming industry and video games just wouldnt be the same without it. Nintendo has created alot of masterpieces and while they falter sometimes, it is pretty rare, and even more rare with their main series'. I'm very glad this company exists or gaming probably wouldn't be anything like it what it is today and it is incredible that one company can come up with so many great ideas and provide so many hours of entertainment. So thank you to the number one game developer of all time


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    • profile image

      Single Shot 4 years ago

      Do not forget about the ones who produced any of the Final Fantasy Games.. Square Soft I believe it is called, it has Square in it, just don't remember the rest.

      Very good hub, and good job!

    • profile image

      Single Shot 4 years ago

      Oh! it is Square Enix that does Final Fantasy Games! Sorry. I love Final Fantasy(all of them) not sure why I had a blank moment.

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