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5 best super mario enemies

Updated on March 16, 2013

To me Mario was always a bit of a boring hero. Don't get me wrong, I played and loved all the games but he just doesn't seem to have the motivation or backstory that a hero needs to be interesting. On the other hand his enemies tend to be bursting with interesting qualities. So I am making this list to tell you my opinion of Marios best enemies


#5: Wario

Wario is personally my favorite character on this list. If he is my favorite then why is he number 5 you ask? Technicallity. Pure technicality. He isn't exactly an enemy as much as he is an anti-hero. He did star as the main antagonist in one mario game but after that he hasn't appeared as a straight forward villain. He opposes mario in some of the spinoffs but not in any significant way. Why is he one of my favorite enemies then you ask? Because he is just so interesting! I have always been vaguely fond of the whole anti-hero concept. But I can't point my finger on what makes Wario so special though. His individual traits separately are far from flattering. But combined they make the perfect character! I guess the fact that Wario is just a hilarious character with an amazing backstory makes him one awesome character. The fact that all of the Wario games rocked helps too.


#4: Petey Piranha

Petey is interesting for many reasons, and I'll certainly never forget seeing this massive piranha plant in the first level of super mario sunshine. He strikes me as one of those enemy characters who just seems too light-hearted to be an enemy. He skips around the bases when he hits a homerun, he likes to eat, and he likes to sleep, sounds like a cool guy to me. And even though he isn't one of the primary enemies in the series, he certainly is an interesting one. Not only that, his boss fights are always a blast! Who would have thought a mutated piranha plant would be such a cool enemy? Not me but he certainly is.


#3: King Boo

What can I say? You make a comical ghost who succeeds at doing what Bowser spent his whole life doing and one try to you got a solid enemy. Many people may say this isn't Mario's enemy, it's Luigi's. However lets not forget who got captured in a painting. Boo's appeal is just his simply awesome characterization. He doesn't have the deepest backstory but the times in which he appears he certainly makes his mark, usually through sarcastic jeers. He is just a great character who you can always expect some excitement out of. But why is he number 3? He was successful at catching Mario in a single attempt! Other enemies try over and over but King Boo does it effortlessly. Yes his plans were thwarted in the end but he put up quite a fight and made an incredibly elaborate scheme and I have to show some love for that.


#2: Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr is a very interesting character. He is similar to his father except more nimble and doesn't seem to act quite as aggressively toward other characters. A big reason he is on this list is because he was the whole premise for Super Mario Sunshine which featured one of the most elaborate plots a Mario game has ever had. Bowser Jr also shows a great deal of skill and power though he is rather young. He is just one of those characters that no one seems to really dislike. He seems like more of a friendly rival than an enemy to most characters though he is certainly capable of being a full on villain. Bowser Jr can be both a likeable character and an a humorous character with his frequent tantrums. He is always just an interesting character to see.


#1: Bowser

Without bowser there is no Mario. Sure DK may have gave Mario his start but it wasn't until Bowser came out that Mario wastruely put in the spotlight. Bowser may not be very successful but he certainly is interesting. Though he acts, and is often depicted as purely aggressive and hateful he is much deeper than that. He is sometimes shown as having compassion for several people in the series and even saves Mario. He has come up with some of the most elaborate and entertaining plans in the series and set the premise for the whole Mario series. While Bowser continuously tries and fails to defeat Mario it doesn't get old because bowser is just a quality enemy that really drives the series in a way that not many enemies do. He is complex, powerful, has a full army at his disposal, and comes up with some of the most elaborate plans known to man. What more could you ask for in an enemy?


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