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5 hidden gem video games

Updated on February 25, 2013

#5: Splashdown rides gone wild


Im not the biggest racing game fan, but this game is unbelievable. It has crisp, stunning visuals, responsive controls, and amazing gameplay. You race jet skis and that alone puts a big twist on the genre. The waves in the water bouys, and huge ramps make this game feel very unique. But you may ask why pick rides gone wild over the original? Easy. Much larger map and character selection and the map design is unbelievable. Each map does different things each lap, for example in one map a boat smashes part of the course and you have to take an alternate route to get to the next lap. This game is insanely fun, has a great list of characters, has incredible visuals and map design, plenty of unlockables, and is just an all around fun game

#4: Ribbit King


So this one already probably looks a bit whacky right? Well it is, but thats all part of its charm. This is pretty much a golf game, but instead of using golf balls you use frogs. After you hit the frog it will bounce in the direction it was hit and can end up swimming across water, getting launched by a spider web, getting thrown by a giant worm, collecting point bubbles, and so much more! Another difference it has from golf is you dont win by simply getting the frog in the hole first, you win by collecting points. And though you get more points the sooner you hit your frog in, you can also collect points by hitting various things on the course such as point bubbles and water. This game may seem a bit far fetched but trust me its an under rated gem at its finest and shouldnt be overlooked.

#3: Chibi-Robo


Your a robot and you do housework, doesn't sound too exciting right? Well thats not even the half of it! You clean the house and do other chores to earn happiness points which gives chibi robo watts which makes him be able to walk longer without having to charge himself up. But the real fun comes from interacting with the toys. You will have to complete all kinds of crazy tasks such as crossing a foyer while a bunch of egg shaped army men open fire, playing a game of chicken against a hot rod driving egg shaped toy, and calming down a teddy bear who is rampaging due to it not having any nectar. And if that isn't enough, there are many costumes to collect, each giving chibi robo a different ability and sometimes letting him talk to certain characters. A lot of this game involves figuring out semi-difficult problems around the house and ultimately restoring giga robo. This game is so much fun, it may seem like a dull concept but trust me this game is a masterpiece

#2: Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life


This game saw a bit more of a following than the others, but is still largely under rated and under played. Most likely because it was probably written off as just a farm game. Well at the heart of it yes that's what it is, but your looking past everything that makes this game so incredible. The scenery is both beautiful and fitting for being a quaint little town, and the characters have incredible depth and you definately form a bond over time. The characters all have their own unique quirks that make them feel like individuals. The game was so unbelievably immersive I felt like I actually lived in that town to an extent and all those people were almost real to me. The core gameplay mechanics are that of a farm game, but they are undescribably fun. I dont really know why but I had a lot of fun whatching my farm grow and see all the plants and animals I had gathered over time. It definately gives you a sense of accomplishment. But if that isnt your style you can always just head down to the mine and find some artifacts for a living while you experience everything the town has to offer. Regardless if your a fan of farming games or not, this is definately a game to pick up.

#1: Sam and Max Save the World


Finally! I get to express my deep love for this game! But I'll try to keep it professional. Though it was on the xbox live market place and play station network and has picked up a little bit of a following, its still written off a lot because it's a point and click style game. Well I didnt happen to know that when I picked this game up for the wii a few years back, and let me tell you it didn't matter at all. This game is hilarious and the plot to each episode is beautifully written, the gameplay is challenging and fun, and the characters are extremely quirky and incredibly original. The premise of the game is that you are a dog and a rabbit who are both freelance police. You point and click your way through 6 hilarious and fair lengthed episodes trying to solve mysteries step by step and while you do there is plenty of side splitting comedy along the way. The setting is beautiful (well as beautiful as rundown city streets and the white house can be), the characters are unique and hilarious, and the gameplay is perfect for what it's trying to do. This game is amazing, one of my all time favorites, and a must by for any gamer.


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      I had the Splashdown game years ago, and it was so much fun! The Harvest Moon one was, too, but in a slower pace kind of way.

      Great selection of older games.