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Retro and Classic Arcade Machine Games From the Game Era of 1980's & Nineties.

Updated on January 13, 2020

These classics are just a handful of my personal favorites, greatest hits nonetheless. I've added a short video to each game to allow you to really sink into that nostalgia :-). For those of you who may not remember the games, or anyone who wasn't lucky enough to be around during that time, these videos should do the trick. Enjoy!

Frogger 1981 by Konami / Sega

Player character is a frog. Beat a level by having the frog get to the other side by maintaining a strategic and quick approach while dodging moving obstacles.

Careful a car or truck doesn't run you over. Soon after try to make sure you land on the landing pads while crossing the river or you will lose a life quickly.

Very simple but highly addictive game that was definitely a quarter eater back in the days.Simple controls and easy gameplay make it a favorite for everyone. Frogger has continued throughout the years improving the game with every newer version.

Pac Man

The best classic arcade games ever made for everyone to play are still around. We all loved it when it first came out being the newest and biggest game to hit the public back in 1980, the simple arcade game play made it a slam right from the start for everyone.

The object being to control a chomping mouth which looks like a pizza pie missing a slice known as Pac Man. You guide this character through a maze eating Pac-dots, fruits, and blued out enemies for points and bonuses.

Once every pac-dot in a maze has been eaten, you advance to the next level. Extremely addicting, fun and entertaining. It has even been honored by Google on its 30Th anniversary in may 2010 by having a playable Pacman game in the spot where there Google logo is.

Take a trip down memory lane and play some Pacman online. You can find free classic arcade games online.

 Pac-Man Christmas light decoration in AZCA, a business park in Madrid, Spain.
Pac-Man Christmas light decoration in AZCA, a business park in Madrid, Spain. | Source

Tetris released in 1988 By Atari

I still love the game of Tetris! As different shapes of blocks come down the screen your goal is to move them around and arrange them so that you form a horizontal line across the screen. As it falls towards the bottom, if you put together a line, it vanishes and you get points.

If you don't, the uncompleted blocks build up on each other until they stack so high they hit the top of the screen. You lose and it's game over.

As you start out it's slow but after clearing a few levels the blocks fall faster and faster until you can barely keep up. Highly addictive and entertaining, yet simple. That's why this classic arcade game was such a big hit and is still around today.


You control a spaceship moving up and down, or left to right. Protect your spaceship from the groups of aliens which attack in an attempt to blow you up. They will even try to suck you in with powerful alien technology and take control of you ship.

You start with 3 lives and if you make enough points you'll be rewarded with another one. Your speed with control will be tested greatly, It's tough to get the hang of it but once you do it really is a fun game. Probably one of the most difficult to get the hang of from the classic arcade games.

Classic Donkey Kong

Classic Donkey Kong arcade game is basically you as a little Mario character trying to save your princess which Donkey Kong has kidnapped and is holding hostage on the top of a long series of ladders.

As you climb up Donkey Kong is throwing barrels down at you. You need to jump over and dodge them to continue your climb to the top.

If you are hit with a barrel you start all over again from the bottom. If you make it to the princess he snatches her away and you start the next level. 3 lives to start off with and bonus 1up when you score enough points. There is also a small fire following behind you slowly to make sure you don't waste any time...

Skip to 1:03 to view gameplay

Classic Street Fighter

Street Fighter was my personal favorite classic arcade game. There are still many sequels released from time to time on this game and it has improved every time, game quality, game characters, story, the whole package.

In this classic game you play as Ryu, a buffed up martial artist who possesses the power to direct electrical charged special attacks at his enemies. Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Hurricane kick are his special moves.

In the recent street fighter games many characters have been added for players to choose which they would like to play as, along with many special moves to go along with each one of them.

I still prefer the original, simply because it's a classic. I also know all the tricks... But that's beside the point. I hope these games brought back some good memories to you!

QBert in action


This is another classic arcade machine game that was a hit in the 20th century. A funny looking creature which bounces around a three dimensional pyramid in an attempt to change the colors of each landing square into the next. Once accomplished you continue to the next level.

It's not that easy though, all kinds of threats are present, bouncing around trying to capture QBert and spoil his plan. Snakes , blobs , and other monsters are all after Qbert.

There are also spinning flying discs in the levels which can transport you away to another spot of the pyramids. Fun and addicting game that will always be a classic 80's games arcade hit!

Pole Position by Namco

The game Pole Position was an immediate hit int video game industry. Providing players with the function of an actual steering wheel to control the vehicle in the races. As well as a stick shift pole! This machine sold over 20,000 units and was one of Namcos best products to ever hit the market. There are still some of these game machines floating around the world. You can snag one for yourself off of Amazon or eBay for about $1000 when available for a near to mint condition piece.


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