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5 steam games everyone should play

Updated on July 6, 2015

Dungeons 2

What is it?

Dungeons 2 is a dungeon keeper-esque simulation, rts mashup. Its ability to be its own game instead of copying dungeon keeper is really what puts it in a league of its own.

Why you should play it

  • Great gameplay for any rts or simulation lover.
  • Charming art style and narration.
  • Decent length story mode
  • Skirmish and endless modes for those who just can't get enough of this dungeon simulator.
  • 2 factions to play each with their own unique units and gameplay mechanics.
  • Many different rooms and traps to create to defend your dungeon and repel heroes.
  • A full over world to send your minions to destroy.

Frozen Cortex

What is it?

Frozen Cortex is a turn based tactical future sport game. It sounds like an odd combination but it works well. You and your opponent play a game similar to football with a team of androids with 5 players a piece. Once both teams lock in their moves the play plays out showing the results of the decision. You can watch a real time replay of the whole game once it is over.

Why you should play it

  • Its a very unique take on turn based strategy that works surprisingly well.
  • The art direction is stunning and really shines on the replays.
  • Several different modes including league which starts you off with a team and lets you play through a season and manager mode that starts you with a team of the worst robots and allows you to continue your progress season after season.
  • Fair degree of challenge without being frustrating (I have never went into a game completely certain I would win a game, even facing the worst teams)
  • Humorous commentary from announcers both human and non human

Lethal Tactics

What is it?

Another simultaneous turn based tactics game but this time in the more traditional variety. You play anywhere from 3v3 to 6v6 matches against bots or your friends in death matches to see who can kill the other player's whole team first. The physics and quick game times are a big draw for this title.

Why you should play it

  • Very satisfying physics that have your enemies flying over walls when grenades detonate right underneath them.
  • Layered tactical combat, will you duck behind the wall for cover, free fire to give your team some supressive fire, or run in guns blazing to lay waste to your enemy?
  • Several classes with more on the way!
  • Smart ai for when you just want to play alone.
  • Online play for multiplayer lovers.
  • Easy controls mixed with deep tactics makes every game accessible to even the newest players.


What is it?

A turn based game with fully destructible environments, several different skills, rpg elements, permadeath, and a ton of challenge. Your goal is to kill all 4 bosses in the map before losing all your characters. You can upgrade gear and skills but your best weapon will be your tactical savvy.

Why you should play it.

  • A good degree of challenge for those looking for something to try them.
  • Fully destructible environments and the ability to use almost anything as a weapon.
  • 4 unique and equally challenging bosses.
  • Charming visuals.
  • Several different weapons and armors.
  • Many different enemy types all requiring different strategies to defeat with minimal losses.


What is it?

Nekro is an over the top perspective action game where you play as one of three different nekros. As a necromancer you can unlock different minions to summon and different upgrades for each. You may also upgrade your nekro, all 3 of which have their own distinct style.

Why you should play it

  • Tons of opportunity for different playstyles and customization.
  • A very unique experience that no other game will offer
  • 3 different nekros for entirely different styles of play. Many different summons to unlock, choose the ones you like to create your own style.
  • Posses items in the environment to help you in combat.
  • Upgrade your minions to alter the way they function.


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