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list of kids games for big groups

Updated on April 23, 2012

games to entertain kids

Dodgeball- kids love this classic

Hoola hoop relay- have 2 teams roll a hoola hoop past a line and back until everyone has done it once

Gauntlet- a variation of dodgeball where 10 kids run through a 20' wide by 50' long area while 10 kids on the sidelines throw dodge balls at them, whoever gets across the line without getting hit wins

Kickball- another classic that can be played with any age group

Hide and seek

Sardines- reverse hide and seek, where one kids hides and everyone looks for them, once found everyone hides with them until only one person is left looking, who is then it.

Broom-ball- Very similar to field hockey, except using brooms and a dodge ball

Relay Races- soo many variations of these games can be played. Ball relays, food relays, human relays, etc.

Indoor Soccer- hard to pull off, but very fun. You need 2 nets and an indoor area with tough walls.

Crowd Volleyball- use a big beach ball and have everyone sit on opposite side of a net, or even a divide in the room.

Duck, Duck, GOOSE

Gossip- have a circle of 10 kids, whisper a sentence into the first child's ear. As the sentence is whispered down the line, watch as the story changes.

Frisbee golf- set a bucket 100 feet from the kids. See who can get their frisbee in the bucket in the least amount of throws.

Capture the Flag

Shoe Football- opposing teams line up facing each other in an area with two goal lines. Everyone removes their shoes. The goal is to get your teams shoes across the field passing them team member to team member until across the line. The opposing team can swat them down though. Any shoe that touches the ground or is dropped must be taken back to the starting line. The first team with all shoes across their line wins.

Tug of war

Lawn Darts

Three-legged race

Wheel barrow race- Two teams race two players ata time relay-style. One player holds the others feet, while they use their hands to walk down to the line and back.

Shoe Puzzle- have two teams of 10+ kids remove their shoes, toss shoes into a pile. The first team to have all their shoes back on wins.


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