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5 Tips to Become a Better Black Ops 2 Player

Updated on January 16, 2013

How To Play Better:

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer is difficult. It gets frustrating getting owned before you understand the map or have your favorite weapons unlocked. That is why I wrote this article. These 5 tips are not generic or cliché; they will actually change the way you play Call of Duty and make you a more responsive player.

1. Sensitivity

Call of Duty is a twitch shooter, and therefore, one rule is almost always applicable: The fastest sensitivity you feel comfortable with is the best. Having the ability to do a 180 degree turn in a split second saves my life nearly every game. The concept is simple: Whoever can get his sights on the other guy first usually wins the fight. Practice with higher sensitivities. Play bot matches and learn to CALMLY aim from one target to another at rapid speeds. (This will also teach you to beast in CQC with SMG hip fire setups). Use the highest sensitivity you can control. I use 10, I started out at 7 and pushed up a notch every couple of days until I felt very at ease with 10.

2. Audio Enhancement

Unlike MW3, Black Ops 2 allows for some effective audio options that can greatly increase your situational awareness. Firstly, in the audio section of options, you have the ability to change the standard audio setup to one of the following: bass boost, high boost, headphones, or SUPER CRUNCH. Super Crunch is amazing. In essence, it makes everything very loud. Once you select Super Crunch, turn the music volume down a bit, or completely off. Now, you can hear every gunshot and callout much easier. Pair this setup with awareness and you can hear the enemy coming from a much further distance than they can hear you. (Turtle beaches are the best investment you will ever make!)

3. The Care Package Loop

The point streak system in this game makes it easy to loop never ending care packages; Combined with Engineer and Hardline, Care package looping turns you into a player with high end kill streaks multiple times a game. The setup goes like this:

SCORE STREAKS: UAV, Care Package, Counter UAV

PERKS: Hardline and Engineer (Engineer for re-rolling packages!)

TACTICAL: Black Hat (For grabbing lost packages)

The UAV assists push you towards your care package, whatever you get from that will get you your counter UAV and those assist build back towards the UAV. The loop keeps going. This is EXTREMELY effective if you play a no spawn time game and/or Ground War.

4. Perks Over Weapons

Perks are far more important than having a decked out weapon and/or a secondary weapon. Perks such as Scavenger, Engineer, and Flak Jacket are so consistently helpful and necessary for staying alive. Most players deck out there favorite gun; It is very easy to kill them and take there weapon. You can’t pick up Scavenger or Dead Silence, you can pick up high quality weapons all over the place. Don’t even use a secondary, you don’t need it; by the time you kill one guy with your primary weapon you can just take his gun as your secondary. Wild Cards are amazing! I love Perk 2 and Perk 3 Greed.

5. Play Around the Objective

Playing objectives gets you mass points in this game. However, playing around the objectives is almost as effective, and 100 times safer. Take CTF for example. Instead of trying to build your score streak by taking the flag a bunch, hold around either flag to rack up points. You get an extra 50 points for killing an enemy going for the flag and you also get 50 extra points for killing enemies near their flag. Hang near the enemy flag, but not too close. Ideally, You want to see enemies running from their spawn towards your flag. Also, when the enemy has your flag, you can just wait for him to get close and take him out before he caps, then, let his buddy pick it up and kill him too. This builds your score streak absurdly fast all while helping your team.


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    • profile image

      fuse 4 years ago

      hmm man you forget to tell people to surprise ennemies, like if someone sees you, let him think you stay where he thinks you are and bypass him from a side or from behind. and play C4. as soon as an ennemy shoots you from behind, hide in the nearest corner, wait half a second and throw your C4 when you feel that the guy is around. and don't use hardline, use scavenger + fast hand (for the C4), flak jacket and ingeneer, C4 and emp grenade (you'll get lots of point by detroying ennemy equipements with engineer + lots of assists because emp works through walls). i recommand silencer and fast mags on smg's, long barrel on remington, zoom on dsr/ballista and extended mag with grip for assault rifles. guardian, lodestar, swarm in scorestreak can really change the will of the battle. you're welcome.

    • FrankCurzi profile image

      FrankCurzi 4 years ago from Auburn, Washington


    • profile image

      .... Yea thanks 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Jemus 3 years ago

      I have to disagree about the part with the secondaries. Although i also think that taking pistols or other self-defense weapons as a secondary weapon, you really should consider taking an AA-Launcher with you. Airstreaks like drones or choppers really gives the enemy an edge over your team and should be taken down ASAP

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