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6 Games That Should Be on Your Holiday 2014 Wish List

Updated on December 3, 2014

Whether you’re putting in some late season scouting for your wish list, or searching for the perfect Holiday 2014 title for that special gamer in your heart, here’s a list of newly released games that are sure to please. This is by no means a comprehensive list; you may notice a complete lack of WiiU and handheld gaming titles. You may also notice that five out of six of these titles boast a Mature rating. However, these are some of the Holiday’s biggest and most talked about hits.

Click the rating under each title for an in-depth synopsis of content, to assist in responsible and informed decisions on the content you may provide to minors.

Far Cry 4

Release Date: November 18
(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC)
Rating: M

The fourth installment of Ubisoft’s Far Cry series, and the sequel to 2012’s “Far Cry 3” open world, action adventure, first-person shooter, Far Cry 4 will bring players right back into the action. The game will offer no shortage of activities. Calum Marsh of A.V. Club explains in his review, “You can scale a snow-dusted mountain by rope and carabiner. You can sail back down again by hang glider. You can defuse bombs, assassinate enemy commanders, and rescue hostages. […] There are convoys to be hijacked, radio towers to be seized, outposts to be liberated, and fortresses to be conquered. […] Hunt and skin a rhinoceros and, in a flourish of astonishing resourcefulness, fashion yourself a larger wallet.” gives Far Cry 4 an average high of 88% for the Xbox One (12-2-2014). Available on current and last gen consoles as well as PC, the title will maximize potential in the 2014 Holiday season.

Far Cry 4 - PlayStation 4
Far Cry 4 - PlayStation 4

Purchase now from


Grand Theft Auto V

Release Date: November 18
(Xbox One, PS4)
Rating: M

Over a quarter-billion dollars went into the development and marketing of Grand Theft Auto V for its September 2013 release on The Xbox 360 and Playstation3, reaping more than one-billion dollars in sales in the first three days after its release. It is heralded as the most successful release across all entertainment, outselling the entire global music industry, and shattering the year’s highest grossing blockbuster film. Developer Rockstar Games had no intention of stopping there. The 2014 Holiday season will bring GTA V to the current gen consoles, with a load of new updates including a graphic overhaul, support for 30 player online sessions, all downloadable content released for the 360 and PS3 over the past year, and more. Players will also be able to transfer their online progress through Rockstar’s Social Club if they’ve played either of the previous versions.

While the 2014 re-release may not top the original, Grand Theft Auto V is a sure hit for the Xbox One and PS4, with a pending release date for PC in January of 2015. It is no wonder that gives GTA V an impressive average of 97.86% for the Xbox One (12-2-2014).

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Release Date: November 11
(Xbox One)
Rating: M

Fifteen years in the making, the Halo series has been there for most of the lives of all the twenty-somethings that first picked up the chunky, black Xbox controller in 2001. The Xbox One exclusive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, integrates the four core Halo games into one seamless experience, with new sound and graphics to relive the epic journey that can only be brought with the power of the One. The November release date will make this pack the ultimate primer for the Multiplayer Beta release of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One on December 29th.

Likely to be the most nostalgic hit of the 2014 Holiday season, Halo: The Master Chief Collection receives an 86.66% from (12-2-2014)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Purchase now from


Assassins Creed Unity

Release Date: November 11
(Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Rating: M

Anticipated by some as the expectant Game of the Year for 2014, the Assassin’s Creed franchise takes a clear step forward with its Holiday 2014 release, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Following 2013’s Game of the Year, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft chose not to let the limitations of last generation consoles hold back the design of Unity. Instead, Xbox 360 and Playstation3 players will be offered a different title, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, a sequel to AC4: Black Flag, ending in a prologue to Assassin’s Creed Unity on current generation consoles. Cooperative gameplay will be Unity’s major draw. Given the Xbox One’s reduced price console bundle including Unity and Black Flag, there should be no shortage of players to team up with, and take on an open-world and narrative-driven missions.

Assassin’s Creed Unity received a slightly reserved 73.33% by for the PC. This may be due in part by the title’s heavy focus on multiplayer co-op, but lack of competitive multiplayer which has been a significant part of the franchise’s titles since 2011.

Assassin's Creed Unity - PC
Assassin's Creed Unity - PC

Purchase now from


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Release Date: November 4
(Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC)
Rating: M

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and a November release of a new Call of Duty. Sledgehammer and Activision seem to have done right with their 2014 title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Packing in some of the most distinguishing changes to the world wide best-selling franchise, the eleventh installment of the series brings a much needed freshness to both single player storyline and online multiplayer. As Miguel Concepcion reviews for GameSpot, “Advanced Warfare makes for a convincing foundation of futuristic yet relatable combat that is worth exploring and expanding further.” gives Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a high of 83.36% on the Xbox One. The first round of DLC will be available in December.

The Crew

Release Date: December 2
(Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360)
Rating: T

A game that may be the first of its kind, The Crew combines elements of classic driving games with the grind of an MMO, for an open-world, (literal) cross-country race to infiltrate criminal car gangs. With an impressive choice of real world licensed vehicles to choose from, and true customization elements, The Crew will let you make the road your own. Ubisoft’s third entry on the list, and the first game from French developer Ivory Tower, The Crew’s online features will work similarly to Bungie’s 2014 game Destiny, with matchmaking happening almost invisibly in the background, always leaving the option to locate your friends and merge worlds.

(12-2-2014) While we wait for the ratings to come in, Peter Brown of GameSpot offers a “Review in Progress”.

The Crew - PlayStation 4
The Crew - PlayStation 4

Purchase now from


What are your favorite games this holiday season? Have you played any of the titles on this list, and what are your thoughts?

© 2014 NinetythreeProof


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    • Romanian profile image


      3 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      These games are awesome, but unfortunately my computer it's not good enough for them.


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