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6.0.3 Ret PvP Guide

Updated on January 17, 2015

6.0.3 Ret Paladin Talents

6.0.3 Retribution Paladin Talents
6.0.3 Retribution Paladin Talents


  1. Glyph of Templar's Verdict (Damage Reduction)
  2. Glyph of Word of Glory (Damage/Healing Increase)
  3. Glyph of Double Jeopardy (Damage increase)


Your stats are:

Strength > Versatility > Mastery = Haste > Multistrike > Crit


My suggested and most often used rotation/priority is:

  1. Keep Seal of Justice up at all times.
  2. Crusader Strike (Build Holy Power)
  3. Judgment (Build Holy Power, use when Crusader Strike is on Cooldown)
  4. Exorcism (Build Holy Power, use when Crusader Strike is on Cooldown)
  5. Final Verdict at Three Holy Power
  6. Divine Storm on free proc. Divine Storm is stronger right after a Final Verdict, but only use Divine Storm when it's free.
  7. Use Holy Avenger, Execution Sentence, and burst trinket together, After, Use Crusader Strike, Final Verdict, and your other Holy Power builder's to build 3 charges and then Final Verdict, just hit one Holy Power builder, then hit Final Verdict until your cooldown is gone.


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