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Hearthstone: 7 Cards You Want In Any Paladin Deck

Updated on February 5, 2015

Aldor Peacekeeper

7. Aldor Peacekeeper

This card costs three and has three attack and three health. What's great about this card is that you play it in response to your opponent playing a high attack card. Just Imagine your opponent dropping a monster seven attack creature. Your opponent is sitting there feeling pretty good about himself until you reduce his creatures attack to one. Now all it's good for is hewing down your silver hand recruits. The Aldor Peacekeeper will most likely even be able to take down the target himself. If the enemy has six health then he will be able to bring it down while staying alive himself. This is a really high value three drop card.


6. Equality

This card works both ways as it reduces all minions health to one. So you've had a rough game and you've only been able to get out silver hand recruits or other low attack creatures. Your opponent has a board full of five, six, seven, even eight health and attack creatures. Then suddenly Equality is played for a measly two mana and suddenly your silver hand recruits are clearing these monsters off the board no problem. The only downside to this card is if you are put in a situation where your big creatures are also equalized. So if you plan to play a big card with your equality just remember to play equality first otherwise you'll have shot yourself in the foot.


5. Consecration

This is the Paladins only method of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. It pairs extremely well with Equality. This spell costs four and deals two damage to all enemy creatures and the enemy's hero itself. So no matter how much health the enemy's minions have, if you play equality which costs two and consecration which costs four it will wipe the entire board clean. There's not really much else to say other than don't leave home without a Consecration in your pocket. Perhaps maybe an equality in your other pocket.

Truesilver Champion

4. Truesilver Champion

This is THE paladin weapon of choice. At a four cost this weapon will not only deal four damage to a target of your choosing but will also heal you for two health each of your two swings. I cannot stress enough how good this weapon is and if your Paladin deck doesn't have it then I don't know what kind of deck you're running. The only Paladin weapon that deals more damage and has more durability is the Ashbringer, but you still don't get the +2 healing that the Truesilver Champion gives you for each hit. This weapon is a beacon of hope for the Paladin and a sign of imminent destruction for his opponent.

Lay on Hands

3. Lay on Hands

Lay on Hands is an eight cost card that will heal your hero for 8 health and allow you to draw 3 cards. Drawing cards in Hearthstone is extremely important because whoever has more cards in his or her hand will always have the advantage. This card is so great because it doesn't just draw you cards it also gives you that sweet sweet health that your hero needs to keep beating foes down with his Truesilver Champion.


2. Quartermaster

As a Paladin even if you aren't running Muster for Battle in your deck you will always be able to summon silver hand recruits from your hero power. That's where this guy comes in handy. The Quartermaster is a five cost minion that has two attack and five health. Now what's so special about him is that when you summon him to the field he will battle cry and give each and every one of your silver hand recruits a +2/+2 bonus to attack and health. This pairs very well with Muster for Battle which summons three silver hand recruits, however you won't be able to combo those two unless you have eight mana. This card has made people very cautious around silver hand recruits because you never know when they'll turn from lousy 1/1's into tough 3/3's. Also yes the effect does stack so if you have two quartermasters then those silver hands will turn to 5/5's.

Tirion Fordring and Ashbringer

1. Tirion Fordring

Now I've mentioned good cards and I've mentioned great cards in the Paladin deck, but this card is something else. Legendary for a reason this is Tirion Fordring an eight cost Alliance hero with six attack and six health. Now what sets this card apart is not his taunt, not even his divine shield. His death rattle is what sets him apart, when he dies he doesn't truly die, instead he lives on in The Ashbringer weapon that is immediately equipped on your Paladin. This weapon is a five attack and three durability weapon. You have fifteen total damage with this legendary weapon, that is half of the total health pool that each player starts with at the beginning of the game. The only bane to this card is a silence which will deactivate his taunt, divine shield, and death rattle effect.

Minions vs Tirion Fordring

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