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7 Days To Die - Game Series: Episode 1

Updated on May 3, 2016

I have been playing the game '7 Days to Die' for a while now and I have decided to cover my time of first waking within the game and my first steps within the world I have spawned into, and beyond of course.

Today, on day one, I am in desperate need of shelter. I have spawned into the desert and there is not whole lot about. Just sand, heat, and of course, zombies - not right off the bat though, luckily.

The first urgent need is to find myself a run down house of something I can at least get cover from. Cover from the sun, and of course, when night falls, cover from the zombies.. who start to run at 10pm. It is 8 am though, so I should be lucky.

If you have watched the video above, you will see that I did not have a lot of luck. You will see that I did manage to at least find a mini oasis away from the deserts glare and heat.. but quite a few zombies "crawled out of the woodwork"

The best thing for a player to do is keep walking until you reach a road of some description and then walk along that, as, well, they always lead to somewhere and something. Normally a collection of houses.

Well, until next time!


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