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7 Days to Die Review

Updated on August 18, 2014


This game is absolutely incredible. It takes the best things from games like Minecraft and puts them in an enjoyable FPS world. The crafting system is amazing and far beyond what any other Early Access survival, crafting experience can offer. There is still a ways to go but every new update is so incredible and game-changing that most of these early access developers from other games should take note.

Here is my breakdown of the game as it stands now:

+ Gameplay: Gameplay is fun and varied. You can change the settings to make the game the experience you want. Too hard? No problem, change the difficulty setting and spawn rates. Not hard enough? Fiddle with the afore mentioned options and increase the zombie memory option to max, making them track you farther. There are so many options. If you want multiplayer, there are tons of servers running at all hours.

+ Graphics: The old voxel graphics are gone. Everything looks more realistic and has depth now. This is not yet AAA material (the zombies still look a little tacky) but it has come a long way since earlier builds.

+ Atmosphere: This game can very creepy at times. There is constant whispering and sudden jump-scares around each bend. The music blends well into what is going on around you and is immersive. There are grisly scenes in higher traffic areas that will test your resolve. This game is all about atmosphere.

+ The map: I will be honest, I was getting bored with the map in this game, since after a while I knew where everything was. I would start a new game and think, "Okay first I will run here and get this. Then I will go here until I get this accomplished. Then I will go here and start building a stronghold." That is a distant memory with the release of Alpha 9. The creation of randomly generated worlds has given this game a breath of fresh air! Now it feels like you are in a new scary world.

- The new compass versus the old mini map and the new map: I am not a big fan of this change but at least they did not leave us completely hanging and it does add a bit to immersion. The main map though is very cumbersome but I love the addition to see where your friends are on the map.

The one thing I would like to leave any potential customers with is that this is Alpha 9. This game in alpha is better than many released games at this point and offers more than any other early access title can. If you felt cheated or did not like the progress speed of games such as: Rust, DayZ, Planet Explorers, Starforge, etc; you will be pleasantly surprised with this title. Go watch some gameplay since alpha 9 and you will agree this is a must buy game. The Fun Pimps, how perfectly accurate this name is. 9.8/10. Took .2 off since I know they will continue to wow their customers and more goodness is set to come.

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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Tristan Hudales 

      4 years ago

      Thank you very much Zakmoonbeam! I'm glad you liked the review! I'm a big fan of this game, too, as you probably could tell from the review.

    • Zakmoonbeam profile image

      Michael Murchie 

      4 years ago from Parts Unknown

      I am an avid fan of 7DTD, with about 30 hours in game so far. I think that you have pretty much hit the nail on the head with the review, rated up!


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