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7 Days to Die Starvation MOD Strategy Guide

Updated on December 8, 2017
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Steam Record - 7 Days to Die - 1,441 hrs on record last played on 7 Dec. More than 70% in Starvation MOD

Starvation MOD Strategy Guide
Starvation MOD Strategy Guide

7 Days to Die – Starvation Mod Strategy and Tips

The reason why I decided to compile this strategy guide is because the official MOD forum system is absolutely useless; finding necessary information is next to impossible. Also, the absence of Official Wiki page. Basically, looking into official sources is a huge waste of time if you are trying to find info about MOD items, mechanics etc. also because the MOD has gone through major changes after 7D2D Official 1.16 patch and not a lot of info is available yet.

The biggest issue of all is the lack of descriptions on the items, like for example, if you are trying to craft solar panels and solar cells, you are going to have a hard time figuring out where exactly you can craft these items, the items itself do not provide the necessary information, and even if you spend a whole day “googling” for the info, you will find Nothing, trust me, been there, done that.

At this point though, I have already familiarized myself with absolutely everything about this MOD and even if I forget to include something important in this guide, feel free to ask me questions down in a comments field, I’ll make sure to address them as soon as possible.

How to Install the Starvation Mod for 7 Days to Die Alpha 16

Setting up the MOD for alpha 16 is a lot easier then it used to be for previous alpha releases. All you need to do is - download 7D2D Launcher from this link and install it. Good thing about this app, it allows you to install not only Starvation MOD but all the other popular MODs too. Naturally, you can only have 1 MOD active at a time but you can always disable one MOD and activate another.

Note: When installing Starvation MOD, keep in mind that system requirements for the game will change from the vanilla 7 Days to Die, especially the RAM. You are going to need 10-12 GB RAM SPECIFICALLY FOR GAME. In other words, you need to have 16GB of system memory in total.

The installation process is pretty straight forward, unlike the previous versions of the MOD, which used to be pretty complicated. When installation is complete, follow the instructions in the image below, select the mod and then click “Play MOD”.

Note: In order to install Starvation MOD, you have to have licensed copy of the original 7 Days to Die, otherwise MOD will not work.

The Starvation MOD

Ironically, starvation is going to be the least of your problems, in this MOD. Why you ask? Well, because there’s tons of food everywhere, including animals to hunt, absolutely amazing farming system, and fishing. So yeah, food is not going to be a problem, but don’t get too cocky. Because this MOD can be a real nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing.

Things to Watch out for:

  • Wild Animals: Wild Animals and Radiated Animals are literally everywhere. But not all of them are super dangerous. You need to watch out for Spiders and Snakes because of nasty “debuffs” that drain your stamina. Wolves, Panthers, Rhinos, Tigers are not as scary as they look, you can outrun them easily, assuming you have enough stamina. Watch out for Radiated Spider nests, in Alpha 16, they can be found everywhere (mainly on green biome). Unlike previous patch when Radiated Spiders could be found in endgame biome only. Also one animal that is particularly dangerous, it’s the Werewolf (black wolf in the picture). If you see a werewolf, RUN
  • Roaming Hordes: Roaming hordes can be a real pain especially in early stages of the game, and especially when you are at your base. Here is how the Roaming Horde mechanics work: Once or twice in day and night cycle, a horde will spawn near the place where your current location is and moves towards you. If you manage to detect a horde before they engage you, best thing to do is to simply move from your current location and let the horde pass by. Note: when you have enough weapon and ammo to fend off the roaming horde, I recommend fighting them instead of running away: while zombies (regular zombies) loot has been nerfed in alpha 16, you still get plenty XP.
  • Radiated Zones and Radiated Zombies: avoid radiated stuff at all costs, radiation poisoning and sickness is the only debuff in the game that does not wear off even after your death. You have to take medications for that, and rad meds are VERY Difficult to get in early and mid-stages of the game.
  • Stress: You need to take care of stress relief as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to find paintings and plants, craft TV and Radio and place them in your base of operations. Unless you take care of your stress problems, you are going to have serious problems when fighting zombies, if your stress is too high, your character will randomly use/activate/fire whatever you are holding in your hands, including weapons.
  • Food Spoilage: In Starvation MOD, all kinds of food, (meat, vegetables, fruits) will spoil in time. The only exception is canned food. So, once you decide to make a certain place your home, or even a temporary base of operations, make sure you assemble a fridge and power supply for it. Also, keep in mind, that in alpha 16, you need a power source to power fridge power supply (Battery Bank or Generator Bank). Not to worry though, even if you don’t have enough skill points for electricity, you can simply buy generator bank from traders, banks don’t cost too much.
  • Flu: Not as trivial as you may think, other than constantly draining your stamina, flu is actually life threatening for your survivors. They will contract virus from you and maybe even die (unless treated). Which leads to losing all the skills they have learned and improved over time. So be careful and get rid of flu as soon as possible. Moreover, if you have a flu and you have survivors in your base, DO NOT GO THERE UNLTIL YOU GET RID OF FLU. Getting rid of flu on the other hand is pretty simple, all you need is a warm bed or antibiotics.

Most Dangerous Animals in Starvation MOD

Radiated Spider
Radiated Spider | Source
Werewolf | Source

Survival Guide

Now let’s talk about priorities in Starvation MOD, things you need to pay more attention to and things you need to get done as soon as possible. Before listing priorities, let me tell you few things about stuff you got used to in vanilla version that you most likely not going to need in this MOD. Forget about bird nests… hunting arrows, bow and crossbow is not going to be as important as it used to. And if it’s the eggs you are after, there is much better way to get eggs than bird nests. It’s called chicken coops… we’ll discuss it a little later.

Priorities in 7 Days to Die Starvation MOD:

  • Wrench: having this particular tool as soon as possible is super important, not only in early stages of the game but throughout entire game and here is why: Electronic Parts and Electronic Components. These two items are needed to craft literally every item that uses or produces electricity and a wrench is the tool to help you get those items.
  • Locate Traders: More trader locations you unlock during the game, the better and here is why: each trader restocks in ever 2-4 days. In order to produce certain items, you need constant supply for items such as Plastic Scrap etc. even if the trader constantly gets new supply of plastic scrap, you’ll have to spend months to get necessary amount of supplies. Unlock as many trader locations as you can and you also may want to spend skill points for “Secret Stash” perk. This perk allows you access to the premium items and weapons.
  • Concrete and Steel: Work towards unlocking these two skills. Steel is a deficit in Starvation MOD for alpha 16 and as for concrete… it’s the most valuable resource in the game, both for building infrastructure and making money. Here is what you do, get best quality Auger the soon as possible and keep mining with Auger, you get crazy amount of resources with auger. Mine boulders during the day so that you have constant flow of Lead, Potassium Nitrate and Coal and do mining underground when it’s night time. Build plenty of concrete mixers and forges and produce cement then concrete. Make Wet Concrete Blocks and sell them to traders… 1 stack of Wet Concrete Blocks (500) = 36 000 in game currency.
  • Hazmat Suits: save all the hazmat wear you find and keep upgrading using workbench. You will need hazmat suit set for endgame biome / rad zone. And don’t even think about visiting rad zone until you have at least full set of FULLY REPAIRED blue quality hazmat gear.

Few More Things...

And finally, I mentioned Solar Panels and Solar Cells and where they are crafted. For this particular item you need Mechanic Station and Smith Station. Basically, you need two male survivors (1 for each station) and you also need to train them in order to unlock the schematics/blueprints for the items. If the survivor does not have a certain recipe here is what you do. Equip the item, talk to survivor and select “Teach Held Item”, but keep in mind the attempt to teach may fail and the survivor may break the item, in which case you will need another item to retry the process.

Now, it doesn’t matter what kind of item you are trying to craft, if you cannot find any information (In-game) where to craft a specific item, it means you need one of the stations and survivors to make it, for example if it’s a food recipe, you need a Cooking Station etc. took me a while to figure this out but once you do, it gets easier.

Teach Your Survivor New Schematics
Teach Your Survivor New Schematics

In Starvation MOD, some zombies (feral or not) RUN during daylight too. Which can be a big issue when you stumble upon a roaming horde. However, it’s not that big of a deal in the early game, even if you meet running zombies, it’s going to be 1 or max 2 zombies at a time.

And finally, when building your main base, forget about conventional vanilla builds, if you are going to play for long time, keep in mind, horde nights get tougher and tougher and you are going to need to utilize all the defensive structures including turrets and traps to survive. I play on max difficulty with very high count of Blood Moon “Max Alive” and with “game stage” constantly going up, I’m having horde nights every day. There’s also this thing, sometimes you get “screamer” chains, 2-3 screamers come at same time and they keep coming in small intervals. Make sure you target screamers first, ignore all the other zombies (except for dogs) and prioritize screamers. Sometimes it gets even tougher than horde nights with radiated zombies.

That’s pretty much it, you’ll figure out the rest as you go, if, however I did miss something important, do let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, good luck!

© 2017 Sarah Shydlovska


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      9 months ago

      Nice, needing someone to play with on the official Starvation US pve server. Maybe you? Have over 5000 hrs but not in starvation but have played many other mods.


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