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7 Immersive FPS Games Like Destiny That You Have to Play

Updated on February 20, 2019
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Rahul is a video game addict. Some of this favorite games are Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Destiny is one of the juggernauts for Activision along with its Call of Duty and Skylanders franchise. Developed by Bungie (Halo series) and published by Activision, Destiny sold like hot cakes across all the platforms. And then there are expansions in the making. With rumors that it's going to be out on PC soon, the figures are only going to get better.

While Activision played its part in making Destiny a commercial success, full credit should be given to Bungie, the developers behind it. They successfully developed and launched this immersive shared-world shooter, managing to strike a perfect balance between its FPS and RPG elements. The focus is always on shooting down waves of enemies with your party, but it also allows you to level up your characters and learn new skills just like a regular RPG game. Destiny can be best defined as a successful merger of FPS and RPG genre, which makes for a pretty addicting and unique experience for players.

As addicting as this game is, burning out is only natural. After spending tons of time on this game, it’s obvious that you’d want to move on to another experience – preferably some games like Destiny. Being an addict, I have compiled a list of some games similar to Destiny. Let’s take a look.

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Halo series – Definitely a game like Destiny

Looking for an alternative to Destiny? How about a game series from the developer? Before Bungie started working on Destiny in collaboration with Activision, they were at the helm of the acclaimed Halo franchise.

Expectedly, Halo series has more in common with Destiny than any other game featured in this list as the latter has borrowed a lot of successful elements from the former.

On top of a spectacular storyline surrounding around the interstellar war between humans and aliens, there is a popular multiplayer mode, which I suspect, is going to consume most of your time.

It’s been a long time since we have seen a new entry in the franchise. The good news is, Halo 5: Guardians is just around the corner! Our beloved Master Chief will be back in action pretty soon. In the meantime, however, enjoy rest of the games from this series.

Call of Duty series – A series of FPS games like Destiny

Call of Duty series is a war-themed fast-paced shooter like Destiny. The first couple of games of this series take place during WW1/WW2. But the series changed its gears from 2007 with the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – a revolutionary first-person shooter that took place in the modern times. Since then, all the COD games taken place in contemporary or future settings, leaving behind the trend of WW1/WW2 themed games.

Call of Duty has a lot of offer for every type of players. If you are a lone-wolfer, there is a short but thrilling single-player campaign for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to jump in to action with your friends, you can totally do that by choosing one of the various multiplayer modes. Multiplayer is where COD series really shines, offering tons of fun with its fast-paced combat action mechanics. While the gunplay is not as authentic as Battlefield or Arma series, COD more than makes up for it with its well-designed maps and fast-paced shooting. If you are looking for some games like Destiny, don’t miss out on this hardcore thrilling experience.


Developed by a studio comprising mainly of ex-COD developers, Titanfall unsurprisingly feels a lot familiar. Tight first person-shooting and fast-paced action is reminiscent of Call of Duty games, but that’s not a bad thing if you are looking for some games like Destiny.

Titanfall puts you in Six-on-Six battles, allowing you to use tactics like long jumping and wall-running to get the best of your opponents. You can engage enemies on foot or dominate everyone by piloting your mech. Both types of gameplay require you to change your gameplan and adapt to the newly-developed situations pretty quickly. Mechs are heavy-hitters, capable of taking out enemies with ease, but they are slow-movers, making them an easier target. On the other hand, being on foot means that you can use skills like wall-running and double jumping to swiftly move from one place to another, making it difficult for others to hunt you down.

Put Simply, Titanfall is one of the best fast-paced shooter games like Destiny that encourages team-based tactical gameplay over mindless shooting.

Modern Combat series - One of the best mobile games like Destiny

Modern Combat series is known for its console-like HD graphics and quality gunplay. If you don’t own a console, but you still want to experience the joy of games like Destiny, Modern Combat series should be your best bet.

Developed by “Gameloft”, Modern Combat series is designed to provide a true shooter experience on iOS, Android and other devices. The game features multiple missions in varied scenarios, requiring you to emerge victorious against all odds.

It’s surprising to see how similar Modern Combat is to Call of Duty series in terms of game-play and storylines. On top of that, this name can easily be confused with the famous ‘Modern Warfare’ games of COD series.

It’s not a blatant copy-paste though. There is a lot to love and admire in this shoot ‘em up game. You could say that Modern Combat is a shorter and less expansive version of COD games. Don’t miss out on this series if you are looking for some games like Destiny to play on mobile devices.

Battlefield 3 – One of the best looking military shooters like Destiny

Battlefield 3 may not be the best when it comes to the single-player mode, but I am pretty sure that Destiny and Battlefield purists don’t care much about how the story plays out. Admittedly, the story is mediocre at best, but you don’t need to focus too much on its solo mode. Turn the multiplayer mode on to have some fun, which, in my opinion, has raised every bar imaginable.

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer maps provide an immediate sense of depth and scale. From the treacherous hills of Damavand Peak to the Kharg Island, everything about the maps scream personalization and need to be creative for succeeding. Wreak havoc from the jet, be a sneaky sniper, or knife your enemies to death; Battlefield 3 is all about freedom to approach a situation in whatever manner you’d’ like.

Battlefield 3 is not flawless, but one can’t deny that it’s one of the best games like Destiny to come out in recent years. Although, two more games from Battlefield series has been released after Battlefield 3, none of those games come close to offering as seamless experience as this one. Battlefield 4 is a bit too buggy, and Hardline’s cops vs robbers gameplay is not my cup of tea.

Borderlands Series - One of the best single-player games like Destiny

Known for its unique cel-shaded graphics and addictive co-op gameplay, Borderlands series is a must-play for you if you are looking for some fun single-player games similar to Destiny.

The focus of this series has always been on creating a RPG and PFS hybrid, retaining best of both genres while ditching the fluff. The result is an action packed series, equally emphasizing on shooting, acquiring new skills and leveling up your characters.

With tons of big, burly guns and other weapons at your disposal, you are given a lot of freedom to engage in fights however you like. Each guns do different types of damage to enemies, which means that you’d need to learn more about these guns before bringing them with you. Don’t be mistaken by its fast and flashy combat mechanism; Borderlands series require you to be a strategist who knows how to strike with maximum impact.

Co-op is where Borderlands series has always shined. Although you can play it solo, I would suggest bringing a few friends long since this is best played with friends.

Arma 3 - A hardcore military shooter

Arma 3 is closest you will ever get to a military simulation game. Developer Bohemia Interactive has put a lot of effort in ensuring that the combat scenarios and tactics in Arma 3 is similar to what would be in real situations. Don’t expect the usual run and gun formula to work here. In games like Destiny and Call of Duty, we can take a couple of hits before going down. But one bullet is enough to get you fatally wounded in Arma 3.

It can be frustrating to get the hang off Arma 3’s combat mechanics. The tutorials do little to help someone who is new to this hardcore military simulation series. But if you put in some time in learning its perplexing mechanics, Arma 3 is hugely rewarding.

If you are looking for some slow-paced gams like Destiny, Arma 3 should be your best bet. But make sure that you learn to make best of its combat system before heading on to huge multiplayer battles. My suggestion – play solo for a bit first and learn everything by trial and error. It’s totally worth the hassle.


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    • thephatgamer profile image

      Tipu Sultan 

      22 months ago from India

      Great article!! However I would say Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Seige deserves to be on the list!! What do you think?

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      2 years ago

      Re recommend the age of destined 18


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