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8 Console Games You Must Play!

Updated on January 22, 2015

2015 is a Good Year

Well, here we are! 2015! Happy New Year fellow gamers!

With so many games on the horizon, I've taken the past couple of months to cross off a myriad of games. I've definitely left out a few very good titles, but here are some that I think are a must complete before you start taking on the new supply!

Also note, there are no spoilers in this following list. In fact, I'm not going to tell you much about the game aside from the basics.

GTAV | Source

No.8 - Grand Theft Auto V

So to start off the list, I'm throwing GTAV out there. This has been a re-release of a game that originally came out to the XBox 360 and PS3. It was a great success then and let me tell you - it's a great success now! I purchased this game on launch for the PS3 and it was an incredible game. I do recall telling myself that it was really pushing the limits of the hardware. I was definitely ready for next gen, and the proof was in this game. I probably should have waited for the PS4 version, but if there's anything I lack, it's self control.

Having said that, I do not regret the decision to purchasing the last gen version and the current gen version. Being able to experience first hand the difference, is an experience in itself. If you are of age, I urge you pick up GTAV. The single player alone is worth the price of admission even if you already purchased it once before.

The biggest thing for me was the implementation of first person. This really creates a whole new GTA world and brings on new challenges and makes you feel like you're in that world. The graphic buffs and promises of DLC later this year makes this a must own!

I would go as far as to recommend this game even if the violence doesn't appeal to you. The ability to drive around, buy property, buy income buildings, fly planes, go boating, go 4x4, play a descent game of tennis and golf... this game is winning on many levels and is definitely beyond all the controversy that's plagued the GTA franchise since day one.

Cast your vote for GTAV

No.7 - Minecraft

Here's another great game that I think has been overlooked by many. I will admit that the PC version is far superior to the console, mainly because of the mods, but I'd still not miss out on this game. If you're new to the Minecraft world, you're in for a real treat. This game is an open world sandbox that you can casually drop in and out of. It's local multiplayer friendly, so if you have friends over, family, kids, partner - just hand them a controller and away you go! The game will split the screen into 4 or is capable of 8 players online.

If I were to describe this game in one word: Lego.

You can build just about anything you create in your mind! It's very user friendly. My youngest at 5, who's a video game illiterate diva, will jump in and have a blast.

Also, coming in at around $20, buying this game is a no-brainer.

Go buy it now! Build amazing structures, kill monsters, farm, show off your designs, and explore the never ending world of Minecraft!


No.6 - Outlast

I admit I don't usually watch video game reviews before playing a game. I like to jump in head first and see what it's all about, make an opinion about what just happened, and then seek feedback from my peers. However, I had no idea what this game was about, it was free for PS+ members near the PS4 launch, and I decided to look into it. The reviews were terrifying. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror games, especially when the creators don't give me weapons to defend myself with... but I wasn't going to pass this up.

This game is gripping from start to finish. I did have to put the controller down a handful of times and just take a deep breath, have an awkward laugh with myself, and remind myself it was just a game. This is though what a horror survival game needs to accomplish! This was a great experience. I've recommended this game left and right and I've yet to get negative feedback - aside from the odd "I soiled my pants".

This game is available on the PSN as a package with the DLC. I can't recommend this game enough. Turn the lights off, plug in your headset, pump up the volume, and brace yourself for an amazing ride!


No.5 - Contrast

This game surprised me. Built on the Unreal engine, it brought a visually pleasing scenery. The story was lots of fun, the setting was perfect, and the ambient and score allowed me to submerse into this underrated game.

The game tells a good tale while making you complete loads of puzzles. If I was to compare it to any other game, Portal comes to mind (which if you haven't played yet... yeah... you need to get on that).

My favorite aspect of this user friendly game though is that it's a pleasant game to watch. What I mean by this is, I really enjoyed handing the controller to someone and just sit back, watch, and give some feedback on how to solve the puzzles. Not many games are really enjoyable to just sit and watch it seems.

Being an indie game, you can pick this one up at a good price and it often goes on sale. I wouldn't pass this one up!


No.4 - Battlefield 4

So, I'm certain you've all heard of this game! I was actually fortunate enough to get Battlefield 4 and CoD: Ghosts on launch for the PS4 for free. Purchasing the BF4 DLC season pass was an easy choice and definitely a recommended purchase.

This game unfortunately was heavily broken for most of 2014. Fortunately, the dev team dedicated a lot of time to bringing it up to par. This game is an incredible first person shooter with stunning visuals, game-play, and now polished. It's almost like this game was really meant for 2015!

The multiplayer is definitely the meat and potatoes of the game. However, it wasn't till recent months that I decided to indulge in the campaign and wow! The story was exciting, I enjoyed the character development, and the graphics really made me feel like I was there. You can pick this game up for pretty cheap these days and I suggest you pick it up just for the campaign alone. It's not incredibly long, but it's a good ride and worth the price of admission!


No.3 - Assassins Creed: Black Flag

I only ever played one other Assassins Creed game - AC II on XBox 360. I was pretty much told if you played one AC, you've played them all. I picked up this game on sale for $7 just because it was $7. In fact, I picked up 2 copies and made the second copy a Christmas present.

Here's my thoughts on the game after a couple of hours in: Why have I waited a whole year to pick up this game?! From the first five minutes in I was hooked. The game takes place in the Caribbean and it is easily one of the most visually pleasing games I've played to date. The blue sky, the ocean, the palm trees, the sandy beaches are incredibly therapeutic. My partner, who loathes video games, was amazed by the scenery - that's saying something!

Aside from being a beautiful game, this storyline is gripping. An amazing, let's say feature, is that I don't feel like I'm playing Assassins Creed. I'll give you a little of the premise because I think it's important. You're a pirate. That's what you are. So even if you played the Assassins Creed franchise to death, I urge you to pick this game up.

Solid game play with good controls and mechanics. Open world sailing with infinite ship battles and boardings. Hours upon hours of treasure hunting and looting. Dozens of cities and islands to discover. Relatively descent hunting, including and not limited to, harpooning sharks... this game is a must! You'll easily get your moneys worth with this AAA title.


No.2 - The Last of Us

This is an easy and obvious choice. This game has ranked high on every board I've seen. In fact, I endured constant nagging from my friends to play this when it came out on PS3. I honestly didn't have any interest in it. When it was announced on PS4, I thought, why not take the plunge. I was bored with the other games at the time and this one looked somewhat interesting.

This game has turned out to be what every game should be like. My game standards have gone WAY up. I honestly couldn't get enough of the Last of Us. It was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions. The game actually made me feel sad, happy, angry, frustrated, and at moments, slightly terrified. The game was challenging, but not impossible. Also, I really enjoyed that I had to think things through often. It's definitely a slow paced game, but that's fine. The most rewarding aspect of this game if I had to pick one, was that after every punishing scenario the game tossed at you, you could sit back and enjoy a beautiful scenery.

As I played through this game, I felt like Naughty Dog (masterminds behind tLoU) had taken lots of inspiration from a zombie movie called 28 Days Later. Sure enough, in an interview, they did credit the movie along with other inspirations. One of my favorite scenes from 28 Days Later is after a terrifying escape, they reach this beautiful countryside where horses are freely running around. Naughty Dog delivered many memorable moments like this which really make you feel joy and relief in dark times.

If you haven't played this, I urge you to go pick it up today! If you haven't heard or seen footage of the game, don't spoil your surprise - just jump in to this game blind and enjoy the ride! This is a must own game on current gen!


No.1 - P.T.

So, I easily could have made The Last of Us numero uno on this list. But I wanted to draw everyone's attention to P.T.

I wouldn't honestly be surprised if you've never even heard of this. In fact, this isn't really a game! It's a teaser to the upcoming Silent Hill that's been recently revealed. I've said too much already! I've spent several hours playing P.T. and have played through this teaser many times.

It's visually excellent. The repetitive nature of the demo is in fact, brilliant. It's a build up of tension that really gets your heart pumping. I suggest you give this teaser a try. It's short, it's free, it's amazing. You have nothing to lose - except maybe your sanity and some sleep!

Moment of Truth

Surely you've played some of these games - which would you most recommend?

See results


Hopefully there's some fresh content on here for you to add to your game portfolio. If you're all up to date with games for current gen consoles, stay tuned for a list of my most anticipated games for 2015!

As I mentioned earlier too, there are loads of other games that definitely deserve honorable mentions. I encourage you to leave some feedback and let me know if there are any games you think either belong on this list and or you would recommend! I'm always looking for new adventures!

Happy Gaming!


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