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8 Horror Roleplaying Games (RPG) You Must Try In Your PC

Updated on August 2, 2017
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Zett is a student who absolutely loves video games. He is very fond of game with fantasy, adventure, and action genres.

Horror has always been a source of entertainment. We can’t deny that watching horror films and shouting after jump scares is very much enjoyable. Much more, most of us have probably played different horror games. Similarly with the films, many have enjoyed the scary graphics, the twisted story, and of course, thrill of the music. Currently, horror roleplaying games (RPG) have been increasing in popularity. Likewise, here’s some of the most popular horror RPG that everyone has been itching to play.


1. Mad Father

Mad Father Main Window
Mad Father Main Window

The amazing things about Mad Father, that I and all other players enjoy, are the beautiful graphics and the well-written plot. The graphics and the art are just likely drawn with the intention to heighten the game’s drama, and I think it was truly successful. The background music and the sound effects highly fit the given situation whether it was to induce fright to the players or to convey a sense of drama between characters.

The story is just as good as the graphics. Moreover, the different endings you’ll get from choosing several options triggers different expectations and excitement as well.

However, there had been two things that left me in a devastated state: the best ending that left me in frustration and the unanswered questions that was remained as it is or simply disregarded (though I don’t know if it was intentional with regards to the author). Anyways, it’s a thumb up!

2. Mermaid Swamp

Mermaid Swamp Main Window
Mermaid Swamp Main Window

At a first glance, Mermaid Swamp really gives off a mysterious vibe.

When I first tried to play it, I was puzzled since there was only an image of somewhat a blue wave and no background music nor sound at the beginning of the game (it was purely a monologue). However, as I proceed to the later part of the game (the game is quite fast paced by the way), everything was excellent especially the story. Just be sure to watch out for the jump scares (there are a kit if them) and of the minimal mature content in the game.

The game has also a very smooth graphics, though some of the art or images are pixelated and low in quality (though I think it’s intended). Moreover, like any other horror RPGs, this one too has several endings which mainly focused on who of the characters will survive.

3. Misao

Misao Game Main Window
Misao Game Main Window

When I first started Misao, everything was in a “happy” mode as the background music was really on a cheerful tone. Then there comes the twist (characters joking about Misao’s curse and then boom!) and everything went what-not.

And as I continue to play the game, I realized that the story was typical, a bullied dead girl trying to get her revenge, and some of the character’s images were actually similar to some other game. Additionally, some of the dialogues, I’d say, were really straightforward, though I’d say it was intended to make the game fast paced.

Now, what makes the game frustrating is the very big map which usually gets me lost or puzzled on where to go and some things could actually kill your character (Seriously, the ring of a telephone startled the character, hitting her to the wall, and die. Simply, wow). However, I still think it was a great game due mainly to the well planned plot.

4. Paranoiac

Paranoiac Game Main Window
Paranoiac Game Main Window

Now, Paranoiac is probably one of the scariest RPG I’ve ever played. What makes the game scary and thrilling at the same time is the chase of the ghost/monster to your character (which anyone who played the game gave out a scream whenever they were caught). Not to mention, the art (especially the faces of the ghost) is terribly horrifying when you’re caught, so do your absolute best no to. The jump scares also add the terror point of the game, aside from the fast-beating sound of the background music.

Though there are minuscule graphic errors, it does not hinder the smooth flow of the game (no worries). The overall game-play is actually good, though at first it’s frustrating since you really don’t know where to hide (and t takes time for you to hide successfully). If you’re planning to play the game, then make sure to survive through the days in the absolutely scary abandoned house.

5. The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man Promotional Poster
The Crooked Man Promotional Poster

One of my favorites, The Crooked Man starts with the classic intro of a scary nursery rhyme (it’s a Mother Goose rhyme). The game naturally features a character that moved into a new apartment, and experiences terrifying moments, on which the character decides to investigate (by collecting scraps of papers that gives a hint). The graphics are smooth and the art likewise is very RPG-like. Moreover, the plot is quite slow paced (very long introduction actually) but it keeps getting interesting as your proceed on. The jump scares, too, don’t seem to be lacking in any way.

However, what I find boggling is the lack of background music, which made the game quite dull in my opinion. Anyways, the well-made plot (plus the action scenes) did compensate for any insufficiency in the game.

6. The Sand Man

The Sand Man Promotional Poster
The Sand Man Promotional Poster

Now, The Sand Man really gave me a hard time. I need to read a walk-through just to solve confusing puzzles and getting to the right location (since the map is way too large for me to remember).

Anyways, there was exactly a clear and progressing plot which I enjoyed (I did not gave up the game because of this). The art and graphics are excellent. Similar to The Crooked Man, The Sand Man was derived from a known classic character, obviously The Sand Man (you’ve seen him from The Rise of the Guardians as one of the supporting characters of Jack Frost). And as a known horror-exploration game, you need to investigate, like a wise detective, why everyone in town is in deep sleep.

7. Blank Dream

Blank Dream Main Window
Blank Dream Main Window

Blank Dream is certainly not for those who have a weak heart as it features many act of violence and suicide (most parts of the game have those). The story starts with a dead girl n somewhat a purgatory like-area who does not know how or why she died.

Clearly, you would be investigating the reason why she died through going inside mirrors (very 13-Reasons-Why theme). Much more, the character you’ll be playing will also be helping other characters within the area (who are also in the same state as your character). The graphics, art, and the overall game-play are very good.

However, it’s very annoying how my character does in an unexpected way (e.g. touching one tile of the floor triggers the chandelier to fall and as a result killing my character). I guess this and that would probably the surprise of the author(s) and game developers (maybe a troll, perhaps?).

8. Ib

Ib Game Main Window
Ib Game Main Window

Finally, the first ever horror RPG I’ve played, Ib. Not very much scary but the plot and the character profiles are worth the praise. Likewise, the sound effects and the background music are also top notched, contributing the heightened effects of the game. The graphics, however, are unlike the other games and it may take time for you to adapt.

As for the gameplay, it mostly involves solving some puzzle without getting killed as the primary objective is to escape the “painting”. Now what makes the game quite addicting to many are the different endings, of which the best ending takes an effort to get. I’m one of those people who made quite an effort just to see the best ending, and it was certainly satisfying.

Due to the possible romantic interest of the two main characters (though it was not imply in the game), several fan arts and fictions have already been released (I’d really recommend you to read and view a few) and as expected, it was very popular with the fans of the game.


That ends our list of the top horror roleplaying games everyone has been playing. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the list and possibly made some inspiration for you to try some of the listed games. If you’re really planning to play one or more of these games, then I wish you faith, courage, and luck. And don’t forget to have fun!

Which of the listed games would you try?

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© 2017 Zett Noir Cromwell


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