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9 Amazing Features In Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Updated on January 23, 2016

Garden Warfare surprised me when it come out in 2014. It's a fast and intense online shooter like Battlefield or Call Of Duty, but it's completely family friendly. It's all about funny and charming characters. What's not to like? So let's take a look at what's in the new game, Garden Warfare 2.

9- Zomburbia

Garden Warfare took place primarily in Suburbia where the plants defended their delightful hometown from the Zombies. But in Garden Warfare 2 the Zombies have taken over and renamed it to Zomburbia. Thanks to Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, the Zombies have better technology for fighting and the plants have to scrap together to take back their hometown. This changes up the scenario by making the Zombies more defensive. And all the levels are zombified since they own the territory now. This kind of flips the PvZ scenario on its head.

8- Graveyard Ops (Co-op)

In Graveyard Ops, you can play up to four players cooperatively as the zombies defending zomburbia against the plants. Or you can play as the plants defending the small territory that remains from suburbia.


7- Solo Ops

Garden Warfare has always been multiplayer focused, but now the there's more options for offline play. Unlike the first game, an internet connection is not required to play. It's possible to play every mode solo. Solo Ops lets you pick your team of four characters and play any way you want. You can control all four of these character by swapping between them. So you could set up an attack with one character and then switch to the objective with another. Or switch to a character with an advantageous ability. These characters gain XP as you use them so you'll be able to progress multiple characters at the same time.

6- Crazy Settings

Certain modes have the option to make the game crazy, literally. Crazy settings have game modifiers that are mostly for messing around. There's low gravity where everything feels like it's on the moon. There's infini-ammo where everyone gets infinite ammo with no overheating. Simply explode mode makes characters explode when vanquished. Ridiculously low health makes characters start at a max health of 1. Speed boost Craziness increases everyone's move speed. Super Crazy Knock Back Mode makes the character fly back when they take damage. Crazy Settings works on Solo Play, Private Matches, and Local Split Screen. You don't have to use it, but it can be fun to mess around with.

5- Backyard Battleground

Backyard Battleground is kind of like a hub world with an ongoing battle. It's an open area where you can test out characters and play mini games. You can also switch to the zombies if you want to explore the other team. There's constant fighting between the plants and the zombies which you can join on the fly. Or you can look for secrets and treasures. In addition, there're minigames like Crazy Targets where you can set high scores and rank on the leaderboard. In the center of the map, there's the flag of power that starts a wave based fight for XP and coins. Then you can look at appearance customization, stats, collectibles, and unlocked characters. It's a more interactive way of checking out all your progress in Garden Warfare.

4- Graphics

Like many EA games, Garden Warfare 2 runs on the Frostbite Engine. But unlike Battlefield, here they're producing simple models and levels with vibrant colors and effects. They're pushing the graphics harder again in this game and unfortunately it won't be releasing on last
gen Xbox 360 and PS3


3- Player Loyalty

Garden Warfare 2 will have almost everything the previous game had plus more. Most characters and modes from the original Garden Warfare will be back. And players who have characters from the previous game will get their characters transferred at launch.

2- New Classes (Over 100 Characters)

There's no shortage of characters in this game. There's 14 total character classes and over 100 playable plants and zombies from the past, present, and future. Several new interesting classes have been introduced. For the plant classes, we have Citron, who can charge into a ball increasing speed and damaging anything in his way. Rose is a sorceress who can place time traps and turn zombies into goats. Kernal Corn shoots explosive hot potatoes and fires cob busters. On the Zombie side, we have Super Brainz which is a melee class that can punch up plants with his Heroic fists. Captain Deadbeard is the team's first sniper class. Imp and Z Mech is a unique class with two forms. As an Imp he moves quickly throwing grenades and spinning while shooting. But with the mech he can do the Robo stomp with shockwave damage or missile madness which deal huge splash damage.

1- Multiplayer

They're six online game modes. Herbal Assault is a new mode that is similar to Gardens and Graveyards. It's a 12 on 12 match where plants attack and zombies defend. There's also classic modes like Gardens and Graveyards, Team Vanquish, Suburbination mode, or Gnome Bomb mode. Multiplayer is the highlight of the game because you can hunt down your enemies in big battlefields. Outro Garden Warfare 2 has a lot of fun and funny features. It's a relaxing multiplayer experience that you can play with anyone.

5 stars for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2


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