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What You Probably Don't Know About a 10ft Trampoline

Updated on June 14, 2009

If your thoughts are stuck in the 'old days' and under the impression that a 10ft trampoline is nothing more than a kids’ toy, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you learn from reading this article. Not only are trampolines great for kids of all ages (meaning adults as well), but they are used by a wider variety of people for a wider range of applications than you might think.

Even professional athletes use trampolines to enhance their training and fitness, using any number of the different sizes and shapes of tramps that are available today. Once you understand the versatility offered by trampolines, not just the 10ft trampoline, you may be even more excited to get your hands on one than you are now.

It’s not uncommon for people to think about trampolines as being just for kids. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Trampolines are a great form of physical fitness for both adults and kids. In fact, because trampolines are less harsh on the joints, many older folks find them to be a more comfortable way for them to get their cardiovascular exercise.

An additional benefit is that the less stable nature of a trampoline helps with balance and coordination, which are important things for kids to develop and for adults to maintain as they age.

Trampolines are regularly used by both amateur and professional athletes alike. Again, because it’s easier on the joints it can be used in a rehabilitative manner, as well as simply a form of relaxation incorporated into exercise. There are even claims that the bouncing nature helps to eliminate toxins that are otherwise trapped in organs and body tissues.

Using a trampoline does take some getting used to, so children should definitely be supervised when using one, especially in the early stages. Also, additional safety equipment can and should be purchased to help prevent against accidental injuries. These include additional pads as well as safety netting to prevent being bounced off of the trampoline entirely.

When looking for a trampoline to purchase, realize that they come in many different sizes and shapes. Finding the right one for both the space you have to use it in as well as for your intended purposes is very important.

One of the most popular shapes is round. A round shape is great especially for kids because it helps keep the jumper centered in the middle. Rectangular trampolines have more surface area and offer more spring. This makes them more popular with teenagers as well as professional trampoline jumpers. Finally, there is the square shape. This is similar to the rectangle, but with slightly less bounce. Because of this, it is another good option when smaller children are being considered.

All these different shapes come in a variety of different sizes, and often times the real deciding factor for which one to get is the amount of space you have to use it in. Another factor to consider is the size of the actual jumper who is intending to use it, with larger jumpers benefiting from a larger surface. Among all the sizes, one of the more popular is the 10ft trampoline.

Maybe now you realize there is more to the trampoline than what you thought just a few minutes ago. Now you understand that it is great exercise for ‘kids’ of all ages, for a whole host of health reasons; everything from cardio training to relaxation and coordination training for professional athletes to detoxification. Not to mention just plain old, good old fashioned fun!

You also understand that, depending on what kind of space you have for a trampoline, you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. If you’re unsure, you can bet that a good all-around choice would be a 10ft trampoline. Now all you have to do is go get yourself one!

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Sunny Health & Fitness 40" Foldable Trampoline with Bar

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