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A Bookmark Marks The Spot!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A bookmark is the keeper of the page. You put a bookmark in between the pages of your book when you stop reading. That way when it is time to begin reading the book again, you just open the page where your bookmark is to locate the point in the book at which you finished reading instead of attempting to recall the last page number. bookmarks prevent the need to flip throughout the pages and read lines attempting to locate the precise spot to begin reading the book again. bookmarks could be manufactured from numerous distinct materials such as a basic bit of cardboard to a uniquely made plastic trim to a fancily adorned cloth creation. bookmarks might be made in bulk and sold in shops or might be custom-made and sold in novelty shops.

Grab a few paint chips from the hardware store and easily make colorful bookmarks out of them!
Grab a few paint chips from the hardware store and easily make colorful bookmarks out of them!

Make Your Own Bookmark

Custom-made bookmarks could be made from material scraps you have about the house. For instance, you can flatten the cardboard of a tissue box and trim some rectangles from it to create bookmarks before recycling the remaining cardboard. Just paste a couple of the rectangles to each other with the patterning on the outside and you will have attractive, durable bookmarks. Kleenex cartons are frequently available in beautiful motifs and hues so that is a fantastic way to make beautiful bookmarks that even your friends will like.

You could also purchase cardboard or plastic bookmarks with fanciful designs on them. Some have tassels attached to the top hole. A bookmark for purchase in book shops or other retail stores might be printed with a poem or funny saying. A bookmark makes a fantastic present accompaniment when you are purchasing a book for someone. Almost all book shops carry them on displays close to the checkout counter.

Give A Bookmark As A Gift

You may frequently see fun kid's bookmarks to gift with kids' publications as presents. bookmarks that have their preferred cartoon characters printed on them may even encourage to less enthusiastic readers come to be more intrigued by books. Creating bookmarks is a fun activity do to with kids of many ages; even a young kid could make some crayon scrawls on an empty bit of light cardboard. It might be a good thought to trim the rectangles a bit bigger for younger kids so the bookmark is simpler to grip. Older kids could make bookmarks with bits of sequins, glitter and ribbon you paste onto bits of fabric.

Some kinds of bookmarks are made of plastic with a clip on it that attaches right to the page in your book. These are fantastic when carrying a book as a normal bookmark might fall out from amidst the pages. If a bookmark isn't handy, you can easily slide a paperclip onto your page to hold your place.

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