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The Teddy Bear's Innovation

Updated on May 5, 2013

Classic Teddy Bear

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The Teddy bear was invented in 1902.

Brooklyn N.Y., store owners Morris and Rose Michtom placed a stuffed bear in their display window with a cartoon of President Theodore Roosevelt on a hunting trip. They named it "Teddy's Bear" The United States named the Teddy bear after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Our twenty-sixth President benefited immensely from the Teddy Bears popularity.

Americans went crazy for Teddy bears. The Ideal Novelty and Toy Company became famous and the Michtom's made their fortune. All from a simple soft ,cuddly, stuffed animal.

Margarete Steiff a German seamstress added a soft bear to her line in 1903. Her nephew Robert Steiff had the inspiration for a toy bear with movable body parts.He was an art student in Stuttgart, Germany. He enjoyed sketching animals at the zoo. He was drawing a brown bear. When he envisioned a toy brown bear with movable body parts.The toy bear named 55PB. was displayed at The Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903. Herman Berg a buyer for a store in New York ordered 3000 of the toy bears.Between 1903 and World War 1 Margarette Steiff's factory sold more than a million bears to: United States, Great Britain and Germany. Steiff bears are a very valuable collectible because; they are made extremely well. Steiff has been selling toy bears for over 100 years!

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Collectables

Teddy bear collections are world wide. The legacy of teddy bears is so popular trivia games are played about them.

The "Bear Gram" Concept

The "Bear Gram" was first thought of when John Sortino was selling hand-crafted bears at an open air market in Burlington, Vermont. A tourist requested that his bear be shipped to his home address. Customized teddy bears are shipped in a box (" complete with air holes") and additional goodies to the requested address. Thus, the "Bear Gram" was invented.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company was founded in 1981 by John Sortino. They sell hand-crafted, American-made, customized teddy bears. Most of their business is through mail-order and internet orders. They are a very popular and successful company.

Britain's Last Surviving Teddy Bear Factory

Merrythought Ltd. still makes Teddy bears by hand. They are the only remaining Teddy bear factory in Britain. Each bear is assembled entirely on the premises. Merrythought Ltd makes high quality Teddy bears just like they did 100 years ago.

Teddy Bears Are Still Appreciated!

Teddy bears are loved and appreciated the world over. Children enjoy a cute cuddly teddy bear just as much as they did over 100 years ago. Adults and teenagers can let someone know how much they care with a teddy bear gift. They have earned their popularity with their special terms of endearment.

Teddy bears are comforting!

Teddy Bears
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The Teddy Bear Museum

Stratford-upon Avon


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      jepstoryline: I've always been enchanted by teddy bears. Thank you for sharing this information, especially the reminder about Merrythought: may they continue forever!


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