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A Colibri Lighter – When You Want the Best

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you're considering the purchase of a Colibri lighter, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about, here's exactly what you need to know about them. You can't go wrong with a Colibri lighter. Not only do they have a long history of quality, innovative design and construction dating back over 80 years, they will always be recognized and appreciated by true smoking connoisseurs. No matter what your style, or the style of lucky recipient of such a wonderful gift, you're sure to find the exact Colibri lighter to match their personality.  In addition, you can rest assured that you will get many years of high-performance output of the lighter.

Since the late 1920s Colibri has been making quality lighters for smoking fans everywhere. They're known for their brilliant innovations such as beam sensors, multi-functional lighters, sport lighters, and other well appreciated smoking accessories. One of their most noted for is the Quantum System.  The Quantum System is capable of greatly extending the time between butane refills through minimizing the amount of butane used. One thing to keep in mind however, is that if you're going to use a Colibri Quantum System lighter, you really should use the highest quality butane possible. Colibri offers just the butane you want to use in these high quality lighters. With low-grade butane, there's a good chance that within a couple of months your lighter will sputter and stop producing aflame. Don't waste a high-end lighter by using cheap butane.

In fact, Colibri believes in their product so much, that they offer a one-year warranty on mechanical defects. You're not likely to find this with many other lighters on the market. Truly, you get what you pay for and with Colibri you're paying for the best.

The fact is, smoking is becoming marginalized... or at the very least, smokers are becoming marginalized. There is no doubt that smoking is on the unhealthy habit. Nonetheless, many adults make the decision to continue smoking. If that is you, or someone you care about, we're not here to try to talk you out of it. We all know the possible repercussions. In the meantime, if you're going to smoke, you might as well do it in Style!

Colibri lighters make a great gift for any guy who enjoys smoking (Puerto Rican cigar, anyone?). Really, it can be for any occasion: a birthday, Father's Day, to light cigars to celebrate the birth of a new child, or even just as a thank you for the guy who fixed your flooded toilet in the middle of the night or got that nasty virus off your personal computer. The point is, no matter who the gift is for, or what their style is, you'll be able to find a Colibri lighter is perfectly suited to them and their personality. From sleek Art Deco styles to rugged windproof versions to a polished silver in a leather pouch or even a high-end satin gold model suited for a CEO with the fuel level window included.

There are other benefits to giving a Colibri later as a gift. For instance, you probably are aware of the fact that when a smoker needs to smoke you want to make sure that they can smoke. Finding the time and place to have a cigarette these days is hard enough. If once they get there there fussing with the lighter that won't produce a flame you may very well have an unhappy, agitated person on your hands. Who wants that? With a high-quality lighter such as a Colibri, you can be certain that that won't be the problem. Plus, whenever they do pull it out to light up, the quality and good looks of the gift will remind them of you. And since they are refillable is a gift that they will hold onto for a very, very long time. That is, until... they give up smoking. You never know.

So now that you know a little bit more about Colibri lighters you probably don't have any doubt in your mind that the purchase of one will be a purchase that you'll be happy with. You know that there is a long history of people before you who have been very happy with Colibri lighters and undoubtedly there will be many more to come. With such a great reputation and warranty, not to mention style and good looks, anyone that is serious about their smoking will truly enjoy and appreciate the high quality and craftsmanship that is a Colibri lighter.


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