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A Comparison of Online Game Rentals Companies - The Pros and the Cons

Updated on May 7, 2015

Handling game rentals on line is quickly becoming the easiest way to try out new games without purchasing them. In my local area, video rental stores have closed down and been replaced with Redbox and Netflix subscriptions, so I had no other choice than to rent video games online.

Although monthly game rental services come with a subscription price, this price is often cheaper than renting from your local game store, or even buying a new game. The benefits don't stop there.

Renting games allows you to try out titles you're not sure of before buying. The fast shipping time of these on line game rentals allows you to trade out games quickly, so you're never stuck with a bad game for long.

When games come delivered straight to your door, you also save time and money that you'd otherwise spend driving down to the rental store, checking games in and out.

You will also find a better selection online, as the inventory is not limited to what is profitable to the store or what fits on store shelves. Oftentimes rental stores do not carry older titles, so an on line game rental service will have a wider selection of new and old games.

Also, if your rental store still lives in the past, they may still charge late fees on your game. Since rental stores can charge up to $6 per game rental in the first place, late fees can quickly become an astronomical headache and pain in your wallet.

Currently two on line game rental companies exist, Gamefly and GameMine. Both companies have their pros and cons, but they offer the same basic service. Both offer a free trial or low startup cost, so it's possible to try out both companies to directly compare the two.


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