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A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to SMITE

Updated on May 7, 2015

What Is SMITE?

SMITE is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This one has especially piqued my interest, being a mix of League of Legends meets Skryim, and they had one hell of a baby.
The general concept of SMITE is the same as League, defend your lanes, attack the enemy towers, down the base defenses, and kill the primary objective in the enemy's base to win.
Or, wreck the other team's faces so hard they want to quit.


Basic Overview

In SMITE, there are three lanes. Middle lane, Short lane, and Long lane. Middle lane is generally a mage's playground. Heavy lane clearing from a distance, and the ability to "poke," or send attacks from a distance to try to force the enemy back so you gain dominance in the lane.
Short lane is the "solo" lane, where any god (meaning literally any play style) can do as they please here. Solo is somewhat unique, as certain play styles will dominate this lane while other play styles will need assistance.
Long lane is a duo-lane, where a support or "tank," is combined with an Attack Damage Carry, ADC for short. This lane comprises if a support that has very little damage capability but high defense and crowd control. The ADC uses the support as a meat shield in most cases to go full "glass cannon," a term meaning lots of damage with no defense, in the early game. An alternative support, however, is one with healing capabilities or one that provides other buffs such as damage and attack speed combined with some crowd control.
Lastly, there's the Jungler. A good jungler can make your team, a bad one can throw your team down the drain. Junglers generally roam the map, collecting buffs from different camps between the lanes to assist their teammates in the Lanes. Junglers can also fill for teammates who've had to return to base due to low health, mana, or perhaps need to buy some items to keep up with enemies in their lanes. On top of that, they can assist their laners in ganking an enemy (e.g. killing them) which provides gold and xp for the team as well as opening up the lane for further attack from the laner. A jungler's primary roll is to assist the team, e.g. making sure the laners are safe to lane, taking down enemies attempting to assist their failing laners, or just straight demolishing anyone in their path.


Buffs, You Say?

In the image to the right, we see the Conquest map from SMITE. The red buff, which shows up as a little sword, is the damage buff. At the start of a game, generally the mid-lane god will take this buff. It increases "poking" potential, as well as easier clearing of minions.
We also see the yellow buff, which shows up as a fast forward symbol (>>). This is the movement speed buff, your jungler will usually take this buff to move around the map easier and help laners control their lanes, as well as catch up to fleeing gods at low health.
The purple buff, which is attack speed and has the same icon as the red buff just in a different color, is usually taken by the Attack Damage Carry or ADC. This speeds up basic attacks as well as increasing damage just a tad. This buff is essential for ADC's, as it is the main lane clearing portion of the Long Lane, considering the largely low damage of most supporters.
The blue buff, or mana buff, looks like a blue battery and is usually taken by the solo laner. This enables them to have a higher sustain in the early laning phase, allowing them to use their abilities without much fear of having to return to base and recover. For mana-hungry gods, this is almost a must-have.

Gold Fury and Fire Giant

The Gold Fury, which is on the Short Lane side in the Jungle, provides a decent amount of Gold and less importantly experience to the team that kills it. In most games, killing it becomes a priority around team level average (TLA) 12.
The Fire Giant provides a buff that comprises all of the others, minus the speed buff and provides an extra 20% damage towards enemy towers and phoenixes plus some health regeneration in exchange.

The V Menu

This menu is a must-use for decent players. For those who don't have a microphone or use any sort of voice chat, this is a brilliantly simple answer. At first, this menu may be somewhat confusing; after using it a few times you figure it out and it takes just a second to provide vital information to your team. What it does is triggers the announcer to your whole team with different phrases, such as "Enemies have returned to base," "Enemies incoming left lane!" or "Enemy missing right!"
Learn to use this menu as second-nature, once the speed of the game picks up you can say "Bye!" to trying to type out exactly what's happening.
Here's a basic list of the V Menu commands that everyone should know:
VB(1-3): Enemies in <Left Lane! (1)> < Middle lane! (2)> <Right lane! (3)>

VI(1-3):Enemies incoming <Left! (1)> <Middle! (2)> <Right! (3)>

VF(1-3, F): Enemy Missing <Left! (1)> <Middle! (2)> <Right! (3)>, F just states "Enemy Missing!"

VR(1-3, R): Retreat <Left lane! (1)> <Middle Lane! (2)> <Right lane! (3)> <Retreat! (R)>

VA(1-3, G, F): Attack <Left lane! (1)> <Middle Lane! (2)> <Right Lane! (3)> <Gold Fury! (G)> <Fire Giant! (F)>

VAT(1-3, T): Attack enemy <Left Tower! (1)> <Middle Tower! (2)> <Right Tower! (3)> <Titan! (T)>

VSTB: I'm returning to base!

VVM: I'm Out of Mana!

VVGN: Nice Job!

VVGG: Good Game!


SMITE and all images found herein are subject to copyright and intellectual property of Hi-Rez Studios.


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