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A Dangerous Beauty: A New Final Fantasy Record Keeper Event

Updated on June 10, 2016

About the event

Serah discovers she must rescue her disappeared sister, Lightning, from Valhalla, and save the timeline. Meanwhile, Lightning is the champion of a goddess in Valhalla, and has only one memory, that of Serah.

The event allows you to unlock Serah, Fang, Sazh, and Snow, as well as a wardrobe record of Lightning's, giving her the Knight of Etro outfit from FFXIII-2. You can unlock the first Memory Crystals (to break the 50 level cap) of all 5 characters, and the 2nd Memory Crystals as well of all the above but Lightning (to break the 65 level cap on some characters). There is also one Soul of a Hero (allowing you to unlock a character you don't currently have), a Memory Crystal I (to break the level cap of 50 for any character), and a MCII (to break the level cap of 65 for most characters)

You can also unlock the accessories Serah's Pendant (500 HP, +15 Resistance) and the General's Belt (+10 to Attack, +15 to Defense).

More details below

The Event movie (Not the best video, he shows the whole event opening as well as the Event movie)

About Serah

Serah can use daggers, swords, bows, rods, and staves as weapons.

Armor choices include hats, robes, and bracers.

As a caster, she has access to white (3 stars) and black (5 stars) magic.

At level 1, she has 170 HP, 7 Attack, 6 Defense, 12 Magic, 9 Resistance, 9 Mind, 20 Accuracy, 20 Evasion, and 92 Speed.

She is Lightning's younger sister, and spends the entirety of Final Fantasy XIII in a crystallized form as a l'Cie who completed her focus, which was to tell the heroes to save Cocoon. At the start of XIII-2, she is revived with a fleeting memory of Lightning, as well as a need to find and save her.

As for her role, she fills the same role in the group as Vanille in FFXIII.

Serah and Lightning


Fang, Sazh, Snow

Sazh can equip daggers and guns as weapons, hats, heavy and light armor, and bracers as armor, and use white and black magic (3 stars), combat (2 stars), and machinist and support (5 stars). He's best at buffing allies and debuffing enemies.

Fang can equip daggers, spears, and swords as weapons, while equipping hats, heavy and light armor, and bracers as armor, and can use combat and dragoon (5 stars), celerity (4 stars), and support (3 stars) as abilities. She's best at dealing damage, mostly using jump attacks, much like Kain from FFIV and Cid from FFVII.

Snow can equip daggers and fists as weapons, shields,hats, helms, light and heavy armor, bracers, and robes as armor, and can use knight, combat, and monk (5 stars), as well as celerity (2 stars), abilities. He is best protecting others (like Cecil from FFIV, among others), and using monk skills (such as Yang from FFIV and Tifa from FFVII).

The cast of FFXIII



Lightning gets Overture, granting the Burst Soul Break of Requiem of the Goddess, a burst mode attack.

Sazh gets Siruis Sidearms which grants the Godsend Super Soul Break.

Serah gets Serah's Gloves, which has the SSB Clock Master.

Hope gets Airwing, which has the SB Earthquake.

Fang gets Glaive, which has the SB Pulsar Blast.

Requiem of the Goddess

Serah's Gloves

Dungeons: Part I

Vallis Media requires 6 total stamina and has a 2 difficulty. There is no boss to this fight and you can unlock Snow.

Yaschas Massif costs 13 stamina total and has a difficulty of 9. The boss is called Svarog, is vulnerable to ice and wind, while being resistant to fire and immune to earth. (he flies, so no surprise on last) This unlocks Sazh.

Yaschaf Massif- The Paddraean Archaeopolis costs 19 stamina to complete and has a 28 difficulty. You unlock Fang, and the boss is Nelapsi, accompanied by 2 Taxim. The Taxim are vulerable to most elements, and Nelapsi can't be reached by melee.

Mah'habara costs 25 stamina to complete and has a 28 difficulty. You unlock Serah here and face the Juggernaut.

Taejin's Tower is the last dungeon in Part I, costs 35 stamina to complete and has 31 difficulty. Here you unlock Soul of a Hero, and the Knight of Etro costume for Lightning. The boss is Dahaka.

Ultimate Boss: Caius Ballad

Dungeons: Part 2

Valhalla Age Unknown-Shockwave has a total stamina cost of 34 and a difficulty of 45, and unlocks Sazh and Fang's Memory Crystals. tThe boss is Chaos Bahamut.

Valhalla Age Unknown-Hope has a total stamina cost of 45 and a difficulty of 60, and unlocks Snow and Serah's Memory Crystals. The boss is Caius Ballad.

New Bodham 003 AF-Memories has a total stamina cost of 45 and a difficulty of 75, and unlocks a Memory Crystal and Lightning's Memory Crystal.

New Bodham 003 AF-Envoy has a stamina cost of 52 and a difficulty of 90. The boss is Gogmagog.

New Bodham 003 AF-Spacetime has a stamina cost of 58 and a difficulty of 99. The boss is the same as in Envoy, but he adds a protective shield, too.

The bonus fights are 1st, Wandering Apostle+ which has a stamina cost of 40 and a difficulty of 99, unlocking Sazh's and Fang's 2nd Memory Crystals. Basically you get a tougher Savarog and Nelapsi and Taxim. 2nd is Higher Doubts++, which has a difficulty of 100 and a stamina cost of 20, unlocking Snow and Serah's Memory Crystals. This is a rematch with a tougher Juggernaut. And finally, there's the Tower of the Tyrant+++, which has a difficulty 0f 120, costs 40 stamina, and unlocks a MCII, as well as a Rosetta Stone. (something that boosts relics.) The boss is rematch with Dahaka.

Ultimate Dungeons

Abyssal Wings is the Ultimate Dungeon, and costs 60 stamina. The difficulty is at least 120, and it's a rematch with a much tougher Chaos Bahamut.

Song of Chaos is the Ultimate+ Dungeon, costing 1(?) Stamina and is even harder than Abyssal Wings. This involves a rematch with Caius Ballad, except more difficult.

Where to get the FFXIII-2 game for those interested


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