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A Dynamic Addition to the Star Wars Universe

Updated on February 14, 2016

Battlefront Is Back!

BB 8 Droid Lost In Space
BB 8 Droid Lost In Space

Which Side Are You On?

The front lines of this epic space war are depicted in the most immersive and interactive way possible, with the release of Star Wars Battlefront. Players will experience waging relentless war against each other, siding with either the Rebellion or the Empire. The game actually alternates between the two rival parties equally, creating a certain new found appreciation for each respective team. It feel just as bad-ass to be good as it does evil in this entity of the Star Wars universe, but who could ever root against Luke Skywalker in movie or game format? IGN blogger Mitch Dyer's recent review of the game states "Star Wars Battlefront captures the essence of Star Wars beautifully, harnessing the most exciting and memorable pieces of the universe for a unique and spectacular combat sandbox."

Get Ready For Epic Adventure

Battles occur throughout the Star Wars universe, from the great forests of Endor to the legendary arctic of Hoth, enabling a completely new perspective of these intergalactic landscapes. The sheer size of these maps can be intimidating at times, and even prove challenging for the most seasoned of loyal Call of Duty players, although they demonstrate how truly massive this astronomical warfare is within the Star Wars universe. "If nothing else, Star Wars Battlefront is an exercise in pure spectacle, laid out in all of its neon glory," according to GameSpot blogger Mike Mahardy. Star Wars Battlefront accomplishes a more adventurous way of viewing the battles, whether piloting a tie fighter or slowly stampeding through the woods in an AT-AT, there are many new methods of experiencing this exciting and visually stunning version of the Star Wars universe.

Enjoying Diverse Modes

Gamers of all varieties will appreciate the authenticity of the multiplayer gameplay, even if you get spawned on the complete opposite side of the map. Consider these battles an extension of the Star Wars saga, incorporating a lot more blasters with a little less Princess Leia. The solo missions are also an entertaining way to experience all kinds of Star Wars exclusive activities, such as honing your lightsaber skills, or trying not to crash your speeder bike into a tree. Mitch Dyer elaborates on the various multiplayer modes as "focused, objective-oriented games that leverage a deep set of sandbox systems so that spectacular things never stop happening." You have the freedom to act out all of your most decadent and geekiest fantasies, turning your Walker Assault and Supremacy battles into classic cinematic moments, submersing the player into a true Star Wars experience.

Using the Force

Choosing which hero to be pumps the player with an adrenaline rush, as each one has their own specific abilities to plow through opposing players. It's no surprise seeing most players rocketing through the air with Boba Fett, roasting the enemy lines with his mounted flamethrower. When on the side of the Rebels, the obvious choice is Luke Skywalker, as his speed and lightning fast agility undoubtedly give him the advantage over all the other selections. Who doesn't enjoy mowing over an army of storm troopers with a Jedi-tastic green lightsaber? It's another amazing Star Wars experience that brings the original trilogy to life on a different more modern level, as there's nothing more satisfying than using the force to choke-throw your enemies.

Shogun Star Wars

Samurai Storm Trooper
Samurai Storm Trooper

11 Years Later

This revamped release of Star Wars Battlefront is reportedly a stand alone edition in comparison to the original 2004 version, not to be regarded as a sequel. Most players would agree in considering the new Star Wars Battlefront a completely different game, as technological evolution has affected many factors in current games, just as the newest piece of Star Wars media: The Force Awakens has benefited from modern CGI. Star Wars Battlefront is able to satisfy a sense of adventure all Stars Wars fans share, creating another epic addition to the Star Wars universe as the space saga continues.

Check out IGN's side-by-side comparison of Star Wars Battlefront 2004 & 2015 below

Which Hero/Villain Do You Roll With?

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We Will Never Forget Boba Fett

How To Boba Fett
How To Boba Fett

A special thanks for those reading my very first hub!

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