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A Final Fantasy World Among Comrades.

Updated on January 17, 2018
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A.R. Somoza, Is the creator of Before the Sequel. His main mission is to talk about his digitial consumption and share his experience.

More Content On The Horizon

The ESRB has published a rating for the FFXV Royal Edition. Which is most likely the game of the year edition. Its been over one year since the release of FFXV, a game that was staunched in development for over ten years. Since the previous console generation. For some fans, the end product didn't justify the long development cycle.

Some of the content in the game was full of redundant virtual vistas, teasing to be explored. At the time FFXV felt like the smallest Final Fantasy world in the series... even after a year of DLC's that filled in the certain gaps in sections of the story. Final Fantasy XV still feels incomplete. Hajima Tabata promising more content for the year of 2018.

Announcing two expansions for Luna and Ardyn with no hint of a release date.So while you're waiting for more information on those DLC releases. There is a DLC package that can occupy your time, and I'm talking the multiplayer online expansion called comrades. Here is a list of Pros and Cons that might convince you to step into the multiplayer world of Final Fantasy XV.

The Fight Never Lets Up
The Fight Never Lets Up



  • Playing online with 1 to 3 friends as a Kingsglaive is fun. If you enjoyed the battle system in the base game your going to have fun in comrades. Also if you enjoyed fighting all the huge monsters in the hunts throughout the base game. Then you're going to get that and more in comrades than ever before, escort missions, boss battles, castle defense missions and outlasting the clock while fighting waves of enemies.

    Weapon Crafting

  • Crafting to upgrade your weapons gives you an incentive to redo missions and collect loot. Weapons transform into more powerful weapons after boosting specific attributes, enforcing the player to carefully manage there loot.


  • Character Creation is very deep, you can really make your avatar look like a final fantasy XV character. I accidentally made my avatar look like a member of a kpop boy band... Wardrobe schematics are spread throughout the world map and can be purchased with the gil you make from hunts. Letting you keep your character fresh throughout the game, an option that is sorely amiss in the main game.

    Familiar Faces

  • Old friends make a return if you ever wondered what happened to everyone you met, before Noctis 10 year hiatus. Well, you're in for a treat because all the NPCs have migrated to Lestallum the last bastion of Lucis. You can catch up and find out what happened after the eternal darkness came about and how everyone's adjusting.

    Revisiting Royal Tombs

  • Unlocking the Royal Tombs... again, this time the royal tombs don't take the shape of weapons, instead give you buffs during battle. Like extra airtime to do combos during a warp attack, a force field to defend and heal those within it. And a cheer command. Which gives a weird dance animation like those you would see in the game of destiny, but instead of just showing off your dance skills you buff up players nearby.

    Soundtrack and Photography

  • A couple new tracks parade every hunt and have a similar sound to CDprojekts Witcher 3 series. While your jamming to the music, the camera will snap pictures of your avatar defeating monsters and posing as a bad ass. You can build collections up to 300 photos.

Finding Your True Purpose
Finding Your True Purpose



  • Game-Breaking Glitches, especially in one early mission. The escort mission called “Lighting the Way” prevents you from completing it. During the escort, the stop moving halfway, Forcing you to walk out of bounds and abort the mission.


  • The Story is virtually non-existent if you were hoping to see how the original trio got grizzled in the ten years. Or go on a grand adventure with twist and turns... don't get your hopes up. The only thing worthwhile story wise Is the final event and boss battle.


  • No new areas to really explore, you cant actually go out with your friends and drive around in a car or explore the kingdom of Lucis like Noctis Entourage. Instead, you're forced to stay within distances of your target. All the arenas are under an overcast of black clouds. Keeping a certain grayish look to the whole entire Comrades expansion.

The infamous glitched Lighting the Way Mission

  • Level Grind

  • You will have to repeat missions to grind Kilowatts to unlock other missions. Thankfully tho there are missions that you can finish within 5 mins, but there is a catch...

    Load Times

  • The load times are extremely long and repetitive, at one point the game got stuck on the loadout screen before the start of a mission.

    Your Left to Fend For Yourself

  • After the initial battle tutorial in the beginning of comrades, your left to figure out the rest of the mechanics on your own. For example, I figured out the ingredients you pick up in your base camp basically act as a phoenix down to bring your character back to life. If you lose all your HP without replenishing your ingredient, you get kicked out of the hunt. I realized this after I already beat 10 missions and lost a couple hunts. There is a form of satisfaction of working things out yourself in the end. Which I enjoy when a game doesn't hold my hand throughout, but for those who don't like trial and error. Than comrades could get a bit frustrating.

Becoming The Savior Of Lucis With Your Comrades

Overall comrades will have you coming back for more if you can walk pass the smaller pot holes along the road. The action maintains a smooth frame rate and never gets old. Watching your virtual avatar self-be a bad ass and face off against iconic monsters from the final fantasy bestiary, is a treat for any fan of the series. If you're looking to fully complete the expansion it'll take you over 15 hours with a level cap of 50, justifying the 20 dollar price tag if you didn't buy the season pass. With some future patches and I'm assuming future new events. Comrades deliver a fun multiplayer expansion to the kingdom of Lucis and its players. With enough content to satisfy fans until the release of episode Ardyn and Luna. Which would continue the expansion of the world of Final Fantasy XV.

3 stars for Final Fantasy Comrades


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    • BeforetheSequel profile imageAUTHOR

      AR Somoza 

      11 months ago from Florida

      Have you checked out the trailer for the new patch. The Comrades expansion is receiving a slew of new updates. Weapons, playable skins, mini games, new bosses, and new attacks. Its definitely worth picking up :)

    • Anthony Henderson profile image

      Anthony Henderson 

      11 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Really enjoyed your article, I may have to consider picking this up!


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