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A Few Facts You Probably Didn’t Know…

Updated on August 21, 2012

By: Anastasia Vaughan

-On Jeans: Levi Strauss invented the very first pair of blue jeans in 1850.

-On Birds: The world’s largest living bird is the ostrich.

- On Increasing the Libido: The flavoroids in cherries make it an excellent aphrodisiac.

-On Cereal: Cheerios come in about 13 different flavors for cereal lovers to choose from.

- On Dating’s Advantages- The frequent single dater tends to have better job interviewing skills than people who don’t date or date less often. When answering first date questions frequent daters grow much more confident with answering questions that will sell their self.

-Boiling Point: The boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

-On Bad Breath Fixes: If you grab a package of salt and water to gargle for 10 seconds of more the salt water will help wash away bacteria that may cause bad breath.

-On Creating Solutions to Fix Your Struggles: A messy home often symbolizes a mind caught up in dysfunction. De-cluttering/organizing small area’s in your home could be the first step to clearing your mind to make a path for solutions to your everyday problems.

-On Getting to the Truth: People are much more likely to tell the truth in a text message than in person or over the phone. Want answers? Perhaps you should start texting.

-Pets Today: The most recent trend in pet ownership has been fixing the kinks in your pets’ problems. Pets are now being treated for OCD. For example dogs who chase their tails obsessively and cats who have germ phobias.

-Weight Loss: Color contrast in foods on your plate often let to more motivations to eat healthier.

-On the Things Her Shoes are Trying to Say: Studies have recently shown that a man can now use the type of shoes a woman wears to get a better glimpse at the psychology behind her personality. While some shoes point to how high maintenance she is other can indicate if she is controlling or even insecure on how other view her. #Interesting Sorry no links here but for what your womans shoes say about her you'll have to google the huffoman post article "Study Finds That You CAN Judge A Woman By Her Shoes" And for the male version of the article "Check His Footwork: What his Shoes Say About Him | Madame Noire | Black Women's Lifestyle G" on the madame noire blog.

-Blocking Cellulite: Sipping a mix of 1 oz of unsweetened cranberry juice plus 8oz of water 3 times a day for at lest 3 weeks will reduce cellulite.

-On Goals Keeping Score: 15 is the number of goals the average person has for them self at any given time all at once.

-Boost Your Metabolism: Coconuts despite having high calorie content helps boost your metabolism up by 50% for up to 6 hrs after consumption.

-Revamping Cough Syrup’s Favor: When taking cough syrup in order to null the taste stick an ice cube in your mouth for up to 15 to 30 seconds before consuming cough syrup. You mouth will be cold and your tongue will be able to block out the taste.

-Clearing up your nasal passage: Eating hot oatmeal is not only a great belly healthy food but also helps clear any congestion in your nasal passageway. Try this if you need sinus relief.

- Cheap Magic Tricks of the sponge: Though there are multiple uses for a sponge we suggest before giving this advice a try you get a bag of several different colored sponges for this advice just so not to get confused by its many different uses. Soften laundry without the help of a clock by pouring the fabric softener onto the sponge and placing it into the load right after adding the detergent. When the water refills in the machine the sponge will come to life draining all the softener into the load. Expand your soaps life by placing a sponge under soap to keep it from getting slimy than ring it out and use it wash hands. Use a sponge to create a much more flexible ice pack. If you cut a sponge into half and fill one side with water and the other with rubbing alcohol place both pieces of the sponge into a zip lock bag seal and freeze. The side filled will water will freeze all the way by the side with rubbing alcohol will stay soft making it more comfortable than a ice pack.

-Give Yourself a Self-Esteem Boost: Dropping the pitch in your voice can boost your self confidence which was seen in a Never land study.

-Strawberry Brush: Hollywood experts say that brushing your teeth with strawberries increase the whiteness of your smile.


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