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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids Review. A Mobile Game Review For Android And iOS.

Updated on October 15, 2017

“Featuring more than 100 levels, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids lets players match-3 to create combos, clear obstacles and face-off against enemies, and unleash epic power-ups to clear the board,” Disney stated in a press release sent to GamesBeat.

Star Wars Puzzle Droids Screen Shot
Star Wars Puzzle Droids Screen Shot | Source

Star Wars Meets Match 3 On Mobile

I guess it was inevitable. Star Wars has joined the ranks of the match 3 puzzle game craze.

Star Wars : Puzzle Droids is out now for Android and iOS for free. The game contains characters and themes from Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Including BB-8, Rey and Han Solo. Star Wars has become very successful in the mobile gaming world with previous games like Star Wars : Force Arena. Puzzle Droids has continued this success.

New Powerful Star Wars Combo Pieces

Puzzle Droids takes your basic match 3 game and spices it up a little with some Star Wars flare. Matching colors clears them and gives you powerful upgrades. Upgrades like the electroshock, which clears nine pieces from your board.

Awesome Graphics

The graphics in Star Wars: Puzzle Droids are excellent. Match 3 games can look very boring but Puzzle Droids definitely does not. The background of each level has 3D graphics usually portraying one or more of the many Star Wars characters in this mobile game.

A Truly Free To Play Mobile Game

This game is also truly free to play. I have not yet seen any reason to spend any money. Everything has been obtainable through a little patience and a little skill. There is also no ads whatsoever so enjoy playing an awesome Star Wars match 3 game uninterrupted.

Overall​, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is a fresh take on a pretty much played out genre. If you love match 3 games and Star Wars this may be the perfect mobile game for you.

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