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A Game Review on Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

Updated on November 26, 2012
Promotional art for Halo 4
Promotional art for Halo 4 | Source

**This review was written by my younger brother Jimmy Perazzo and edited by me.**

With Bungie stepping down from the throne, 343 has taken the seat as the makers of Halo 4. Arguably the game of the year, Halo 4 has truly stunned fans. Picking up where Halo 3 left off, you begin your journey in the tube you have been frozen in for four years. You find Cortana, the AI who got you through the brunt of the Covenant invasion. She has just alerted you that the Covenant have boarded your ship and you take up arms together. During the duration of Halo 4 you realize that Cortana isn't well. You find out she is past her due date, and is slowly deteriorating. Going through the story of Halo 4 you realize that the Covenant are not your only threat anymore, but that an ancient presence has awakened, and is bent on destroying humanity. During your desperate attempts to kill the Didact you'll face some of the most challenging enemies that Spartan 117 has ever faced .

As you progress further into the campaign you'll get more familiar with the Prometheans, an ancient race of aliens. Depending on what difficulty level you play on they are one of the toughest enemies that you'll have to face. Later on you'll find that the Covenant have actually been converted to side with the Prometheans, which also increases the challenge that players will face throughout the campaign. I think that the Halo 4 campaign is the best of the series. It sums up a lot of questions like where the Flood actually came from, and what the Didact's intentions are. One thing I also love is that the first 5 minuets of game play to the last 5 minutes are an intense, seemingly never ending firefight. I think Halo's best aspect is the amount of action that keeps the game entertaining and always explosive for every moment of the campaign. The overall campaign ranges from 6 to 9 hours depending on game difficulty, and whether you're playing it by yourself or not.

Halo 4 has completely revolutionized the Halo experience bringing in some old favored features like custom games and of course Forge. 343 has also introduced a new mini campaign called Spartan Ops that follows the story of a Spartan group as they fight for the U.N.S.C. Forge mode and custom games has added a lot to the Halo universe, and has been revised with some new features. Forge has now introduced magnets, which when turned on will allow the user to automatically clamp one piece to another perfectly straight which adds to the perfection and look of the map. Forge also adds some trait zones, which when players step into it, it will provide that player with a special power up or trait that other players wouldn't normally have. There power up's and traits range from increased or decreased gravity, over shield and many more. 343 as far as I know has not changed the way custom games are played or created.

Screen shot from Halo 4
Screen shot from Halo 4 | Source

Spartan ops is a mini campaign that players can do solo or with friends on any difficulty. You play as one of many Spartan companies that do missions for the U.N.S.C. Each Spartan op episode has 5 chapters in it and more will be released every week. If you go into a public match by yourself you can get around 6000 XP for doing just one Spartan op chapter, which is roughly the equivalent of playing 3 games of multiplayer. Each Spartan Op chapter is around 10-15 minuets each. So if you feel like leveling, Spartan ops is a good choice.

War Games AKA multiplayer, has also changed quiet a bit since our last Halo game. The ranking for multiplayer goes by "SR-(Number)". For example, if you are level 5 it will show up as "SR-5". As you rank up you unlock new armor, weapons and equipment, as well as new visor colors and emblem customizations. Halo multiplayer is known for its player customizations, and here you can change all your armor and visor colors if you have them unlocked. Some armor and visors can be unlocked by simply ranking your Spartan up, but others however need a bit more skill to get. For example, if you get the Accommodation called Splatter-Master you will be given the green visor, or if you get Assassinations-Master you will unlock the Assassins armor set. Halo multiplayer has also changed the way you pick your weapons. It provides custom classes, which allow you to personalize your class to your liking, adding 2 primary weapons or even putting whichever armor ability suits you best.

Custom classes are taken off for game modes such as Team Snipers or Swat, which gives you preset classes to make the game fair. There has also been additions to some of the Multiplayer playlists. Flood basically replaces the popular game mode of infection. Flood has the same rules as infection, survive as long as you can or infect the other players, but this time when you get infected you become part of the Flood. I quite enjoy this new aspect since the Flood look extremely awesome and creepy. Multiplayer has also added a game mode called Regicide which is a free for all with a twist. You'll have to play to find out.

Screen shot from Halo 4
Screen shot from Halo 4 | Source

Halo is personally my favorite game series so far, and Halo 4 has completely stunned me. The graphics are gorgeous, making Halo look as real as a futuristic alien shooter can look, and the other technical aspects of the game (sound, loading, map design, etc) are all seemingly flawless. Honestly I believe that the story is very fun and pretty epic in scale, I personally recommend this game to anyone and everyone, even if you're not a fan of Halo. It is truly great.


Halo 4 was released on November 6th 2012 on Xbox 360.


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    • Richard Perazzo profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Perazzo 

      5 years ago from Shirley, NY

      Thank you both! It really is a great game. Here's to Halo 5!

    • dailytop10 profile image


      5 years ago from Davao City

      Master Chief is amazing! This game is truly awesome. I usually play it with my cousin.

      By the way, great review!

    • Thefilmguy24 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great hub bro. You got me wanting to get this game. I may have to wait for Christmas to get it though. I have only played through Halo 1 and 3 completely and only played a little bit of 2 but never beat it. I do like the games and the story of it all is just on an epic scale. I'm definitely going to have to get this game because I want to know what happened to Master Chief at the end of Halo 3. Thanks for the hub. Voted up.


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