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A Game That Inspired

Updated on June 18, 2019
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Al has a history of computer programming as well as game design. Alex loves 2D style video games.


'Spelunky' in all of its' manifestations is one of the most entertaining games ever created. With the exception of a scarce quantity of other titles, 'Spelunky' "takes the cake" (as they say) in the video game industry. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as well known as other video games in history. Like many indie games, the potential for 'Spelunky' to fly very high one day is a very probable possibility.

The Mines

A public domain screenshot of the artistic remake of this incredible game.
A public domain screenshot of the artistic remake of this incredible game. | Source

My Introduction

I was first introduced to this by an old friend (at the time), who was aware that I had worked many hours programming with the GameMaker language (commonly referred to as "GML"). He insisted that I play a game that he had discovered in his online quests. He later told me that it was made with GameMaker. I had taken computer programming in high school, but tinkering with GameMaker is how I really began to comprehend it all. I continued to play the game throughout the course of multiple years. I eventually heard tale that 'Spelunky' had been remade. Curious, I eventually made the purchase, and have not regretted doing so.

The Jungle

A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.
A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.

Remaking It

The remake is more than analogous to the first version; they're nearly identical in some ways! And, this is perfect. The initial version was fantastic. Changing graphics, character physics, and internal gaming laws adds so much more joy and fun to each manifestation of the game. They complement one another, and the gamer will just want to keep playing and playing. There is so much more in the newer version, but it's not exactly a version 2.0. They're more like reflections in carnival mirrors. However, the addition of so many more levels in the latter form of the game is simply awesome.

The City Of Gold!

The Sequel

As of this moment, there is a lot of talk and buzz of a sequel to the game. From what little I have gathered, it will have a lot in common with what helped the first two to be amazing. Not everything can be this way, but in the case of the 'Mario' and 'Spelunky' franchises - some varieties of repetitiveness are preferred. I look forward to the sequel, and can only add that; no matter what happens with the future of this franchise, I have loved where is has been at least until now.

A Trailer For The Sequel


The gamplay is phenomenal. In both editions, there are a number of hidden secrets that can be uncovered. And, by "number" I mean a really really sizable number! There is so much extra to this game than merely walking through the levels. There are mysteries and secrets that can be missed, even in one finishes a playthrough of 'Spelunky'. That is to state that the replay value is huge.



The first version is in the possession of three players. This is a potential with eventuality. The other players are earned, and earning these characters is not easy. Not to state that anything in these games is easy at first (or ever). There are noticeably many more characters in the secondary edition of 'Spelunky'.

The Ice Caves

A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.
A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.

Shock Value

These games are shocking. They can even be considered artistic renditions of horrific realism at times. Enemies and friends can die quick and horrible deaths. Blood is not absent in such scenes. The world of the very kinky is heavily implied. Theft is possible and punishable. There are aspects of this game that are very appealing to maturing gamers. 'Spelunky' is more Lovecraftian than many two-dimensional games, and a multitude of individuals love the game for that reason.

The City of Gold

A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.
A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.

Have you ever played?

Have you ever played the game?

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The Mines

A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.
A screenshot I took whilst enjoying the original form of the game.


'Spelunky' takes the best of the 16-bit video game era, along with the best of the great philosophies like nihilism and metaphorically dark realism. I love the game on all of its' levels (the pun was intentional). I'm not going to rate it, as that would not do this artistic piece complete justice. This game just surpasses so much other created works that I am at a loss for words to give it the aforementioned "justice". 'Spelunky' is amazing and well-worth a play or two. Or three of 1,000. I believe that you "get it".

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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