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Great Learning Games for Toddlers Why Hide and Seek is a Great Learning Tool.

Updated on January 30, 2015

Why Hide and Seek is Good

Hide and Seek is a great interactive game to play with your children. At about 8 months your child begins to realize things are present even when they can't be seen. Hide and seek is not only fun because you play with your child ( interactive) or other children play together, but it also reinforces that things not always seen are still real as Mom in another room . It helps your child to learn confidence that if you leave you will be returning. There is also a sense of excitement and accomplishment when little one finds their hiding toy. It teaches your very little one object permanence.

Some Controversy

There has been some controversy about children's safety with hide and seek especially outdoors because of the possible presence of sex offender. Inside with a parent I see no problems.

Another issue that has been brought up is that you are teaching your child to be secretive and hide and not come out.

Personally growing up in Atlanta this was one of the most fun games my sisters, friends and I played. No one was ever molested or permanently lost but I do think it is important to verbalize others concerns although I would not limit my children from enjoying this silly game.

One way of keeping the game safe is to use the Hide and Seek Safari Toy listed in artifcle.

Hide and Seek Safari Jr


The Hide and Seek Safari Animals

The Hide and Seek Safari animals are fun for mom, dad and little one. Each plush stuffed animal, horse, panda, dog, lion, monkey... works with any wand. Once someone hide the animal as the child gets close enough to there stuffed friend it makes a noise to let them know they are close. It is both fun and exciting and when nap time comes the animal can be taken to bed with your toddler.

Not only is this a great toy but it was honored by Creative Child Magazine as a Top Toy of the Year and Given Nappa Gold Honors

This toy has also been honored on NBC's Today Show and by Parenting magazine. It has been shown to be both fun and engaging for baby and parent. It is an awesome teaching toy and reinforces trust. Wish they had toys like these for my little ones but now I will get them for my grandchildren.

I love that the wand will work with all the animals or so I am told. I will be purchasing one soon so I wiil soon know. This is a novel idea for a child especially one who has lots of aunts and uncles as well as grandparents. A great gift anytime and you can add to the fun by getting more creature for the child's little zoo on future holidays or birthdays.

I first saw the toy on Zullily a great children's website that has items has highly discounted prices. Amazon had it for the same price but with free shipping.

This is for Hide and Seek Regular These are not the stuffed animal version but give you and idea or the game.

More photos of the other Stuffed Animals

Hide and seek Jr stuffed dog
Hide and seek Jr stuffed dog | Source
Hide and Seek Jr Monkey
Hide and Seek Jr Monkey | Source
hide and seek Jr Lion
hide and seek Jr Lion | Source

Vote on my hub and let me know how I am doing . Thanks.

Hide and Sink with Adults in Park and Silly song

Is Hide and Seek Safe

Do you have a problem with the game hide and seek.

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  • Includes plush cow and seeker wand
  • Winner of the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year Award and Nappa Gold Honors
  • 7'' W x 11'' H x 7'' D
  • Requires one 9V battery and three AAA batteries (included)
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 7 years


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