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A Guide to the Main Characters Appearing in "The Lego Movie"

Updated on May 25, 2014

Lego Brand History

Lego: The Brand

It is common for parents to have a short term attention span, and will get easily distracted by the next movie with action characters. Then there is the large group of Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, and Grandpa`s with either no children or grown children, and have no idea who the characters of The Lego Movie are. Lego is an iconic brand that began in Billund, Denmark in 1947. The first toys started out in the early 20th century as a wooden toy, which eventually developed over the years into a market dominated plastic building block. Today Lego factories are found all over the world. Kirk Christianson began a building and furniture making business in 1916. As the Great Depression hit business had fewer customers and began focusing on smaller less expensive projects and added began making toys in 1932. After World War II plastic became available and in 1947 a truck that could be assembled, taken apart, and assembled again was made. In the late 1990`s Lego created the first licensed characters with Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh, with Harry Potter figurines to follow.

The Lego Movie Trailer

1. Emmet

One of the main good characters in The Lego Movie is Emmet. He is a blue collar normal every day construction worker that has been mistaken as the most important person in the world and the key to saving the world. He has been recruited by a group of legend believers who think he is `The Special``. The movie follows him and his assorted groups bumbling quest to stop the evil tyrant, Lord Business and his companions. He is found most often in his orange construction clothes and work boots.

2. Lord Business

The main evil character is Lord Business. He is the alter ego of President Business. Lord Business’s ultimate goal is to take over the Lego universe; however his conflict with his personal life doesn`t always help to achieve this. He owns and runs several businesses that lend to his ability to control the world including TV Shows, Music, Surveillance and History Books. He also controls the voting machines. President Business is usually dressed in a gray suit with a yellow head and large single brown eyebrow. His alter ego Lord Business also is dressed in a gray suit with a large red cape, chest plate, and my favorite red head piece with red coffee cups as horns.

3. Vitruvius

Vitruvius is the prophesier, who has a meeting with the master builders and tells them `The Special` is the greatest Lego builder of all and will defeat Lord Business. He is the heroic wizard that becomes Emmet`s teacher and guide. This character is dressed in white with a blue cape and head scarf. He also has a white mustache and beard. Most importantly he is carrying a large staff with a large green light.

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4. Wyldstyle

Dressed in black with purple and blue accents Lucy better known as Wyldstyle provides the tough love Emmet needs to overcome his self doubt. She believes Emmet is `The Special` and will do everything in her no nonsense style to convince him. Although she is the girlfriend of Batman, her free spirit and independence leads to her questioning things. Following Bricksburg’s instruction booklet without questions is not in her makeup. Despite all of this the chemistry continues to build with Emmet.

5. Bad Cop and Ma & Pa Cop

Ma & Pa Cop are small town police officers and parents to Bad Cop. They have maintained peace in their neighboring town and have become pillars of the community. As with most parents they are extremely proud of the son who moved to the large city and followed in the family business. Ma & Pa are well connected to their good side and worry weather Bad Cop listens to his good side. Bad Cop is Lord Business’s faithful follower and is out to get Emmet. His Bad Cop side is tested when he is forced to turn on his parents. Ma & Pa Cop are dressed in a blue police uniform and gray hair. Bad cop is dressed in a black police uniform with a double faced yellow head. The good face wears a smile and the bad face has a distinctive scribble for a smile. He carries a large gun & has a black helmet as an accessory.

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XBox 360 Lego Super Hero Game

6. Unikitty

Unikitty is a brick built half kitten half unicorn character that comes from Cloud Cuckoo, which is the capital of rainbows & puppies. She is made up of 14 building blocks and with a unicorn horn in the center of a large face with bright eyes. Various shades of pinks and blues with a touch of yellow are her primary colors. She gleefully joins the group of good, however has a powerful secret.

7. Super Heroes

There are several super heroes, left over from the previous DC Super Heroes movie released previously, that make an appearance in The Lego Movie. However it is Batman that plays the largest super hero role. The self confident, sometimes cocky, and always arrogant super hero is the boyfriend of Emmet’s love interest. Superman, Superwoman, Spider-man, and Iron Man, as well as many other super heroes have a role to play in fighting evil.

8. Metalbeard & Sudds Backwash

Metalbeard is a pirate who was damaged in a previous battle with Lord Business and was rebuilt with leftover ship scraps and utility knife. Included in his rebuild are cannons on his right arm and swords attached to a holster on his back. If you look real close you will also notice his parrot. He is a Lego master builder and seeks revenge on Lord Business. Sudds Backwash is a bartender at the local saloon he loves, however it is his commitment to good that causes him to destroy his saloon and build the ship to help battle micro managers and help save the world.

9. Robot Fed & Robot Swat

Robot Fed are business suited robots that work gathering information in the Tower building and secretly analyzing information to President Business. Their robotic minds are constantly recording information and looking for ways to help their boss use his businesses to rule the world. They are dressed in black business suites with hand cuffs for accessories. Robot Swat is the special operation police that work for President Business. They are ruthless, it is not uncommon for them to smash and destroy the blocks surrounding the person they are after. They grab suspects now and ask questions later. Dressed in blue security uniforms with black accessories, including bullet proof vest, night vision goggles, helmet, and handcuffs.

Frank the Foreman

10. Benny & Frank the Foreman

Benny is the spaceman who suffers from a cracked bright blue helmet which matches his bright blue space uniform. He is a happy character with a very short attention span. It is thought that the crack in his helmet led to an oxygen leak. He is a character from the 70s and has a faded appearance. Frank the Foreman is the builder who has the best understanding of the instruction guide. Although he follows the strict build instruction he allows his workers to have fun and let lose a little.

Other Featured Lego Sets

Along with The Lego Movie characters there will be many accessories available. The city of Bricksburg, where the movie takes place has several buildings and pieces of equipment that are featured in building sets. The Lego Movie video game has been released and shows the same popularity as the movie. Today’s modern advancements and technology have made Lego more than just a block building toy. The only remaining function of a Lego set today is you can still dismantle and rebuild them over and over again.

© 2014 Pamela Stanford


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