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A Hobby That Can Save You Money

Updated on June 30, 2013

My dream of owning a small home is a tuff reach. Currently building small compact homes in to save to save money. It will bring down your heating and electric costs. If your like me and can't afford to buy land and build that tiny home you have to learn how to save money living in an apartment or house. It was in high school when I got my first crocheting lesson from a friend. I started out quite horrible and never finished my project. A couple years ago I decided to try ago and refresh myself and teach myself.


My first two projects were blankets. Depending on you pattern will depend how much yarn you need to buy. My first blanket I spent about $20 or a little bit more to make it. My second blanket I spent about $30 or more for yarn, but messed up the blanket and didn't end up with an adult size. The size however was prefect for my niece who happened to be 3 at the time. With the left over yarn I made a blanket for my mother. Now most of you know we never seem to have enough blanket when it comes to company. In the winter time we turn the heat up to keep from being to cold. Making your own blanket will save you money. You can actually keep your heat set to a lower temp with making small blanket that you can have sat on chairs and couches.

I have three nieces who spend time at my house and I plan for the winter to have three new blankets make for them. Even with the ones I have now it doesn't seem like I have enough. Plus these blankets are meant to be washed over and over again. I have so far gotten two years of use of two of the blankets and I just today had to fix a hole in one. The longer I can keep these blankets in the use the more money I save.

Never Throw Away Left Overs

I know this section sounds like I will be talking about food, but yarn is the subject of choice. Never throw away what you have left over. You can always find smaller project that you can make with the left over. With my left overs I have made a scarf and a hat. If you become quite good at knitting or crocheting you can even sale the items you make. Savings and a income.

If you in the states or countries where there is cold weather then making scarfs, hats, and mittens with the leftover yarn might be your best bet. There are several free patterns online for all three. I plan to have my brother's kids prepared for the scarf part of winter. hats and mittens are not my strengths.

I hope for next winter to save $40 on my heating bill each month by spending at the most $100 to make every who will be spending the nights in my apartment a blanket.


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