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A List of Commonly Used Pro Tools 11 Shortcuts on Mac

Updated on July 3, 2014

The Basic Pro Tools Shortcuts

Play, Stop - Press Spacebar

Record - With at least one track armed to record Hold Command and Press "Spacebar" or Press "3" from the number pad on the right of the keyboard.

Copy - Click on a Clip then Hold Command and Press "C", another way to copy is to Hold Option and then click on a clip and drag it, the original will stay put and the dragging will be a copy.

Paste - Put your cursor when you would like the start of the pasted Clip to be then Hold Command and Press "V"

Cut - Highlight Part of a Clip, All of a Clip, Many Clips, or Parts of Many Clips the Hold Command and Press "X"

Slightly More Advanced Pro Tools 11 Shortcuts

Trim - Select part of a Clip that you would like to remove the beginning and end from. Whatever is not selected in the clip will be removed. Hold Command and Press "T"

Split Clip - Place the cursor at the point in a Clip where you would like to separate it into two parts. Hold Command and Press "E" . You may also Select part of a Clip as in the Trim Shortcut, this will create 3 new Clips one up to the beginning of your selection, one that is your selection and one that goes from the end of your selection to the end of the original Clip.

Zoom In, Zoom Out - Hold Command and Press "[" or "]" to Zoom

Marker - Place the cursor when you would like a marker and then Press "Enter", NOT "Return" or Press Enter during recording to create a Marker at the exact time you press it.

Consolidate - Highlight multiple Clips then Hold Shift and Hold Option and then Press "3" from the number keys on the top of the keyboard.

Export - Highlight a Clip or many Clips and Hold Shift and Hold Command and Press "K"

Group Tracks - Select 2 or more tracks and Hold Command and Press G (Click for my Hub on Grouping Tracks)


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