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Top Toys For Christmas 2013 - 5 Most asked for & parent approved gifts

Updated on October 10, 2013

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Your guide for picking out the best toys for under the tree

It's the season to be jolly... Well it can also be a season of stress when it comes to picking out the gifts for under the tree, what's hot? What's not? What do the kids want these days? And what do the parents approve of? The best bet is always something in between - parent and kid friendly and that's why I've created this list of hand-picked toys the kids are asking for and most parents to whom I've talked with are OK with.

All the toys on this list are either released this year or are a bit older but are still one of the most wanted toys (I've also included the recommended age to keep things simple and easy to navigate).

Flutterby Fairy - A toy that makes magic come to life
Flutterby Fairy - A toy that makes magic come to life | Source

1. Flutterbye Flying Fairy - It's what the girls ask for the most (recommended for 5 to 10 year olds)

What's not to love about flying fairies? Since the commercials launched this has become one of the most wished for and sought after toys of the year!

This indeed is a magical one as when the fairy charges and lifts of you control her movement with your hands - if you put your hands under the fairy she will fly a bit higher and when there are no hands under her she will descend giving the kids the feeling like they have their own true fairy.

Parents love the idea behind this toy and while some of them have had some difficulties with getting the hang on controlling it it's a toy worth considering. I've seen it in action and I fell in love.

This one was released in August 2013 so it's as fresh as you can get.

Flutterby Fairy Review

Zoomer dog review

2. Zoomer - Probably the best toy of the year 2013 for boys & girls (recommended for ages 5 to 10)

I don't know a kid who wouldn't want to have a pet dog but as we all know taking care of a dog is a lot of work a robotic one is fantastic solution. Zoomer is the latest of the robotic toys and he is way ahead of other dog toys.

Zoomer has all the things you would want in a robotic dog, he's playful, eager to learn, simulates emotions and has a unique character just like a regular puppy. He will easily become your kids best friend as he can recognize people, responds to voice commands and petting and is in all aspects adorable. You can even take him out for a walk.

I really love the way this toy moves, while he doesn't lift his feet when he walks (he's on wheels) other movements really are life like.

3. Furby Boom - Still Growing Strong (6 years and up)

The first release of these furry creatures was a major sucess and the same can be said for the latest Boom edition. Not only do these come in a variety of cool colors and patterns they also interact with your iPhone or android as never before as it offers something we, who grew up with the first version could only dream about - you can have baby Furbies! There are also many other ways he or she can connect to your device as you can play all kinds of fun games with them, look after them as you would any other virtual pet.

The regular Furby was a hit last Christmas, this one is the most asked for in 2013!

What about the parents? Quite a few of us know how it feels to desperately want a Furby so this is one parent approved toy!

Furby Boom - The cutest gift a kid can get
Furby Boom - The cutest gift a kid can get | Source

4. Lego Ninjago was great but now it's time for Lego Chima (ages 8 to 14 and more)

It was all about Ninjago for years now but Lego started a new epic saga, the tribes of Chima which are fast becoming the most popular franchise. I always recommend building blocks as a gift for both boys and girls (do check the Lego Friends line) as these kind of toys are great for child's development and will boost their creativity - Lego's are just smart toys no doubt about it.


5. FurReal Friends - Giggly Monkey (4 years and up)

Another cute thing guaranteed to get into your daughter's heart. FurReal Friends offer a wide selection of adorable creatures that are eager to interact with you and I do often catch myself "testing" them in the toy stores.

One of their latest releases, The Giggly Monkey, is currently the mos cute furry toy out there (although their interactive cats and kittens do give her the run for the money). Lots of girls already have them and all of them love them as it's really easy to bond with a plush toy.

The monkey will giggle and wiggle, snore, smile, do monkey business and will love you.

Giggly Monkey
Giggly Monkey

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    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 4 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      Good toys. Gonna check out Zoomer