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A Minecraft potion brewing guide

Updated on February 14, 2014

Get the brewing stand

For the brewing stand, you need a blaze rod and cobble stone. The cobble stone is not a problem as you will have plenty from the beginning, but a blaze rod is not too easy to find. Blaze rods are dropped by Blazes, and they only spawn in the nether and mostly in the nether fortress. In nether fortresses you typically find Blaze spawners but occasionally they spawn in the wild as well. Per brewing stand you will need one blaze rod, but also keep in mind that for some potions you will need the product from a blaze rod (1 blaze rod in a workbench produces 2 blaze powder), so it will not be a bad idea to get a couple of blaze rods when you have the chance. The picture below shows the recipe for the potion stand made in the work bench.

Creating the Brewing stand

Using the brewing stand

As you can see in the picture below the brewing stand has 3 slots below and 1 slot above. The slot above is to add the ingredients for the potions (one by one) and the 3 slots below are to place the bottles of water. You can make potion bottles by melting sand into glass and placing 3 glass blocks into the work bench (1 mid-below, then in the middle row 1 left and 1 right). Now you need to fill the bottles with water by right-clicking the bottle in a water source. Keep in mind that empty bottles can be stacked, but bottles with water (or any other fluid) do not stack.

  1. Place the water bottles (1-3) in the below slots of the brewing stand.
  2. Place nether ward (found in nether fortresses) in the top slot and the water bottles will change into awkward potions. The awkward potion is the basis for all potions that can be brewed.
  3. Add other ingredients (see later on) one by one to create the potion of your choice.

The brewing stand with potions

Make a simple potion room

If you plan to make potions more regularly, it will be a good idea to make your own simple potion room. A potion room has all that it needs for potion brewing in one room. It needs the following objects:

  • 1 or 2 brewing stands (2 if you want to create 2 different potions in one go)
  • a 2 x 2 block of infinite water to be able to fill your empty bottles with water without looking for a water source). For this infinite water source you need two buckets of water. Pour one water bucket into one corner and the other bucket of water into the opposite (diagonally) corner. When you see the water standing still it means it is an infinite water source. Then pour as much water as you want from those corners that you did not use before.
  • A double chest to store glass/potions. You need lots as not all types of potions leave an empty bottle after using the potion.
  • A double chest with all the potion ingredients
  • A working bench (always comes in handy)
  • A 3 x 3 "garden" where you grow your own nether wart. For this bring not only the nether wart that grows in the nether fortress (usually near a stair) but also the ground it grows on. Nether wart only grows on soul/slow sand.

How to get the potion ingredients

Some of the potion ingredients are easy to obtain, others can be quite complicated. All of them need the nether wart, so your first goal is to enter into the nether to get those blaze rods for the brewing stand and then to find some nether wart. Nether wart is easy and quick to grow on soul sand, so only a couple of them will be fine and in no time you will have lots.

The other ingredients can be found as follows:

  • Blaze powder: is extracted from a blaze rod in the work bench. Per blaze rod you will receive 2 blaze powders.
  • Ghast tear: Ghasts roam in the nether and when you kill them (mostly using bow and arrows), they might drop a ghast tear
  • Fermented spider eye: Fermented spider eye is a combination of brown mushroom, sugar and a spider eye and placed in the work bench.
  • Magma cream: Magma cream might be dropped by magma cubes that roam in the nether, but the drop rate is low. You can however make magma cream by combining a slime ball with blaze powder in the work bench.
  • Sugar; Place sugar cane into the work bench to get sugar
  • Gold carrot: Place a carrot in the middle of the work bench, surrounded by 8 golden nuggets. 1 gold ore will yield 8 gold nuggets in the work bench.
  • Glistering melon: Place a slice of melon in the middle of the work bench and surround it by 8 gold nuggets.
  • Puffer fish: Just go fishing and catch the bigger yellow/blue fish.

Several ingredients needed for potions

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Creating the potions and what they do

Now that you have your brewing stand and potion room set up with the standard awkward potions in the stand, it is time to brew some potions. Some of the potions below are for your protection and others are to harm others.

Splash potions
Any of these potions can be turned into splash potions by adding gunpowder to the potion. A splash potion can be thrown, whereas a non-splash potion can be drunk by one person. A splash potion can be handy to heal or strengthen multiple players at once when they stand close to you and the thrown potion.

Potion of water breathing
This potion came with the 1.7 Minecrraft version where you can catch more types of fish. For this potion you will need to catch a pufferfish. This potion lets you breathe under water and is quite useful when mining clay, for example. To make the potion you simply add the puffer fish to the awkward potion. The duration of the potion is 3:00 minutes but if you add a redstone powder you can extend the duration time until 8:00 minutes.

Potion of Fire resistance
With this potion you can endure fire and lava for a certain amount of time. Very handy when you are in the nether. Add magma cream to the awkward potion and you get the fire resistance for 3:00 minutes. Adding redstone powder to the potion will give you a duration of 8:00 minutes.

Potion of Slowness
This potion is meant to harm mobs (and other players), as it will make them move slower. First you need to add the magma cream and then you add a fermented spider eye. The duration of the potion will be 1:30 minutes but can be extended to 4:00 minutes by adding redstone.

Potion of Swiftness
With this potion your movement speed increases with 20%. Add sugar to the awkward potion and you have faster speed for 3:00 minutes. You cannot increase the duration but you can increase the speed of the potion with another 20% by adding glowstone dust. Remember that the potion then has a duration of only 1:30 minutes.

Potion of healing
Add a glistering melon to your awkward potion to get a healing potion that instantly heals two hearts of health. If you add glowstone to the potion, you get a healing potion II which heals 4 hearts.

Potion of regeneration
One of the most useful potions when in battle is the regeneration potion. For this potion you need to add a ghast tear to get the health regeneration (heals hearts over time) for 0:45 seconds. Now you can choose to either add glowstone dust to get a regeneration II potion that heals faster but for only 0:22 seconds, or you can add redstone and get the slower regeneration but for the duration of 2:00 minutes.

Potion of night vision
This potion is very handy for caving (and not having torches), as it will give you night vision. It will make the night look like day. For this potion you add a golden carrot to get a duration of 3:00 minutes and you can add redstone to get the 8:00 minutes duration.

Potion of invisibility
Roam over the world without anyone seeing you with this potion. To create it you need to add first a golden carrot (to get the night vision) and then add a fermented spider eye. The duration will be 3:00 minutes but by adding redstone you can extend the duration for 8:00 minutes.

Potion of strength
The potion of strength lets you take less damage from mobs (and other players). You create the potion by adding blaze powder to get the potion with a duration of 3:00 minutes. Next you can add either glowstone to make the potion stronger but with a 1:30 minutes duration or you can add redstone to increase the duration of the potion with 8:00 minutes.

Potion of harming
This potion will do direct damage to mobs (or other players). This potion can be made in two ways: either by adding a glistering melon and then a fermented spider eye, or you can add the spider eye and next the fermented spider eye. The basic potion deals a direct 3 hearts damage. If you add redstone you increase the damage done to 6 hearts.

Potion of weakness
A potion of weakness will weaken the target to take more damage when damage is dealt. Add a fermented spider eye to the awkward potion to get the potion with a duration of 1:30 minutes. Add redstone to extend the duration to 4:00 minutes.

Potion of poison
Poison your enemy (they will lose health over time), with the potion of poison. Add a spider eye to the awkward potion to get the potion with a duration of 0:45 seconds. Now you can choose to either add glowstone dust to get a poison II potion that heals faster but for only 0:22 seconds, or you can add redstone and get the slower poisoning damage but for the duration of 2:00 minutes.

Tip: another use for the splash potion of weakness

You can turn a villager zombie (check the zombie with the unibrow) back into a villager as follows:

  • Make sure you have the villager zombie where you can reach him but he cannot reach you (as he will attack you)
  • Make a splash potion of weakness (weakness potion and add gun powder) and throw it on him to weaken him.
  • Immediately after throw a golden apple on him (made in the work bench with an apple surrounded by gold ore (not nuggets, so it is an expensive process).

You will hear a specific sound that tells you that the zombie is now changing. This will take between 1 to 3 minutes time and you will have a villager!

In case you want a less simple potion brewing design


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