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A Quick Look at Facebook's Bake Shop Drop App

Updated on January 27, 2014

The overall goal of the game is to:

  • Match the same deserts
  • Complete the goals within the allotted number of drops
  • Prevent the pastries from reaching the top of the game board
  • Finish Levels to Earn Golden Tickets
  • Travel around the board bubbles (levels)

The Game Board

The game board consists of several cakes, cake pieces, and other delicious pastries and candies. The bubbles on the cakes represent each level of the game. At the beginning of each level you will be able to see what the goals are for that level before playing it.

Each player starts level one with one goal. Level two also has one goal. At level 3, there are two goals given. As the levels increase the goals tend to get more difficult to complete.

The first stage of the game board is Cake Country. The next is Pie Paradise. Other areas open up as you move around the game board. Each level has a different set up of blocks. Some of them even have a few rows of pastry presents waiting to be opened.

The Pastries

Cookies: These cookies aren’t just any bland cookie, they are chocolate chip and they have already had one lucky player who got the chance to take a bite.

Cupcakes: Prissy looking red cupcakes sport eyelashes and bashful looking eyes.

Pie: The pies have those “love me” type eyes, with a yellowish center and a white topping.

There are specials with each pastry. For instance, a pastry with icing and a candle will blow up surrounding pastries. A pastry that sparkles with multicolored stars will take out other pastries that are of the same kind. They do not have to be connected to the special pastry to be targeted.

Number of Golden Tickets Awarded Per Star Earned

Number of Stars
Golden Tickets Awarded

Stars and Ticket Awards

The player is awarded stars for each of game that they play. The amount of stars one gets depends on the amount of points scored. Each level has a different set up for how many points it takes to get to the first, second, and third star. The “star board” is located at the top right of the gaming screen on each level.

In Game Bonuses:

There are a lot of in game bonuses that you can receive by matching up more than 3 pastries and getting combos. These bonuses will show up on screen once you receive them. You can achieve the whipped bonus on every level.

Whipped Bonus: When the current goals have been reached, your game board will receive a light frosting of whipped cream. Once you have used up all of your drops, it will give you a total Whipping Cream Bonus. This can be anywhere from a few thousand points to 100,000 points and possibly higher depending on your success during that level.

Price of In Game Boosts

Cost in Tickets
Wild Card
Bear Claw
Cinnamon Roll
Sticky Bun

In Game Boosts

Wild Card: When used the player is allowed to choose which pastry they would like to drop. – Opens at Level 4.

Bear Claw: This boost takes out one column of pastries. The player can choose which column gets eliminated.

Cinnamon Roll: This boost takes out a row of pastries. The player can choose which row they would like to eliminate.

Croissant: This boost can be dropped on any pastry. It will destroy all of the pastries that surround the one it was dropped on.

Sticky Bun: This boost is special. It destroys all pastries of the same type it is dropped on.

Game Over

If the pastries do reach the top, the level has been lost. There is an option to continue playing for 1,000 Golden Tickets. If there are lives left, a Retry button will appear for the level to be replayed. The player also has a choice to buy 10 more moves if they run out of moves, for 1,000 Golden Tickets.


  • If you complete all of the goals before you run out of available drops you will be able to play a bonus round.
  • The timer at the bottom left hand corner lets you know when the next row of sweet pastries will pop up on your game board. Every 4 Drops = 1 Row. The 4 squares will highlight to show you the progress.
  • You can receive score bonuses for clearing multiple types of pastries at a time. You will also receive score bonuses for clearing the entire board of pastries.
  • The more empty slots on your board during game play, the more points you will score at the end of that level.
  • Each time you lose a level, you lose a life. You start out with 5 lives. A life regenerates every thirty minutes.

Other Devices that have Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop is also available to play on apple devices too!. The downloads can be found below:

iTunes -

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