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A Review of Donkey Kong Country Returns: for Nintento's Wii

Updated on December 22, 2010

Quite a few new games are coming out this season but one of the most beloved has finally returned. After 14 years, we are able to return to the adventures of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong with the newest game titled, Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Released on November 21, 2010, Donkey Kong Country Returns was like being with an old friend again, familiar and challenging even to DK veterans. Available only on Nintendo's Wii, once again we are transported into a Donkey Kong's world where he keeps his stash of bananas and when challenged he again rides the mine carts, destroys barrel cannons, pounds on the ground, and all the moves we loved in the original Donkey Kong adventures, all in a new 3D environment.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is so exciting for a few reasons. If playing by yourself, Diddy Kong is carried by DK on his back and helps by giving a boost of jet power to DK's jumps. When a second player joins in, Diddy Kong can be played separately. In addition, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers allow real game feel as you can direct the action often just by shaking the remote. You can activate switches, cling to vines, do a ground slap, destroy objects, making Donkey Kong roll into the enemies, and race through the jungle, all with the real feel we've come to know with the Nintendo Wii controllers.

This Latest Adventure...

In this newest adventure we found out that the Donkey Kong's horde of bananas has been stolen. The other animals on Donkey Kong Island stole the bananas after having been brainwashed by a tribe of evil Tikis. Now Donkey Kong wants them back and with the help of Diddy Kong, the duo sets about getting the banana horde back.

The excitement of the original Donkey Kong games comes back as together our heroes hunt for the stolen stash. The sharp graphics and beautiful scenery create a lush environment in which Donkey Kong and Diddy search eight different worlds searching for the stolen bananas, Puzzle Pieces, Hidden Coins and other items which if found by the end of each level to spell out K-O-N-G earns an extra bonus.

User Friendly for Different Skill Levels

Donkey Kong Country Returns has a number of different levels with just enough difficulty as you play to challenge you but not so much difficulty that you are unable to progress through the game.

The controls using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk are tight and responsive with motion controlling being easy to learn. DK's trademark ground slap happens with a simple shake of the remote and Nunchuck causing DK to slap the ground.

Both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have the ability to be played separately or together, working as a team. It is perfect for players with different skills levels because if a level becomes difficult, the Diddy Kong character can actually "rest" on Donkey Kong's shoulder, allowing him to go through the more difficult level. If either character dies, they can be revived by hitting a Donkey Kong barrel right in the game. That along with numerous extra lives at your hand, the casual player won't be hesitant to keep leveling.

A Great Gift for Young or Old

From Young to Old-a Great Game to Play

With a rating of E (for everyone) Donkey Kong Country is appropriate for even the youngest players.

Donkey Kong Country Return was released on November 21, 2010 and is everything promised.  From the familiar music in the background incorporated with new tunes to your favorite characters returning, you won't be disappointed when you purchase Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Watch the Trailer


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    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 7 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Glad you enjoyed the game. It brought back alot of Nintendo 64 gaming memories for me. I do like the multiple player options as well.

    • profile image

      natalie  7 years ago

      it's a great game. what I loved the most that it can be played by one player or two where Diddy Kong can be played seperately!As if you are playing 2 different gamed :) fantastic graphics as well, I got it for my kids in a very competitive price from: \