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A Review of Pockie Ninja 2 Social

Updated on March 26, 2015

Pockie Ninja 2 Social

the main logo of Pockie Ninja 2 Social
the main logo of Pockie Ninja 2 Social

How to break this review up.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social (not to be confused with Pockie Ninja 2 Original) has many different aspects about it good and bad. So the best way to do this review is to break it down, separating game play, character selection, music, load time and whatever extra stuff I may not have listed. And then finally to give you all a 1 out of 5 score. Alright let's see what we have to work with.

The Story

You kinda fellow the story of the Naruto series, battling and making allies along the way. You don't have to sit through any of speeches of the series, in fact the other then the occasional tips and victory slogans the ninja really don't speak, and everyone talks in text bubbles when they do speak. As you play the game you will be given task such as "Harvest Shadow Clone mission," however this is not necessary to complete the story, although it will help with your village reputation and you will gain a little Ryu (the currency of Naruto) for it. I am afraid there is not much to say about the story really, if you are a long time fan of Naruto then it means little to nothing and if you are beginning fan then I think you should look elsewhere for a more complete story.

The ninja

Japanese ninja list.  Sorry couldn't find a english one.
Japanese ninja list. Sorry couldn't find a english one.

In the game you start with one ninja of your choice. Then as you play the game you will be given the ninja school were you can recruit more ninja for ryu. Lots of ninja are playable from Naruto Uzimaki too Killer Bee, however some are very hard to get such as Sasuke Uchiha. You can also get ninja through something called the ninja saga, these ninja are higher rank but require your village rank to be of a certain level Sasuke requires your rank to be 59 but Hinata only needs 35 or something low like that. There are 4 different ninja colors blue, purple, red and gold. Blue is common and easy to get but may not be that strong, Purple is a little harder to get but just that much stronger, red are hard to get and are very strong, gold are the hardest to get but are potentially the strongest having the ability to use four different attacks in contrary to the normal 3. Also There are 5 ways you may gain ninja.

1, being the ninja school for some ryu.

2, being mail ryu and some gold depending on the ninja.

3, being the ninja saga where you can ether bribe the ninja or you may challenge them to a fight.

4, you may take three of the ninja you got and synthesis them and get a random ninja, the higher the levels are the better the ninja will be.

5, obtaining a ninja pack which will spit out a random ninja of it's color.

If you have a favorite and don't want him or her to fall behind then you may try equipping them with armor to improve there overall force. I almost forgot, all on the ninja are divided into 3 classes, taijutsu (hand to hand), ninjutsu (magic) and weapon. Each class as some advantages and disadvantages so it's best to try them all out and see what you like most.

The village

You can design your village in a number of ways.
You can design your village in a number of ways.

In the game you must build your village, as you play, the more buildings you have the greater your village reputation will become and the greater your rewards you will get for harvesting them. You may also decorate your village with varies Naruto themed items such as kunai, shuriken and a fox statue or maybe something in the sky like birds, kites, flags and a creepy looking moon just to name a few. Decorating your village will increase your village prosperity which will enable you to upgrade your buildings which will give you greater rewards, such as more ryu more building materials and in the case on the ninja school a greater chance of getting rare and powerful ninjas. There are lots of buildings to make such as a bookstore, a ramen shop, a grillhouse and several different mines. You can build most buildings more then once like the bookstore but there are some that you can only build and thusly only have 1 such has the ninja school or the scroll house. if you have some fiends linked up you may visit there village and help out with gathering of supply's. They can come and see your village too so try to make it look nice, you never just know when you may guest.


Combat goes very fast.
Combat goes very fast.

The combat system is really quick since game seems to use something called auto combat, which means all you have to do is push that button and watch those ninja fly. If you want a more hands on experience, then you may asset your team by using a variety of items and weapons or you may click that ninja and tell him or her where to go and who to hit and what power to use but they can only use the powers once or twice per power but if run out of power you can still it attack although it has no special property's and does less damage . Depending on the mission, you can fight with 1 to 10 ninjas at a single time. If you have some friends, you may also ask for help in some battles. Unfortunately you can't call your friends on any battle, only final battles of story events let you call your friends up.

The summery and what I may have missed

Hinata is kinda of the mascot for the game.  That's ok she looks very cute.
Hinata is kinda of the mascot for the game. That's ok she looks very cute.

The music just like in the Naruto anime for the village and combat. Which gives the village a very calming atmosphere. There are so many ways to gather Ryu that you will never be short of it, however the one thing I really don't like is that there seems to be no way gather gold aside from spending real money, and of course there all sorts of things that require gold such as more ninja slots so that you can have more then 15 ninja. There are also plenty of decorations that require gold just to get like a lucky cat statue fro example, not to mention tokens to help claim gold ninjas. I fully understand that's how Facebook makes there money, but in the current state the economy is in, who wants to spend anything on a game?

The Raiting

4 stars for Pockie Ninja 2 Social

Last words

Overall it is a good Naruto based game, unfortunately there is just too many things that need gold, and too many things your friends can't help you with to make it superb. However I would still recommend this game, and if you have more money than the rest of use and don't mind spending it, then more power to ya buddy.

It is with great sorrow that I must inform all who read this hub to know, as of May 30 2014, Pockie Ninja 2 Social will no longer be playable and thus making this review worthless... I'm sorry. However you can still play the first Pockie Ninja Social which has many similar elements to it.

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