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A Review of The Sims 3 Plus The Expansions

Updated on July 6, 2010

EA's The Sims 3

The Sims has always been a very popular video game for EA. Many people have just loved creating their families, living out their dream job and just having an all around great time playing this game. EA and Maxis brought something new to the gaming field when they released the first ever The Sims game back in Febuarary of 2000 and have continued the franchise ever since with the Sims 2 being released in September of 2004 people wondered what they could possibly do next? After a few expansions for the second Sims game and a new introduction of Stuff Packs EA and Maxis announced that they would be releasing The Sims 3. Honestly, this made me extremely happy seeing as I've loved this game for many years as does a lot of the followers of the franchise. The Sims 3 was released for Windows and Mac on June 2, 2009 in North America, followed by being released to Australia on the 4th of June and released in Europe on the 5th of June in 2009. Down to business though this is my review of The Sims 3 including it's expansions and the one stuff pack for the PC.

The Sims 3: The Good

I'm going to be honest and say playing this game for the first time was a trip. I never played the Sims 2 and jumped right to The Sims 3 so that could be why. The Sims 3 was a wonderful experience to be honest, it felt even more realistic then the last Sims game I played and I loved the features I've never seen before. The biggest thing was the Sim actually going through Pregnancy, I heard that this was also in the Sims 2 but like I said I never played that. Anyways, this is a life simulation game so the fact that EA decided to actually change the way it was in the first Sims game to how it is now was a good move on their part. I mean, come on, how realistic is it that they just kiss and then one asks if they should have a baby and not even a second after clicking yes a bassinet appears and a baby is crying? Needless to say the Pregnancy thing is just something I felt was a huge perk about the game.

Another thing I really liked about this game was the Lifetime Wish system. You get certain wishes that your Sim wants to complete and upon completion it gives the Sim a moodlet that improves their mood for a certain period of time and Lifetime Wish points. These points enable the player to purchase special items for their Sim to have such as Steel Bladder which makes the Sim not have to go to the bathroom very often or Office Hero which makes it easier for the Sim to get along with Co-Workers.

The other feature I really enjoyed was the fact that they now had an open world, no more dealing with your Sims getting in a random car and driving off to god knows where while you were stuck at the house wondering what was going on at their job. Now you can actually go to a neighbors house, view the whole town and decide to go out to a movie or visit a park. I heard this was also able to do in the Sims 2 so it's nothing new, except to the few people that haven't played the second one.

Now I don't know how many people out there care about the graphics on a game but one of my big things is if the game has horrible graphics it's going to be hard for me to play it. The Sims 3 amazed me with the graphics it had. Big bonus to the creators of the game.I loved how the colors on the game were bright and I loved how the characters looked.

Another plus on the game is the Create A Sim mode. Never before have I seen such a detailed system for a Create a Character mode on the PC. The possibilities of how your Sim is going to look is endless and the clothing selection is amazing.

All together I'd say it's hard for me to find something I didn't like about this game but there is a few things that do have me on edge about it. They aren't that big of a thing but they do need to be mentioned to make this review accurate in my opinion.

The Sims 3: The Not So Good

One of the things that kind of got me on the Sims 3 was the fact that it was a little laggish for me. I'm not really going to count it against the game because my ghz is a tad bit off the minimum requirements so it's bound to happen. However I also believe not many people's computers would fully meet the minimum requirements but for the most part the game is still playable.

Another thing was the build mode was a big confusing to me at first. Mainly the roof build tool, now my favorite part about the first Sims game was making houses however I've found when I play The Sims 3 I'm more or less just getting already build houses from the Exchange because I feel the Build mode isn't as enjoyable as it use to be.

Sadly though, like most Sims games you get so excited to play it that after a couple months you tend to cut back alot because it gets boring, however that can be said for most games now can't it?

The Sims 3: Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a great game to play. Great graphics, new and exciting, limitless possibilities on how you're character will look. I honestly can't think of a reason someone interested in the franchise wouldn't want to get this game or at least try it out. So out of five stars I'm going to give The Sims 3 a strong score of 3.75 Stars because while I love the game I can't give it a five just off that, I have to mark it down for the dislikes too.

High End Loft Stuff Short Review

Now on High End Loft Stuff there's not much to say seeing as it just introduces new clothes, furniture and other things to the game. Nothing really drastic however it expands the already wide verity of items you can use in the game so all in all, I think this is worth a look into. However I don't suggest if buying it seperately from the Sims 3 game because the collectors edition of the game comes with High End Loft Stuff for pretty much the same price as a brand new copy of just the Sims 3. So all in all if you like more stuff in your game get this if you haven't already bought the High End Loft Stuff. Otherwise just get The Sims 3 Collectors edition with High End Loft Stuff included.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion

EA released the World Adventures Expansion pack for the Sims 3 on November 17, 2009. This expansion introduced the wonders of traveling and going on vacation in the Sims 3 much like The Sims Vacation did for the first Sims game and Bon Voyage did for the Sims 2. However World Adventures wasn't all that similar to the other two expansions for the previous games. In this Expansion for The Sims 3 it allowed the player to travel to one of three places. Al Simhara, Egypt, Shang Sim La, China and Champs les Sims, France. While there the Sim can go on adventures to get Visa Points and ancient coins. The visa points go toward the Sims visa level which as their Visa level progresses your Sim can go on vacation for a longer time.

World Adventures: The Good

This expansion is extremely fun to play, you can not only learn new skills from each place you travel to but also complete missions so to speak. So what is the good about it? Well that's simple.

In China you can learn the martial arts skill, as you get better at this your martial arts belt improves. That's not all though you can also explore dozens of different places in search of the lost treasures of China. However this is something you can do in every city that you go to but this is the kind of expansion EA needed to release to help those who were getting bored of the game get their interest back again.

This expansion was a fantastic release but after a while of playing it a few problems began that weren't happening when I had just The Sims 3.

World Adventures: The Bad

Unfortunately in every game there is some kind of downfall. Now while World Adventures was fun the game itself had one very big downfall. After going on vacation a few times and coming back something happened with my active household that I just couldn't explain. My newborn baby boy just vanished into thin air. So I looked up an answer for this mysterious happening and it seemed like a lot of people were complaining about this disappearing act issue with no response from EA or a patch to fix it, this bug takes a lot away from the World Adventures game.

Who really wants to worry about going on vacation in the game and coming back only for one of your family members that you've worked hard on to be invisible or missing completely? Yea, it can really upset a player and unfortunately for World Adventures it's a bug that made me and a lot of other people stop putting that expansion to any use.

World Adventures: The Verdict

Honestly with this expansion, if you haven't bought it yet but are planning to just keep yourself in the know with the Sims 3 website and don't get it until you see that EA actually releases a patch to help with the issue of the disappearing sims. If you don't mind this issue then buy away but the reason I say wait is because its very frustrating working at a family for a long time only to have a family member be completely wiped out and leaving you starting all over again.

So my honest opinion is EA should have done a lot more testing on this expansion before releasing it to everyone. Though the expansion was fun at the beginning the bugs in it were just too much for me to overlook. 2 out of 5 stars for this one.

The Sims 3 Ambitions

The Sims 3 Ambitions hit the shelves on June 1, 2010 in North America and June 4, 2010 in Europe. This expansion promised new and exciting ways to play with your sims whether they be at home, around the town or even on the job. That's right the introduction of this expansion pack promised to let the players control their Sims while they are at work. This expansion had a lot of hype and was more then ready to bring a whole new experience to the world of the Sims along with a new town to play in called Twinbrook.

Needless to say the announcement of this expansion pack had people not only excited but pre-ordering copies like crazy and really why wouldn't they? This was by far one of the most interesting Expansions I've heard of that EA was going to release for any of The Sims games. Ambitions brought in new jobs for the Sims 3 only the jobs were what you called professions when you set your Sims career on them. The jobs are as following. Architect, Doctor, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Private Investigator, Stylist, and Tattooist. All of this Professions cause you to actually control your Sim while they are on the job in order for them to get any kind of advancement in their work.

Ambitions: The Good

Well of course with the new things this game was offering I got this expansion on the day it came out, brought it home, installed it and played my game, I think as soon as I started playing the game and the jobs I fell in love with The Sims all over again. The new system for the new jobs, or should I say professions?, was a blast to play on. Just when I thought you couldn't make The Sims any more interactive with the player they went and did this and they did a very good job.

My favorite professions have to be the Ghost Hunter and the Private Investigator, those are the ones I found the most fun to play on. However all the professions have their own good things about them and only made the game more interesting.

Another new feature is clothes. Once again they brought in new clothes for this expansion, then again they were bound to because there was new uniforms for the new professions your Sims could embark on.

Another addition I love about this expansion was Twinbrook, the new town they brought into the game. I noticed that most of the towns in The Sims 3 are overpopulated with high class houses that you'd need to go through three generations of Sims or use the money cheat to get to but not Twinbrook. Twinbrook is actually a town in which there is more lower class and middle class houses then there are high class houses. This town actually looks like what you would expect a town to look like which is a huge plus for the creators.

Ambitions: The Bad

I hate to say it but this expansion did have a down side. The idea behind it was great, the new jobs were great, the new town was great but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what's wrong with this? I have the answer to that question.

EA might have made the Sims a little too interactive. In fact, adding the jobs you have to control your Sims at to make them work might have been just a bit to much. While it's a great idea you can't keep track on a house of people, what they are doing, how their moods are, if you are making your Sim work their job in another location. It makes it a little difficult to keep up with the other Sims in your household when you have one of them off banishing spirits from a house all the way on the other side of town, or snooping for clues at the park, or extinguishing a fire at another house. The new professions cause you to have to literally be where that Sim is while they are working.

Ambitions: The Final Call

Ambitions is a great expansion pack by EA for The Sims 3 and it brings a lot of new things to the field. It is a great idea don't get me wrong but there is times where you have to step back and ask if it was possibly a little too much unless you run a house that only involves one person. I love this expansion pack, don't get me wrong, and I do think it's worth the buy or look into I'm just saying it does take a lot to keep up with it. So if you get this or have it, try not to put three people in your household into a profession because it'll be hard to keep all of them working on improvements in their jobs.

Ambitions for me gets a 4 out of 5 stars. While it seemed to have too much going on it was still a darn fun game to play and had a lot of interesting new features.


I figure a review on the Sims 3 just wouldn't be complete without a section for some of the most popular cheats people tend to use the most in the game. The following codes are the cheats that I hear about people using the most often. All you have to do to enter the cheats when you're in the game is press Control+Shift+C and type the code into the little top bar that pops up.

resetsim <firstname> <lastname> - Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home

kaching - this will give increase your household income by $1,000.

motherlode - Entering this will give you $50,000

moveobject on/off - With this On, it will allow you to move anything, including Sims, in your Buy/Build mode.

For a full list visit Gamefaqs and in the search type Sims 3, select for the PC and when it pulls up the results just click on codes.

Sims 3 Plus Expansions Final Thoughts

In conclusion to this hub I have to say that I absolutely adore this game. It's refreshing and a great new game to play if you're into games like this. Each expansion pack offers something new and exciting to embark on in the world of The Sims 3 but watch out for the downsides and don't over play it. I think to tally it off right the game as a whole including the expansions and stuff pack is going to receive a 3.5 out of 5 stars from me. It's fun, its exciting, it's definitely worth a try.

So what do you think? Have you played The Sims 3 yet? Any of the expansions? Is this review accurate to you? Anything you want to reply with is welcome.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I play the sims 3, and YES it is amazing!! We had the bug with the Adventures, and I couldn't play it for about a month (which was horrible!) There were more towns, I cant remember exactly what the names were, but I know that there were towns with some of the expansion packs that you mentioned. Sims 3 is most definatly worth a try!!!!!


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