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A Sly 4 Theives in Time review

Updated on March 19, 2014

Special note all the pictures in this hub work done by me off my TV. The game and Sly Cooper belong to Sony and Sucker Punch. The game was made by Sanzaru.

I bought the original Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus over a decade ago for my PS2 and enjoyed the wonderful whimsy of the somewhat short platformer. I bought Sly 2 later and was disappointed in it, the stages were too long, the fun platforming bits have been changed, and the whole game something worst then being too short and that was going to long because of what felt like pure padding. I skipped Sly 3 until I played it on the HD collection. Sly 3 surprised me, sure it didn’t go back to the fast paced whimsy of the original Sly but it felt like it accomplished what Sly 2 try to do and did it better. It had more story, and rather than feeling like each stage or area took too long the game instead gave us more things to do and more characters to play has. Now that I have played through Sly Thieves in Time does; Sly Cooper deserve a welcome back or should this thief stay in retirement.


After the events of Sly 3, Sly decided to dissolve the gang. He also feign amnesia so he could try to live the straight live with Carmelita Fox, the Interpol agent that had dog his gang from the beginning. However lately his desire to do a heist has been resurfacing. When his inventor pal Bentley returns with news that he has built a time machine and that since it’s been finished that whole pages have disappeared from the Theivous Racoonus. Worst Bentley assistant Penelope has gone missing. Sly decides to bring back some of the old gang for one last mission through time. Of course Carmelita Fox who has been keeping tabs on Sly is none too happy to discover Sly has gone back to his old ways and through some accident manages to get stuck back in time and forced to help her old rival out if she ever wants to return to the present.

The game story is about has simple has the other 3. It’s colorful and creative but were not talking about anything that is going to be breaking new ground when it comes to video game story telling. The plot in pretty much story has the Cooper gang arriving in time, finding something is amiss, bailing out one of Sly Cooper ancestors, and then disturbing bad guy plot. Repeat about 5 times and you get the story, add in one major plot twist that is easy enough to see coming (all though doesn’t quite fit the character we knew from Sly 3), and you pretty much got the story.

The story scenes look like a cartoon.
The story scenes look like a cartoon.


The backgrounds and the decals are wonderfully cartoonish just like the PS2 games. But now on the PS3 there even lusher and it looks even more like a animated cartoon show and movie. The cinema tics got a huge upgrade too no longer just comic book looking skits these look a lot more animated. On the bad side of things though is they redid a lot of the character designs and I don’t know if I am a huge fan of them. Sly looks way to big and furry to be the agile thief we knew in the last 3 games. Still it’s just a minor complaint.

I am not a big fan of the charecter design in sly 4

But the game is still gorgeous.
But the game is still gorgeous.


We get some good sneaky sounds in the sound track and sound effects; it sounds Sly Cooper and that all that matters. The voice actors are pretty good with all the voice actors from all the previous Sly Cooper games returning (with the exception of Carmelita which makes sense since she’s never had the same voice actress for more than one game)

Sly select screen
Sly select screen


Like Sly 2 and 3 the gameplay in each stage takes place in an open world map. The maps are bigger and much more open then what they were in the last few games, were not talking Assassins Creed here, but there pretty big for a game like Sly. Each mission is activated by getting to the right character to that spot, and then completing the objectives Bentley gives you. It can be tailing a person by following the stage villain without being caught. It could be to sabotage or hack a computer, or it could be to steal something Bentley needs for his master plan to foil the villain.

Of course you won’t be playing just has Sly there are 4 main characters to choose from. Sly, Bentley, Murray, and after you meet up with her Carmelita will join your team. Plus each stage has a Cooper Ancestor that will help you out. Each character is a bit different. Sly is the thief he is agile and quite, can pick pocket the easiest for extra coin, climb the easiest, and finish off foes with surprise attacks the easiest. However he’s not good in a brawl if you get caught it’s best to run, Sly can finish off big enemies without getting killed but he still takes a good deal of damage in confronting them head on. Murray is the opposite he can’t climb, he can’t really pick pockets. But he’s good in a Brawl has he can both take and give a lot of damage. Bentley on the other hand is more projectile user with his missiles and grenades; he can also hover in his wheel chair. Carmelita all though can be chosen never has missions to actually do, she kind of just jumps into the middle of missions to help complete them (kind of like in Sly 3). She has her shock pistol and any stage with her plays like a shooting gallery.

The ancestors play a lot like Sly but each has their own special ability. Riwoichi Cooper can do long jumps from perches. Tennessee Cooper uses a technique similar to the dead eye technique found in Red Dead Redemption. Each Cooper ancestor has one or two missions in each stage to complete. There fun to use but it’s a shame there not used more often just has you get use to one and liking his gameplay the game yanks you (almost quite literally) into another stage with another Cooper to master.

Red dead cooper
Red dead cooper

There is also tons of stuff to do, in a lot of missions you will have to help Bentley hack a computer. These missions come in 3 different flavors. One is a upgrade to what you saw in Sly 2 with the tanks, now Benlty can change his tank into two other tank one that shot ricochet, and another that is short distance but very destructive. If you liked playing Tron in the arcade these hacking missions are a fun upgrade. The 2nd one is a SCHUMP with Bently dressed up more like he would fit into an old Contra game. You fly around dodging enemies and collecting stars to level up your weapon so you can blast a large boss at the end. These are a blast to play. Unfortunately the last one is a disappointment. It uses the motion control found in the PS3 controller to guide a electric ball around obstacles to the goal. Remember those frustrating kid toys that you tilt around trying to avoid having the ball fall into the hole; it’s like those only worse.


The trophies on this will take you a while to finish. Getting through the game just nets you about 40% and trying for 100% completion means finding bottles, masks, and hidden treasure strewn throughout the areas. It takes a little bit persistence if you want them.

Final Recommendation.

Sly Thieves in Time is a fun game for the PS3. While it’s not has good has Sly 3, it is way better then Sly 2. And after the game is done I wouldn’t mind another adventure with Sly Cooper and the gang.

4 stars for Sly thieves in time
Sly Cooper theives in time
fun game with cartoonish visuals
While the areas are huge the missions are a bit on the short side


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