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A Stranger In Need - Event Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 3, 2012

This guide will cover A Stranger In Need event in Diablo 3, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Event

There is only ever one spot in which this event can spawn, and that is at the very end of the Halls of Agony level 2, in Act I of Diablo 3, right by the exit from that level to the Highlands passage. The exact spot is the lowered area by the exit which is always found filled with torture devices, body parts and flaming pits.

The quickest way to make repeated runs to find the event is to start the Imprisoned Angel quest at the Chamber of Suffering checkpoint, selectable from the quest menu, and hit the checkpoint which is just as you enter the Highlands Passage from the Halls of Agony level 2 exit. From there you can repeatedly make new games until you find the event, each time just stepping back into the halls and checking by the exit until found.

You will know when the event spawns since it will start automatically when approached, there will be an sparkling/glowing Iron Maiden which can be activated and seen from above, and a voice calling out to you. In addition, the maiden will be marked with an objective dot on your map.

This event drops the Prisoner's Journal needed for the A Quick Study achievement.

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Fighting off the zombies.The Tormented Behemoth spawns.Collecting the journal it drops.Freeing Merhan.
Fighting off the zombies.
Fighting off the zombies.
The Tormented Behemoth spawns.
The Tormented Behemoth spawns.
Collecting the journal it drops.
Collecting the journal it drops.
Freeing Merhan.
Freeing Merhan.

A Stranger In Need

"Help me; I'm trapped! In here! In the iron maiden!"

Descend into the pit below

Once the event auto starts, walk down to the pit where the maiden is to encounter a few small waves of Inferno Zombies. They will crawl out of the various fire generating objects, much like else where in the halls of agony, but are generally slow enough to be handled easily. After taking out a few handfuls and/or approaching the iron maiden close enough, the next phase begins.

Kill the Tormented Behemoth

Now the Tormented Behemoth "Horror of the Pit" will spawn and begin its attack, possibly while you are still facing Inferno Zombies. This unique Unburied is about just as slow as the zombies are, thus making ranging or running away from him when needed relatively easy. As far as special abilities go, this one seems to have a fire enchanted attack, but little/nothing else.

Open the iron maiden and talk to Merhan

Once you've defeated the behemoth you can pop open the maiden to release Merhan, the prisoner (sort of) trapped inside. Talk to him again to hear more about the strange circumstances of his entrapment and bring this event to a close, collecting your experience and gold reward.

"May the gods bless you! I was certain I was gonna die in there! I heard rumors of vast treasure to be found down here, and damned fool that I am, I believed them. Don't know why I thought it might be inside an iron maiden. All I could think of while I was trapped in that horrible darkness was that no one would ever know what had happened to me."


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    • profile image

      Checkpoint 5 years ago

      For the Highlinds passage checkpoint to work you must select the quest : The imprisoned angel : the cursed hold, not chamber of suffering.

    • profile image

      Not the one listed 5 years ago

      If you go to the one he said to go to there isn't, that's what they are saying.

    • profile image

      There is a checkpoint 5 years ago

      Just depends on what main quest is active for you

    • profile image

      No Checkpoint 5 years ago

      There is no checkpoint where you say there is, only a new quest called A Reputation Restored. This is not a checkpoint, the nearest checkpoint is in the Halls of Agony, across the entire stage.