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A hidden gem in MMORPG Darkages

Updated on June 4, 2011

Darkages a long forgotten yet still alive MMORPG

One of the oldest MMORPG's out there is still kicking and yet not many people have ever heard of it. It was released in 1999 by Kru Interactive, and later managed by Nexon. The game is built around Celtic Mythology abit. It still has an active player base of 500-800 people daily and yet in 12 years time the max has yet to be reached.

Being that this game is 12 years old now it still has regular new content releases and quests on a regular basis. It is a self thriving society literally because it has it's own laws created by users and governed by users. It only has one GM who is there to keep things in check and to make sure players do not abuse the political system. Players are elected by other players for terms as either guards, guard captains, judges or Demagogues or Burgess's (law makers). There are required responsibilities for these positions including but not limited to holding court to make sure a player receives a fair trial. What other game do you know that has a fully functional judicial system. This includes presenting evidence proving your either innocent or guilty and full hearing. Each land has it's own governments and rules.

There are hundreds of maps to choose from to hunt all level appropriate. You first level from 1-99 then you master or sub. Meaning you can choose to have two paths so that you can expand your skills or stay pure. Each path earning you different variations of skills that come in handy in groups. After you either master or sub you start leveling by ability points or AB for short. As I was saying before in 12 years time no one has ever reached the max AB.

Another interesting feature to this game I have yet to encounter in another is limitless hp and mp. As you hunt after you have mastered you level by AB's and you still earn exp. You can take the exp and trade it for hp and mp. The max you can hold is about 4.2 billion exp but you can turn it in whenever you like. You buy your hp in 50 increments and mp in 25. I have seen players with over 200 thousand hp and or mp and they can still add more. In doing so you are able to solo more content and survive better in groups.

The only downside is the game does rely on a bit of roleplaying not so much so that it ruins the game but some areas in order to participate in events ask that you do so.

There is so much uniqueness to this game you have to see for yourself. If you are interested in playing or finding out more visit: www.darkages.comIt is $10 a month however it is free to play til level 99. It also supports an item shop that gives you more customization and is not one of those pay to win type of mmorpg's. So give it a try.



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