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A kid, a video camera and a vision

Updated on January 3, 2011


Inspiring our children

Inspiring children is something parents always seek to do in establishing a growing and healthy relationship with their kids. We all want to spark an interest that will bring out the best in our children and we sometimes will try to introduce them to so many things that we think will get them started. As we slowly introduce them to new things we feel they may like we suddenly realize that it is not as easy as we thought it would be.

Growing up I was fascinated with baseball and I developed an interest and a talent to play and I remember practicing and looking forward to throwing, hitting and catching the baseball during my little league days throughout my youth. It was fun and I was pretty good at it. If a child finds something they like and they have an ability and a talent to perform then naturally they will gravitate to that and will try to do their very best. It is very important to find something that is interesting and is within the child's ability. Building self esteem is critical and finding something that sparks the child's interest and is fun and enjoyable to the child will make it much easier and beneficial for both the child and the parent.

Having a child on the autistic spectrum can be a significant challenge and it makes a parent's efforts in finding fun and interesting activities that their child can develop an interest in and a desire in all the more difficult. My wife and I have been exposing our son to many things throughout the years and it seems frustrating when our son loses interest or never develops an interest in something we thought would be suitable for him. We have read how music is a fun thing for all children and we asked Santa a couple of Christmas's ago to surprise our son with a Casio keyboard with sheet music. As he opened his gift from Santa his eyes lit up and he was all excited and played for several hours that Christmas and for a while. We were very happy and we encouraged him to continue. It has been 2 years now since he had received it and now it seems to just sit in the corner played on occasion. Our son will play a tune when he is in the mood but he is not all that interested in it as we had hoped he would be.

I remember when my son was born I was prepared to have a baseball catch with him in my mind as he grew and I had bought him baseball mitts throughout the years to fit his growing hands but he never really showed interest in it so I did not want to push him but I still have one waiting for him just in case. I also have bought him box sets of baseball cards through the years for him to keep and to enjoy as only a kid could.

Lego's and dominoes are a favorite of our son's and we know that Pop had a tremendous influence on Matty and encouraged him each and every visit when he spent time with him. We are so very proud when Matty shows us his latest creation with his Lego set or his domino chain and we always encourage him to build his next greatest creation for us to marvel at. We also enjoy when he adds his matchbox and hot-wheels cars in the landscape so he has a building complex with a parking lot. Pop had showed him how to build a cityscape filled with buildings, homes and cars to scale and for realism.

It seems every Christmas we have a new idea that may possibly spark something with our son. We have asked Santa through the years for books, movies, music Cd's, toys, games, cars, a laptop computer and even started him on a Hess truck collection which he absolutely loves. The one thing I learned is that a true Hess truck collection requires a duplicate each year which I had not considered for lack of space. This Christmas was truly an exciting one for our son as he received a Flip video camera and a Nikon digital camera. As he opened his gifts he was over joyed and all excited which made us savor the moment especially when he was thrilled with the cameras. We felt that the cameras would offer him an unlimited opportunity to test his imagination and skills in creating pictures and videos with his personal vision and choices. Photography is a fun and exciting endeavor and is so much more computer oriented as things are now so adaptable to the computer and require no film. The one regret is that our son will never get to appreciate the old fashioned photography that required film and a dark room for developing. In keeping with the changing times however digital is the present and the future.

Our son is fascinated with making video and with capturing moments in time with photographs so we are excited for him and we hope he will develop his interest and talents to incorporate making fun and exciting videos and pictures that he can share with us and his friends as he continually grows and evolves with it. Our son also likes to be the subject of videos as he enjoys singing so we will also encourage him to continue singing and performing as that can be something he can hopefully enjoy for years to come. I have also told my son of a fine director who made his start making short films with an 8 mm video camera. His name is Steven Spielberg. If anyone could inspire a child it would certainly be Mr. Spielberg as one of my son's favorite movies is ET, a true classic.

I will always look to inspire my son and know that school and his teachers are the foundation and what he does outside of school is also very important. It is our responsibility to do all we can for our children and to encourage them and try to point them in the right direction and maybe help them find something that will make them happy, challenge them and teach them something important.

Inspiration is born of love, persistence and hard work.

Edward D. Iannielli III


Inspiring our son Matty to sing

Child Inspiration

Inspiring a child


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    • Shane Belceto profile image

      Shane Belceto 7 years ago from WA USA

      I like how you keep adding new experiences and I believe part of it is being a kid even my girls get super excited about things and months later it never gets touched or they must have the next thing now that is of interest to them. Thank YOU for sharing your experiences as your family grows.

      ~Expect Miracles