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A legendary saga

Updated on February 28, 2015

The Legend of Zelda

For my very first article, I want to share with you my favorite video games series.

The Legend of Zelda is born at Nintendo in 1986, the game is an adventure-action based type. You control Link, the hero of the game and the main quest is to save the princess Zelda. To save the princess Link must travel across the country, most of the time it's Hyrule. He will resolve many enigmas and beat many bosses. He will be recompensed with unique items. These items will be necessary to continue the travel and this until you reach to the final boss.

This is the main quest, but for completing the game at 100% you must find all the hidden items, the main items you will find are the pieces of heart, when you find four of them you gain a new heart. When you beat a boss you gain a heart container, it counts as four pieces of heart. In each game you can find different items, you will find empty bottles, masks, fairies, insects, magic and more.

There are side quests too, you are not obliged to do the main quest, it is even recommended to do side quests and go searching for items, otherwise the game will be really difficult.

About difficulty, Zelda is one of the rare game where you can't chose the difficulty, you can't change it, it becomes difficult with your progression. Some Zeldas get a master's quest when you finish it, the master's quest allows you to replay the game with a major difficulty.

The main theme

The original soundtrack

The saga has a very popular OST, each game has a different OST and it is always a pleasure to listen to the musics. Most of these musics are composed by Koji Kondo, he is considered a legend in this category because of his great work.

The music is not only a part of the game like every game, but it can be a part of the gameplay. The most popular game which uses a musical instrument in the gameplay is Ocarina of time, Link is the hero of time and all the gameplay is based on this little instrument called Ocarina. You learn the songs and you can play it every time you want, the ocarina of time gave by the princess herself allows you to travel not only through time but you can teleport in another places too.
You can call a Saria, a Link's friend. She will help you in your quest. Then there is a song who can change the weather, you can make it rain and more.

In the Legend of Zelda nobody really talk, they make sounds but it is not understandable and Link, he is mute, you will never hear him talk, he shout when he attacks or when he falls, but when he talks with people he doesn't make any sounds.

The main characters

The characters are too much so I only will talk about the main characters and those ones who come with many games.

First of all, there are the hylians, this is the most important population, the Hyrule's King is hylian, his daughter is the Princess Zelda. Link is a hylian. The whole language in the game is hylian. These people are the majority of the population.

Then there are the gerudos, the main evil character Ganondorf is a gerudo, in fact the gerudos are a population composed by only women, their population keep only one man for a time and this man is the chief of the gerudos. The gerudos are feared from population because they are criminals and thieves.

The most known aquatic population are the zoras, they live far away from the others populations. They don't fear them but they just don't like to be in presence of a foreign. They are intelligent and great swimmers, they can breathe into the water and breathe out of the water.

The last population I present to you is located on ocarina of time but I think it is important. The kokiris are a population that don't grow up, they live in the kokiri's forest with the great Deku tree, an ancient tree that keep an eye on them. In ocarina of time, Link begin as a child and live in the kokiri's forest. They think he's one of them because he's a child but then when he gets adult, he grows up and realizes he is a hylian.

Thank you

I just want to thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it and you haven't had problems to understand my English.

See you soon !


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    • Mickji profile image

      Mickji 3 years ago from between Italy and Switzerland, travelling around the world thanks to a little special object

      Very nice! Your article is very interesting and instructive, I didn't knew half of these, I thought it was a simple game and instead it is very complicated!