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A quick guide to Minecraft modifications (Mods)

Updated on May 19, 2014

Modifications aka Mods

Minecraft modifications or also called "mods" are modifications made to the original game to add in other activities, landscaping and objects. Modifications are not created by the Minecraft programmers but created by other players.

Is it free?
The Modifications are free to download, although you can decide to donate money to that player should you enjoy the game. It is not allowed for the creators of the mods to charge money for their mods, the mods are connected to the Minecraft game and the Minecraft game is not owned by them. You will find that instead most of them have a donate option on their webpage.

How many can you use at once?
As there are hundreds of mods in existence, you might be interested in downloading not one mod but multiple. This can be done, but you have to check with each mod whether it is perhaps incompatible with another mod (usually you are informed about this on their page). Most mods work together perfectly though. If you don't feel comfortable taking the risk, you could decide for a modpack. An example of players that created several modpacks are the Technicpack players. More on this later.

Installing mods
Installing a mod is in principle not complicated, but it can be if you are not so handy with the technical things. The basic thing is that you should check what version of Minecraft you are using now and what version you need with the mod(s) you wish to install. Most of them are done in version 1.6.4 as it has the least bugs (for now). With the new Minecraft installer (that came with Minecraft 1.6.2, you will be able to create different so called "profiles". Here you can select to play with the version of Minecraft that is compatible with the mod. The next is that you will need to install a file called "Forge", that allows you to use the mods within Minecraft. I am not going to explain all, as the best way to learn is by someone showing you. The movie below will show you step by step how to install the Forge and then how to install the mod of your choice. Depending of the mod it could also be that you have to install additional files.

How to install Forge

How to install mods

Favourite mods in Minecraft

There are so many mods available for Minecraft that it might confuse you. Here is a list of mods that are the most popular among Minecrafters:

Plenty of Biomes (created by TDWP_FTW)
This mods basically adds new biomes to Minecraft, new worlds and landscapes to explore. They will include new trees, plants and blocks.

The Hamsterrific mod (created by RazzleberryFox)
This mod spawns hamsters into the Minecraft world, that you can tame to be your pet and carry around on your head (if you want). You can also create objects to help you take care of the hamsters

The Mo’creatures mod (created by DrZhark)
The mo’creatures mod spawns many (biome specific) wild animals into the game such as ostriches, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, etc. some can be tamed and named to be your pets and you can ride them as well.

Tropicraft (created by Cojomax99)
This mod lets you enter a new tropical world with palm trees, white beaches and light blue water. There will be new types of villagers, monkeys and fruit trees.

Tinkers Construct (created by MDiyo)
For the builders amongst us, there is the Tinkers construct mod that introduces many technical objects that you can use for several building projects, such as cabinets, ovens, weapons and armors.

Open Blocks mod (created by Mikeemoo)
The open blocks mod works just like the tinkers construct mod with extra objects, but less technical. It offers painting possibilities, different block structures for building and decorating purposes.

Pixelmon mod (created by EpicSplashBattle)
The pixelmon adds Pokémon to the game, you can fight them , catch them and train them. You can create pokeballs, healing machines and trading computers to help you as well.

Tropicraft world

Mod packs from Technic

The technic pack launcher can be downloaded via and when started it will give you a few mod pack options. Some of these contain around 50 to 100 mods all in 1 pack/game. You will have to log in when you start the launcher, and you log in with your minecraft account details. Then a screen appears where you can choose a mudpack on the left side. You can choose about 6 different ones, and each pack has a different theme.

  • Tekkit (light or classic): adds technical type of mod packs to Minecraft
  • Hexxit : adds sorcery/magic/fighting to your game.
  • Attack of the B-team: adds witchery, necromancy and magic to your Minecraft
  • Etc.

If you experience that your game is running slow, go back to the launcher and click on the above gear icon. There you can assign more RAM to your game (e.g. 1,5 GB), and this will solve most of the problems.


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