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A review of Avengers Alliance

Updated on March 27, 2015

Lets break this up

The first loading screen of the game
The first loading screen of the game

The Avengers Alliance is a complex game with many attributes, so as with my last review. The best way to see what this game has to offer is to break it up and look at things individually. So let's break this up so that we may have a better look at the game.

The story

I think this was altered but Nick Fury does full you in on all the details of the mission.
I think this was altered but Nick Fury does full you in on all the details of the mission.

The story is completely original for the game. It starts with a strange meteor shower, that leaves behind some kind of new element that they will call ISO 8. Evil doers all over start to gather and use these strange new space rocks to increase their powers and abilities. Now S.H.I.E.L.D. Must take action, Nick Fury and his agent must team up with some of the most powerful heroes around the world such as Iron Man or even the Hulk to uncover the mysteries of the ISO 8 and stop anyone and everyone who may have grim thoughts of using them for there own gain. All the heroes are split up into one of six different categories, Blasters, Bruisers, Scrappers, Infiltrators, Tactician and Generalist. They all have certain advantages over each other and certain disadvantages over each other, so try them all and see wht fits you best.

The Heroes

There are a lot more heroes where that came from.
There are a lot more heroes where that came from.

You can play as most of them here.

There are many heroes in the game and more being added even has you read this now. You got the common picks like Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk and Capetian America. But also you have the less common to almost never like Kitty Pryde, Ghost Rider, Dr Strange, Black cat and Iron Fist. You also new comers to the comics like X-23, Red Hulk and Damien Hellstorm. You start with only Iron Man Black Widow and Hawkeye, and of your agent, that you get build and customize to a certain extent. As you play the game you will gather Command Points and what these do is enable you to recruit a variety of heroes throughout the game such as Thor. You may also gain some heroes through collecting comic covers in lock boxes or Player Versus Player tournaments or through Spec ops missions. You may also use Command Points to give your heroes a different costume if they have one available, naturally each costume as there own advantage over certain other costumes. But if you don't like that look then you don't need to get it and you can save those Command Points for something or someone you may want more.

The Agent

Your agent for the story
Your agent for the story

As stated before. Your agent is customized to your liking, and you may make adjustments to him or her throughout the game, such as different weapons or new jumpsuits. However all outfits look pretty close to the same the biggest change being a coat, although you may change his or her gender, hair color, face and name at any given point throughout the game without it affecting anything.

The Combat

Everybody as a cool move
Everybody as a cool move

You can only fight with three people in all and your agent is always going to be one of them so you can only pair up with two heroes per battle, so best to swap a hero out now and then. Every hero your agent included as only four moves and they are all based on that hero's past history based on the comics. As you select some of your attacks you will notice some attacks do varies buffs like exposed, bleed or chill just to name three, there are many more. Also some attacks are classified as ranged and some are melee and some are protection or medical, so look carefully at your moves and try to figure out what is best for your team and strategy.

The Sliver and Gold

There are four things you will collect and use in the game, Sliver, Gold, S.H.I.E.L.D. Tokens and Command Points. I already explained Command Points so lets talk about the Tokens. The Tokens are used to help train your heroes and to do research on varies weapons and gadgets, you can get them from as prizes from boss fights or from your friends as gifts. Sliver is your basic currency for the game, you buy weapons and gadgets with it and and it also helps in training and research, you can get from selling things or from friends or buy sending heroes off on the flight deck. Gold of course is the most valuable of these and the hardest to get. Gold can get anything from more Command points to more Silver, you can get by spending real money or by the daily reward or by as a prize for the Player versus Player tournaments. You should try to always save your gold for something truly spectacular.

My Rating

5 stars for Avengers Alliance

Music and Sound effects

The sound and music are probably this games weakest link, as the visual of the game looks great and everything is always running smoothly. The music is kinda lame and the sound effects get annoying after awhile, which is why I recommend just shutting them off. everybody talks with text so there is no voice in the game, which is great if you picture Kitty Pryde's voice a certain way or if you just plane get tired of all the talking and you would much rather just plane skip it. In my opinion this is the game's worst point.

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Last Words

All in all this is a great game for marvel fans, old readers and new comers alike. Honestly I started playing this game only because it had Kitty Pryde. But since then I have fallen in love with the whole thing. But if you disagree vote and let me know.

I have now been playing this game for quite a long time and I must say that not much has changed although some of the new daily missions and class restricted missions (only bruisers for example) are really annoying and some of the new bosses that have been added deliver so many buffs (like poisoned or bleeding) that it is almost not any fun but also a real challenge.

Six Heroes, One Team The Avengers


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